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Four girls meet in the Art Academy, trying to fulfill their dream of acting and signing. Monica is a daughter of Don Guillermo Sanchez Zuniga, a magnate, owner of the chain of stores. She is good and sensible but she loves a poor boy and her father is opposed. Elena lives in the outskirts, she works hard to maintain her family because her father is an idler. She wants to become an actress at the cost of so many sacrifices.

She loves a neighbor, Rodrigo a taxi-driver, but he will meet the real love and Elena will suffer a lot. Leticia is from the middle-class, she is ashamed of her family and she pretends to be from the high class. She is a rebel, overbearing and opportunist, and she is after Joaquin, the dance teacher of the school. Then she will meet a wicked man that will implicate her in a nightmare. Isabel is intelligent and modern, she is engaged to a possessive guy who obstructs her carrier. She lives with her father a pediatrician and she is mother-orphan. Above the lives of four girls impends the shadow of Federico Cantu, the black soul of the telelnovela. He is Guillermo Sanchez Zuniga's nephew and the assistant director of the store, but he hates his uncle and he wants to seize his money. Federico has an official fiancé (Margarita) but also has a secret lover, Renata. With his perverse charm, he attracts the women, dominates and subdues them. Which one of the "muchachitas" will fall in his hands?

Muchachitas - telenovela

(1991) - Alejandro Camacho, Kate del Castillo


Cecilia Tijerina .... Mónica
Tiaré Scanda .... Elena
Kate del Castillo .... Leticia
Emma Laura .... Isabel
Jorge Lavat .... Guillermo Sanchez Zuniga
Alejandro Camacho .... Federico Cantú
Laura León .... Esther
Pilar Pellicer .... Martha
Roberto Palazuelos .... Roger
María Rojo .... Esperanza
Diego Schoening .... Rodrigo
Carlos Cardán .... Pepe
Sergio Klainer .... Alberto
Karen Senties .... Renata
Edith Kleiman
Gabriela Araujo .... Profesora Carmen Márquez
Antonio Medellín .... Alfredo
Manolita Saval
Armando de Pascual
Charlie Massó .... Mauricio
Mercedes Pascual .... Bertha
Ari Telch .... Joaquín
Mario Sauret .... Julio
Arturo Alegro .... Pancho
Kenia Gazcon .... Margarita
Carlos Rotzinger .... Luis Villaseñor
Lorena Herrera .... Claudia
Tere Salinas .... Paola
José Flores .... Juanjo
Raúl Alberto .... Raúl
Sergio Sendel .... Pedro
Héctor Soberón .... Víctor
Yolanda Ventura .... Gloria
Itatí Cantoral .... Lucía
Ana María Aguirre .... Constanza
Anahí .... Betty
Edmundo Barahona
Susana Carens
July Furlong .... Verónica (#1)
Amparo Garrido
Carlos Miguel .... Oscar
Evelyn Murillo
Guillermo Orea Jr.
Fernando Pinkus
Tina Romero .... Verónica (#2)
Lorena Tassinari .... Lorena
Luis Cardenas
Paola Santoni .... Betty

Writing credits
Emilio Larrosa (idea)
Veronica Suarez
Alejandro Pohlenz

Song: Muchachitas
Composed and Performed by Lorena Tassinari

Cinematography by
Antonio Acevedo

Directed by
Alfredo Gurrola

Produced by
Emilio Larrosa



Futher remake of Muchachitas is telenovela Muchachitas como tú

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