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Mujeres Engañadas

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Mujeres Engañadas This is the story of Yolanda, a woman of humble origin who is married to a rich man, Javier. They have two teenage daughters, Maria Rosa and Jessica. It is also the story of Diana, a vain and self-centered woman who is obsessed with finding the secret to eternal youth. Her husband, Alejandro, is a successful lawyer, but she is married to him only for his money and has an ongoing affair with Pablo, a handsome gigolo. Doña Cecilia is a middle-aged woman who is married to Jorge, a corrupt politician who becomes romantically involved with a beautiful student. Paola is a lovely young girl who lives in Veracruz and who will fall in love with a young womanizer named Cesar, who seems to be following in the footsteps of his father, Don Jorge.... These stories intertwine and reflect, through the different lifestyles of their protagonists, to what degree a woman may conspire with herself to be deceived for the love of a man.

Mujeres Engañadas - telenovela

(2000) - Laura León, Andrés García


Laura León .... Yolanda Jiménez - main heroine
Andrés García .... Javier Duarte - main hero
Arturo Peniche .... Alejandro Lizárraga - husband of Diana
Michelle Vieth .... Paola - girlfriend of Cesar
Kuno Becker .... César Martínez - son of Jorge
Sabine Moussier .... Diana de Lizárraga - wife of Alejandro
Eric del Castillo .... Jorge Martínez - father of Cesar
Carlos Bonavides .... Maclovio - father of Ricardo
Maribel Fernández .... Concepción
Raymundo Capetillo .... Ramiro - ex-lover of Yolanda and father of Jessica
Susana González .... Ivette - mistress of Jorge
Elsa Aguirre .... Cecilia de Martínez - wife of Jorge and mother of Cesar
Joana Benedek .... Joana - love interest of Javier
Carlos Bracho .... Lic. Ernesto Sierra - suitor of Cecilia
José María Torre .... Ricardo - in love with Jessica
Anahí .... Jessica Duarte - daughter of Yolanda and stepdaughter of Javier
Marisol Mijares .... María Rosa Duarte - daughter of Javier and Yolanda
Jorge Antolín .... Esteban
orge De Silva .... Raúl - friend of Cesar
Víctor Noriega .... Pablo - lover of Diana
Antonio Brenan .... Ramón - twin brother, good
Jorge Brenan .... Edmundo - twin brother, bad
Irina Areu .... Florinda
Zoila Quiñones
Ricardo Chávez
Ingrid Martz .... Adriana
Lucy Tovar .... Casilda
Juan Romanca .... Sebastián
Elizabeth Arciniega .... Lupe
Claudia Troyo .... Carolina
Marco A. Maldonado .... Javierito
Carla Ortiz .... Maru - maid in Martinez's house
Estrella Lugo .... Lucy
Gustavo Negrete .... Don Aurelio
Antonio Miguel .... Don Liberio
Carlos Miguel .... Pastrana
Erika Martí .... Bertha Valladares
Sergio Acosta .... Francisco Duarte
Martha Roth .... Doña Catalina
Dulce .... Montserrat
Diana Golden .... Mónica - ex-lover of Javier
Karla Álvarez .... Sonia - in love with Cesar
Marlene Favela
Ivonne Montero
Tania Vázquez
Bobby Larios
Horacio Castelo

Writing credits
Emilio Larrosa (idea)
Alejandro Pohlenz (script)

Song: Mujeres engañadas
Singing:Laura León

Song: Infiel
Singing: Rocío Durcal

Cinematography by
Antonio Acevedo
Luis Monroy (on location)

Directed by
Sergio Jimenez
Jose Angel Garcia (on location)

Produced by
Emilio Larrosa



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