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Ni Contigo Ni Sin Ti

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Ni contigo ni sin ti telenovelaThe story dates several years back when Leo (Eduardo Santamarina) loses his vision. He is involved in sales of encyclopedias and also reds lectures at the local museum. As a disabled, he know how difficult it is to live blind and he teaches the Braille to those who is eager to learn. In the meantime, Nicole (Laura Carmine) suffers from the hurricane in her town. She dreams of working in the cinematography industry while she studies art design. For the time being she works up at the prestigious boutique owned by Eleonor Cortazar. Both of them live at the boarding house maintained by Doña Carola Tinoc (Maria Marcela), Nicole’s mother.

Those living in the house feel like they are the whole family and though they prefer rather being dependants, they always give a hand to each other, when and if necessary.

Leo gets blind in the car accident but his appearance does not correspond to the look of a person with disability as we are used to make up. He is happy and optimistic. Sabrine is responsive and friendly though she is a kleptomaniac, and people know about it. She steals minor things to attract people around her. Gianna, a young girl from the middle class, has a bad temper, though. Both girls are in love with Leo.

Julia Mistral (Alessandra Rosaldo) is a newcomer to the boarding house and she is looking for a job. Lalo Garnica (René Mussi) is an electrician to work at the repair shop with the best friend Poncho (Pepe Gámez). Yola (Sachi Tamaziro) works as the casher in the moll. Bosco (Oscar Zamanillo) studied to become a jockey, and he works as a groom at the racecourse. Don Chuy (Jorge Ortín) plays a contrabass at the restaurant. Doña Carola owns the boarding house and is always strict to those who do not pay in time. Flora (Yousi Diaz) is a cook and her son, Tobi (Robin Vega) is an assistant to Leo.

These characters are related others living other life style, so much different from that of theirs. Eleonor Cortazarе is a beautiful woman, very wealthy, who is involved in active social events. Her daughter Veronica (Lili Goretti) despises her for they always compete in love affairs. Salma (Shairs Cid) is a best friend to Eleonor who hopes that Octavio (Otto Sirgo), a rich businessman, comes to marry her. Salma has no idea that Octavio has a lover, Julia, he keeps relations with for many years and she appears at the boarding house as a new guest.

Julia gets to know with Iker (Erick Elías), an attractive and rich young man and falls in love with him at first sight. She does not even guess that Iker is a son to the best friend to Octavio. Iker has a brother, José Carlos (Ricardo Franco), who is a great womanizer and a sister Isabela (Ximena Herrera), a light-minded young girl who despises the whole world where she lives and she realizes it is better to live a double life. She appears at the boarding house pretending to be poor and she feels something strong and exciting to Leo. Mientras Marco (Mauricio Mejía) loves her from the very childhood and dreams of marrying her in the future.

This is a story about two worlds that come together to face various problems and live a choice of situations typical to those social layers. They live in different places and this is what attracts attention to all of scenes they experience.


Erick Elías as Iker Rivas
Iker is the elder brother of Isabela and José Carlos. He is looking for a job where he could demonstrate his creativity and emotions as a child. When he finds about an affair between Julia and Octavio he quits relations and marries Fabiola. He is honest to say that he makes an interested marriage. He does not make up with Julia.

Alessandra Rosaldo as Julia Mistral
Julia is timid, insecure and lives feeling guilty for the past. Her Aunt Felipa raised her since the date when Julia’s parents died. Since then Julia lived a life full of privation and humiliation. Octavio, a wealthy elderly man falls in love with her and intends to make love with her from time to time. When she meets Iker, she feels Octavio is too jealous to leave her alone.

Laura Carmine as Nicole Lorenti
Nicole is the daughter of doña Caro and Gelasio. She is strong-hearted. She studied art and design in the prestigious biutique held by Eleonor. She dreams of becoming an actress. Getting once disappointed in love, she is too cautious to men, though she is captivated by Leo in spite of all negative experiences.

Eduardo Santamarina as Leonardo Cornejo
Leonardo is blind. He sells encyclopedias at the museum; he teaches at the school for the blinds and plays a harmonica. He is open-hearted, sensitive, hilarious and charismatic. He is too sincere and this feature makes him vulnerable against others. He is afraid of falling in love again and be surgically operated not to get disappointed at all.

Ricardo Franco as José Carlos Rivas
José is a young businessman, a top manager at his father’s publishing house He is intelligent, charismatic but his manipulative actions can spoil the impression. He confronts Leo for the heart of Nicole.


Ni contigo ni sin ti - telenovela

(2011) - Erick Elías, Eduardo Santamarina, Alessandra Rosaldo


Eduardo Santamarina ... Leo Cornejo Fernandez
Laura Carmine ... Nicole Lorenti Tinoco
Alessandra Rosaldo ... Julia Mistral
Erick Elías ... Iker Rivas Olmedo
Sabine Moussier ... Eleonor Cortázar
Cesar Bono ... Gelasio Lorenti
María Marcela ... Carola Tinoco de Lorenti "Doña Caro"
Andrea Torre ... Fabiola Escalante
Ximena Herrera ... Isabella Rivas Olmedo
Ricardo Franco ... Jose Carlos Rivas Olmedo
Luz María Jerez ... Irene Olmedo de Rivas
Gaston Tusset ... Alejandro Rivas
Mauricio Mejía ... Marco Rabago
Lili Gorett ... Verónica Galindo Cortázar
Yousi Diaz ... Flora
Jorge Ortin ... Don Chuy Turrubiates
Sharis Cid ... Salma Rabago
Amparo Garrido ... Doña Adelita
Robin Vega ... Tobi
Michelle Renaud ... Cony Chomorro
Pepe Gamez ... Poncho Chamarro
Brandon Peniche ... Diego Torres Landa
René Mussi ... Lalo Garnica
Sachi Tamashiro ... Yola Zorrilla
Oscar Zamanillo ... Bosco Rosado
Marifer Galindo ... Laura
Maité Valverde ... Mary
Graciela Döring
Iliana de la Garza
Beatriz Moreno ... Clara Fernandez de la Reguera vda. de Cornejo
Luz María Aguilar ... Doña Natalia Armenta
Otto Sirgo ... Octavio Torres Landa
Kelchie Arizmendi ... Tania "Consultora de Belleza"
Daniela Torres ... Vilma Altamira

Writing credits
Cassiano Gabus Mendes (original story)
Gabriela Ortigoza (adaptation)
Antonio Abascal Carlos
Daniel González

Song: Ni contigo ni sin ti
Written by: J. Eduardo Murguía, Mauricio L. Arriaga, Pepe Aguilar
Singing: Pepe Aguilar

Original music
Eduardo Diazayas

Cinematography by
Oscar Morales
Mauricio Manzano

Language : Spanish
Country: Mexico

Directed by
Muricio Manzano
Marco Vinico
Jose Elías Moreno
Mauricio Rodríguez

Produced by
Martha Patricia López de Zatarain
Marco Vinicio



Telenovela Ni contigo ni sin ti is a remake of:
1 version: brasilian telenovela "Te Contei?" (1978) with Luis Gustavo and Wanda Stefânia

2 version: chilean telenovela "¿TE CONTÉ?\" (1997) with Carolina Arregui and Bastián Bodenhöfe

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