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Mujer Comprada

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Mujer comprada telenovelaAngelika’s mother Consuelo is arrived in the hospital in a very serious condition requiring an urgent surgery. Visiting her mother in the hospital Angelika meet Laura, empty-headed rich alcoholic, who was arrived to hospital after unsuccessful suicide. Laura doesn’t want to bear a child for her husband Michelangelo in order to save her good shape. So she proposed Angelika to become a surrogate mother for her future baby for a good revenue. Angelika agrees to become big with a child in order to pay for mother’s surgery. The problems seem to be solved.

But Angelika will meet other difficulties very soon. Her friend helps her to get a job where she meets Cosme who falls in love with her. But Angelika can’t answer his feelings as she is already in love with another man, Michelangelo, a father of her future surrogate baby. She has met him accidentally and she doesn’t know that he is the father of the fruit of the womb.

Angelika bears a child and falls in love with him. She has to give her beloved baby to his real mother Laura, as she has no rights for it. But she has a hope still to be with baby and she has made the decision to get it back by all means. And she doesn’t know the greatest troubles in her life will start due to this decision…

Mujer comprada - telenovela

(2009) - Andrea Martí, José Ángel Llamas, Gabriela Vergara


José Ángel Llamas ... Miguel Ángel Lombardo
Andrea Martí ... Angélica Valdez
Gabriela Vergara ... Laura Herrera
Miriam Higareda ... Francisca 'Francis' Valdez
Saby Kamalich ... Giovanna Lombardi
Héctor Bonilla ... Abelardo Diaz-Lozano
Bernie Paz ... Franco Rossi
Montserrat Ontiveros ... Consuelo
Martha Mariana Castro ... Ofelia
Miriam Higareda ... Francisca 'Francis' Valdez
Rodrigo Cachero ... Cosme Herrera
Cynthia Rodríguez ... Susana 'Susa'
Erick Chapa ... Alfonso Diaz-Lozano
Luis Yeverino ... Daniel
Claudia Lobo ... Regina
Cecilia Piñeiro ... Jenny
Sandra Quiroz ... Sofía 'Sofi'
Guillermo Quintanilla ... Álvaro Herrera
Patrick Fernández ... 'Chícharo'
Matías Novoa ... Germán
Cristal Uribe ... Silvia
Luis Cárdenas ... Bosco
María José Rosado ... Julia
Tatiana del Real ... Tabata
Natalie Schumacher ... Luisa
Surya Macgregor ... Lorena
Francisco Porras
Patricia Vásquez ... Mariana
Victor Luis Zuñiga ... Mario
Paco Mauri ... Don Manuel

Writing credits
Ligia Lezama (original story)
Gabriel Santos
Jorge Patiño
Elvin Rivera
Marta Chacón
Octavio Hinojosa

Song: La fuerza del destino
Written by: Francisco Avendaño
Singing: Cinthya & Adrián

Language : Spanish
Country: Mexico

Cinematography by
Luis Servando Reyes

Directed by
Luis Vélez
Mauricio Menéses

Produced by
Rafael Uriostegui
Myrna Ojeda

Tv Azteca


Remake of argentinian telenovela "Mujer comprada" (1986) with Mayra Alejandra and Arturo Puig

Consists of 120 episodes

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Montse  - WOW   |2009-08-27 03:46:51
WOW!! a mi no me gusta el bigote de los hombres...pero en este hombre!!! asuuuu es bigote es taaaan sexy!!! mis respetos para este señor!! es taaan guapo!! y le deseo muucho exito en su nueva novela!!
alejandra   |2010-05-31 22:06:02
sin duda es la mejor novela que e visto mujer comprada
danime2003   |2010-09-19 03:32:55
me encanto esta novela, Andrea Martí y Gaby Vergara lindisimas.
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