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La Mujer de Judas

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La mujer de Judas telenovelaThe local newspaper in a small town Carora mentions of a Jude woman, the murderer wearing a wedding dress who killed the priest two decades ago. A wealthy heiress of the winery Altagracia Del Toro was accused of this murder and put to the jail. In twenty years she is released threating the residents of the town. The horror is flamed off with new murders occurred in the town whilst a woman in the bloodstained wedding gown appears again to frighten people. 

At the time a young film-maker Natalia Leal arrives to the town planning to shoot the documental movie about Altagracia Del Toro. She appeals to Salomón Salvatierra seeking more information and he shows eagerness to support her. Natalia falls in love with him during their collaboration but Salomón’s fiancée finds it out and disturbs them. On the top of it, Altagracia, the heiress of the company, arrives back to the town to announce on her rights on the winery. Life seems more complicated when Natalia and Altagracia appear to be folks having equal rights to the winery. Beside it, they have to reveal the threatening Jude woman, the real murderer.


Daniel Elbittar as Alirio Agüero del Toro
Alirio Agüero is known for his sarcasm. He is nasty and manipulative; no woman can resist him at his 25. He is a good schemer, highbrow and bigheaded. He tends to destroy anyone who objects him.
Anette Michel as Altagracia Del Toro
Altagracia is accused of murdering Reverend Sebastian on her wedding day whereupon she was put to the prison. She spent there 23 years keeping her placid beauty and getting more decisive in her goals. Back so many years ago to her town she tends to restore her father’s company on wine production.

Víctor González Reynoso as Salomón Salvatierra
Salomón is the winery owner. Due to his wealth and power he seems to be arrogant and lofty. He causes attraction among women and envy among men leaving no one indifferent.

Mauricio Aspe as Ernesto Sinclair
Ernesto Sinclair is the manager for Del Toro wine production. He is a religious person to visit the church regularly. He’d rather avoid physical contact than enjoying life challenges. His silence hides too many secrets.
Andrea Martí as Natalia Leal
Natalia Leal is a documentalist. She is the daughter of Altagracia and Simon who arrives to the town on work. She is beautiful and very attractive, being lively and positive young woman. On the last year of her study at the Art School she does her master's thesis on the mysterious story of the La Mujer de Judas. She is risky, though a little bit clumsy and cheerful.
Martha Mariana Castro as Joaquina «La Juaca» Leal
Joaquina is left behind with her daughter alone by her husband. She spent almost all of her life driving the lorry with her daughter next to her. Due to life troubles she is a severe and hard-thinking woman though she knows how to flirt and butter people to get job. She is skilled in showing her feminine nature to attract and she readily blooms when someone manages to touch her soul.
Betty Monroe as Galilea Batista
Galilea is Juan Vicente's illegitimate daughter. She is very practical and ambitious getting her goals. She is one to be suspected the Mujer de Judas.

La Mujer de Judas - telenovela

(2012) - Anette Michel, Víctor González Reynoso


Anette Michel ... Altagracia Del Toro
Víctor González Reynoso ... Salomón Salvatierra
Andrea Martí ... Natalia Leal
Géraldine Bazán ... Emma Balmori
Daniel Elbittar ... Alirio Agüero del Toro
Sergio Klainer ... Buenaventura Briceño
Martha Mariana Castro ... Joaquina «La Juaca» Leal
Martha Verduzco ... Berenice del Toro
Betty Monroe ... Galilea Batista
Niurka Marcos ... Ricarda Araujo
Cecilia Piñeiro ... Narda Briseño
Claudia Marín ... Cuca «Cuquita» Bello
Alvaro Guerrero ... Casimierio Agüero del Toro
Mauricio Aspe ... Ernesto Sinclair
Elvira Monsell ... Ursula
Nubia Marti ... Maricruz
Paloma Quezada ... Priscila
Ana Elia Garcia
Ana Maria Gonzalez ... Irene
Claudine Rosa
Guillermo Quintanilla ... Servando
Juan Vidal ... Leoncio
Ligia Escalante ... Chincha
Metzli Adamina
Payin Cejudo ... Santia
Simon Guevara
Victor Civeira ... Comandante Romero
Regina Murguía ... Cordelia Manzur
Melissa Barrera ... Zulamita
Ramiro Delelis ... Pancho Cañero
Israel Cuenca ... Ismael Agüero del Toro
Iván Esquivel ... René Muzquiz
Javier Gómez ... Marcos Rojas

Writing credits
Martín Hahn (original story)
Gabriel Santos
Paz Aguirre

Song: Amor de leyenda
Written by: Jorge Avendaño Lührs
Singing: Dulce

Original music

Cinematography by
Ernesto Arreola
Martin Eduardo Sanchez
Jose Manuel Palacio Ortiz
Carlos Ruiz Torres

Language : Spanish
Country: Mexico

Directed by
Enrique Pineda
Jose Acosta
Lorena Maza

Produced by
Maria del Carmen Marcos Rojas
Jose Solano Rodriguez
Francisco Sosa

TV Azteca


Remake of venezuelan telenovela "La mujer de Judas" (2002) with Chantal Baudaux and Juan Carlos García

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