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Mujer Bonita

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Mujer Bonita telenovela Charito is a lovely peasant girl who has fallen in love with Orlando, a wealthy young man whose parents oppose their relationship. To be together, the two run away to the capital, but immediately fall on hard times. Orlando cannot find a job and Charito not only gets pregnant but als falls ill and must be hospitalized. In way over his head, Orlando abandons her and runs back to his family, where Sandra, his ex-girlfriend, gets her hooks back into him. Meanwhile, in the hospital, Charito meets Sol, a good-hearted lounge singer, and Sol's journalist friend, José Enrique. José Enrique falls in love with Charito's sweetness. When Charito gives birth, Orlando's mother arrives and takes the baby, ostensibly to care for him while Charito recuperates. But once back in the country, Carolina gives the baby away to a servant and falsifies a death certificate for him, which she shows Charito when she arrives to reclaim her child. Jose Enrique takes it upon himself to get Charito's baby back because he can't bear to see her suffer. Charito, who has refused to accept his love, begins to love him herself.

Mujer Bonita - telenovela

(2001) - Adriana Fonseca , René Strickler


Adriana Fonseca .... Charito
René Strickler .... José Enrique
María Sorté .... Sol
Abraham Ramos .... Orlando
Ricardo Blume .... Damián
Rosa María Bianchi .... Carolina
Mónica Dossetti .... Sandra
Eduardo Liñan .... Eleuterio
Alejandra Peniche .... Rebeca
Roberto Ballesteros .... Servando
Beatriz Moreno .... Jesusa
Laura Zapata .... Celia
Guillermo García Cantú .... Leopoldo
Claudio Báez .... Dr. Somoza
Sergio Sendel .... Miguel
Silvia Caos .... Doña Blanca
Sherlyn .... Milagros
Sara Montes .... Teresa
Sharis Cid .... Aurora
Isabel Martínez 'La Tarabilla' .... Rafaela
Maria Clara Zurita .... Dominga
César Castro .... Sr. Martínez
Héctor Parra .... Candelario
Bárbara Gil .... Mariana
Gloria Morel .... Josefita
Sergio Reynoso .... Enrique
Yessica Salazar .... Nelly
Claudia Ortega .... Micaela
Eduardo Rodríguez .... Virgilio
Irma Torres .... Filomena
Esperanza Rendon .... La china
Hector Alvarez .... Julian
Alberto Chávez .... Fermín

Writing credits
Tere Medina (co-adaptation)
Inés Rodena (story)
Carlos Romero (adaptation)

Song: Mujer Bonita
Singing: Pablo Montero

Music arranger
Luis Alberto Diazayas

Production manager
Carolina Gallastegui

Chief of production
Eduardo Ricalo

Production co-ordinator
Alejandro Azcarraga A.

Cinematography by
Armando Zafra

Directed by
Karina Duprez

Produced by
Ignacio Sada Madero



"Mujer bonita" is a remake of telenovela "Abandonada"

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