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Mujer de Madera

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First part: Mujer de Madera takes place in Chihuahua and initiates 10 years ago, when three sisters and their father get in an accident. Before the car explodes, the older sister Marisa manages to rescue only Aida, the rest of the family is considered dead, but that's not true. The third sister Luz (later named Lucrecia) is rescued and raised up by Cruz as his own daughter.

After the fire she is left with a big scar on the side of her face. Later she will discover her true origin and will reunite with Marisa and Aida. Their father Aaron was rescued by a woman who was in love with him, but after the accident he suffers from the amnesia. After the accident, Marisa and Aida live with their evil aunt who wants to take away their inheritance. Marisa will meet Cesar, a man who will disappoint her, and Carlos, a young man from the lower middle-class who maintains his family by boxing and manages to graduate in biology. He works as an ecologist, fighting against the deforestation. He will start an investigation at the Marisa's ranch, where Piedad and the foreman Efrain are cutting the trees illegally. At the end of this part, Marisa finds her Dad, but Efrain starts the fire where Marisa and her father are caught in.

Second part: After the fire, Marisa is left disfigured. She looks terrible, like a monster. After a few surgeries Marisa has to wear a mask. After she is unmasked she looks totally different (that's when Ana Patricia Rojo will replace Edith Gonzalez). The scars of the accident have made Marisa even more stronger. And it will be harder for Carlos and Cesar to fight for her love. To fight for that heart that is made of wood. Marisa will start her search to find out who was responsible for the fire. She will discover that it was her aunt Piedad and one of her workers Efrain.

Mujer de Madera - telenovela

(2004) - Edith González, Gabriel Soto


Edith González .... Marisa Santibañez #1 - main heroine
Ana Patricia Rojo .... Marisa Santibañez #2 - main heroine
Gabriel Soto .... Carlos Gomez - main hero
Ludwika Paleta .... Aida Santibañez - sister of Marisa and Lucrecia
Adamari López .... Lucrecia Santibañez / Luz - sister of Marisa and Aida
Jaime Camil .... César Linares - in love with Marisa
Julio Alemán .... Aaron Santibañez - father of Marisa, Aida and Lucrecia
Erika García .... Andrea Gomez - sister of Carlos
Andrea García .... Alicia - ex-girlfriend of Carlos, villain
María Sorté .... Celia Gomez - mother of Carlos and Andrea
Carlos Bracho .... Ramiro Linares - father of Cesar
Maya Mishalska .... Piedad / Caridad Villalpando - aunt of Marisa, Aida and Lucrecia / her sister, villain
Carlos Cámara Jr .... Efrain - foreman of the ranch, villain
Lorena Tassinari .... Rocio - best friend of Marisa
José Luis Cordero ‘Pocholo’ .... Felipe - suitor of Celia, coach of Carlos
Claudio Baez .... Benjamin Gomez - husband of Celia, father of Carlos and Andrea
Ricardo Barona .... Perico - mafiosi
Irina Areu .... Mago - mother of Marisa Santibañez
Jorge Consejo .... Flavio - works for Perico, villain
Lupita Lara .... Lucia - mother of César, wife of Ramiro
Alejandro Villeli .... Cruz - adoptive father of Luz
Mauricio Barcelata .... Vicente - friend of Flavio
Michelle Ramaglia .... Vicky - maid in Santibanez house
Karla Lozano .... Antonia - daughter of César
Sylvia Ramirez .... Carmen - in love with Carlos
Gabriela Zamora .... Jennifer - girlfriend of Benjamin in USA
Otto Sirgo .... Leopoldo - father of Rogelio
Nailea Norvind .... Viviana - best friend of Vicky
Jorge Poza .... Rogelio - love of Lucrecia
Francis Ondiviela .... Georgina - love intrest of Leopoldo
Marco Méndez .... Alberto - ex-boyfriend of Lucrecia
Toño Infante .... Angelo - ex-boyfriend of Viviana
Gaby Ramírez .... Candy - new maid in Santibañez house
Rafael Inclán .... Himself
Mayrín Villanueva .... Mariana - new assistant of Carlos
Roberto Blandón .... Marco Antonio - in love with Marisa
Rudy Casanova .... Cumbayo - satanist
Paola Treviño .... Alondra - in love with Cesar
Juan Carlos Casasola .... Heriberto - friend of Marco Antonio
Alberto Chávez .... Pedro
Adriana Laffan .... Ximena - mother of Mariana
Raul Ochoa .... Raul - friend of Ramiro
Pablo Magallans .... Valentin - friend of Andrea
Eduardo de Guise .... Armando - friend of Andrea
Monica Macias .... Venus - girlfriend of Perico
Zoila Quiñones .... Adelaida - mother of Perico
Mario del Rio .... Sanchez - employee of Perico
Anghel .... Clarabela - sister of Perico
Ricardo Silva .... Ernesto - helper of Leopoldo
Hugo Aceves .... Aldo - friend of Aida and Lucrecia
Claudia Troyo .... Nery - friend of Aida and Lucrecia
Elias Chiprout .... Adan - son of Georgina
Carlos Miguel .... Comandante Miguel
Javier Ernez .... Melchor Magaña

Writing credits
Emilio Larrosa (idea)
Alejandro Pohlenz (original story)
Ramon Larossa I. (script editor)
Saúl Perez Santana (script editor)
Lorena Meina (script editor)

Song: "Mujer de Madera"
Singing: Cristián Castro

Art Director
Ignacio Lebrija

Set Decoration
Miguel Angel Medina
Raul Leal

Adrian Frutos Maza
Marco A. Rocha

Production manager
Elizabeth Olivares

Production co-ordinator
Claudia Colombon

Cinematography by
Gerardo Gómez
Luis Monroy (on location)

Directed by
Salvador Garcini
José Angel García (on location)

Produced by
Emilio Larrosa
Arturo Pedraza Loera (associated producer)



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