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Muchachitas Como Tú

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Muchachitas como tú telenovelaThis is a story of four ordinary young girls, difference by social status and nature, who have a common desire – to be successful on the stage. They all meet in “Carmen” Institute where they study the acting technique, dancing and singing. They discover here that love and friendship are the most important elements of the life, what changes their dreams and their lives forever.

The girls are: Elena – a poor girl, Monica – a wealth heiress, the girl of a countryside Isabel and the last one is Leticia – a representative of lowest middle class and the most ambitious of all girls. The family and love problems, the misunderstanding between different generations, lost possibilities, envy, personal ambitions – that’s all makes this story a fascinating youth melodrama enriched with some tragedy and comedy elements. This story enforces us to live with its main heroines and sympathize with them.

Although their friendship is far from easy starting these four girls make a decision to unite for struggle against Margarita and her friends, the second year students, who make their best to turn the girls life in the Academy into a terrible and unbearable one.

Soon they form a youth Music Group that wins the first prize at the competition and popularity in life. In order to earn money and help their teacher Carmen to save the academy they decided to take part in this competition, though Pepe the father of Elena, and Vincento – Carmen’s relative, tries to do their best to use the possibility of “representing” the group and exploit the girls.

Federico, the ambitious Monica’s cousin tries to be closer to her as to catch his luck. But his envy and hatred makes all his possible in order to destroy the group. He seduces Leticia and makes her to leave the group and the latter should definitely stop after Leticia’s leaving.

Dangers and human’s envy meet the four girls’ every step of the career and life. We accompany them through their ordinary life and suffer from really dramatic moment and the most astonishing ones together with the girls. The story is full of passion, feelings, joyful of youth, courage. We meet here along with a big dose of great music and colour such unusual intriguing characters like Roger, “the living dead”, and mysterious Charlie. All the abovementioned and even more is waiting for you in this film.

“Muchachitas Como Tú” is a charming soap opera that takes audience’ attention from the very beginning until you see its last shocking episode.

Muchachitas como tú - telenovela

(2007) - Laura León, Gloria Sierra, Begoña Narváez, Ariadne Díaz, Gabriela Carrillo


Laura León ... Carmen Márquez
Gloria Sierra ... Mónica Sánchez-Zúñiga Vázquez
Begoña Narváez ... Isabel Flores Santos
Ariadne Díaz ... Leticia Hernández Fernández
Gabriela Carrillo ... Elena Olivares Cervantes
Angelique Boyer ... Margarita
Mike Biaggio ... Rodrigo
Mauricio Barcelata ... Roger
Fabián Robles ... Federico Cantú
Claudia Troyo ... Lucy Vélez
Cecilia Gabriela ... Verónica Vázquez
Erika García ... Mariana
Dulce ... Esther Cervantes
Socorro Bonilla ... Esther Cervantes
Hugo Aceves ... Tolomeo
Adriano ... Patricio
Elizabeth Aguilar ... Virginia Velez
Alfredo Alfonso ... Comandante Rubio
Lorena Álvarez
Anghel ... Herminia
José Luis Avendaño
Ricardo Barona ... Francisco 'Pancho' Hernández
Isabel Benet ... Leonor Santos
Vadhir Bermúdez
Roberto Blandón ... Guillermo Sánchez-Zúñiga
Mike Bustos
Carlos Cámara Jr. ... José 'Pepe' Olivares
Arturo Carmona ... Diego
Mario Casillas ... Luis
Álex Cervantes
Mar Contreras ... Lorena
Lorena de la Garza ... Laura
Eduardo de la Peña ... Héctor
Jorge De Silva ... Valente
Julián Domínguez
Thelma Dorantes ... Lucía
Lorena Enríquez ... Conductora
Moisés Estrada
Felix Greco ... Juez
Tania Ibañez ... Natalia
Manuela Ímaz ... Raquel Ortigosa
Moisés Iván ... Ladrón
Bertha Kaim
Lucero Lander ... Esperanza Fernández
Ismael Larumbe
Eduardo Liñan ... El Diablo
Silvia Manríquez ... Constanza
Marina Marín
Silvia Mariscal ... Martha
Paulina Martell ... Silvia Hernández Fernández
Marco Méndez ... Joaquín
Carlos Miguel ... Vicente
Místico ... Mistico
Roberto Mitzuko ... Juez
Mariana Morones ... Renata
Dylan Obed ... Claudio
Raúl Ochoa ... Abel
Sandra Ortiz ... Mamá Mariana
Danna Paola ... Paola
Georgina Pedret
Maria Raquenel Portillo ... Martina
Arturo Posada
Zoila Quiñones ... Custodia Zamarripa
Gregorio Reséndiz
Sergio Reynoso ... Alfredo Flores Palacios
José Ron ... Jorge
Ruth Rosas
Joustein Roustand
Roberto Ruy
Hanny Sáenz ... Leonor Mondragón
Marcelo Salcedo
Yaxkin Santalucía ... Rolando
Jorge Santos
Mario Sauret ... Eliseo Buenrostro
Ricardo Silva ... Lic. Julio César
Silvia Suárez ... Angélica
Oscar Traven ... Felipe
Ramón Valdés ... Raúl
Tere Vázquez ... Anciana
Antonio Vela
Lorena Velázquez ... Teresa Linares
Jacqueline Voltaire ... Conductora Modas
Jose Yasdegardo
Eren Zumaya
Gabriela Carillo ... Elena

Writing credits
Emilio Larrosa
Alejandro Pohlenz
Verónica Suárez

Song Vuelen Alto
Written by: Adrián Posse, Cynthia Nilson and Alfonso Gutiérrez
Singing: Ariadne Díaz, Gabriela Carrillo, Begoña Narváez and Gloria Sierra

Song Muchachitas Como Tú
Written by: Lorena Tassinari
Singing: Belinda

Song El Amarre
Written by: Roberto Livi
Singing: Laura León

Cinematography by
David Buendía
Ángel Castro
Siviano Espinoza
Gerardo Gómez
Luis Manuel Herrera
Epifanio Jiménez
Luis Monroy
Tito Nuñez
Celerino Rosas

Directed by
Víctor Fouilloux
José Ángel García
Claudio Reyes

Produced by
Emilio Larrosa
Arturo Pedraza



Remake of mexican telenovela "Muchachitas"

Mexican singer Belinda is the performer of the main theme song

Kate del Castillo and Cecilia Tijerina make special appearances in this Telenovela, they both received their big breaks in 1991 when they appeared in the first "Muchachitas"

At the end of this Telenovela, the four Muchachitas will form a group and record an album

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Anonymous   |2010-04-15 15:37:17
Porsupuesto que estuvo mejor,muchachitas la original,lo
ironico es que lamentablemente Emilio larrosa no se supero el mismo,ya que el ha sido el productor de las dos producciones,y el elenco estuvo espectacular con el villanazo de todos Los tiempos Alejandro camacho,le faltan muchos anos a Favian robles para hacer un gran villano,al menos no lo logro en muchachitas como
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