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Niña Amada Mia

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Niña Amada Mia telenovela Clemente Soriano is a vacuous man who is very powerful and wealthy, he has everything in life: he's a millionaire and has three daughters who all happen to be very beautiful, and has recently married Karina, his young and attractive secretary. However, in his past he has a dark secret, all the happiness will soon be destroyed by his old enemy Octavio Uriate, who is an architect, his family hates Clemente Soriano, because they blame him for the death of his brother Servando, Servando dies of pain, when Clemente ruins him and robs the love of his wife.

Isabela Soriano is the oldest daughter of Clemente. A young woman who is strong and adores her father, but she cannot forgive her father for marrying Karina, whom Isabela does not like at all. One day, Isabela almost runs a man over with her car. This man happens to be Victor Izaquiree, the new veterinarian of Clemente's ranch. Isabela falls in love with Victor, even though she is engaged with Cesar, who happens to be the trainer of horses. When Isabela finds out that Victor and Karina understand one another, her worst enemy becomes her jealousy and she'll suffer a great pain of love.

Diana Soriano is a young woman, who is very unsure of herself and the profession she has chosen as an architect. Maurico, her old friend from school, courts her, because Maurico is in love with her. One day Maurico presents her to their old professor from college whom he works for, the Architect Octavio Uriate. In spite of the hatred between the two families, a great love will occur between Octavio and Diana. Diana's father Clemente will stop that great love and destroy it.

Carolina is the youngest of the Soriano sisters, who has recently returned from the States where she has been studying all this time. To please her father, she lets Rafael to court her, a young man who has nothing and is with her only because of her last name and the money her father posses. But, her heart will betray her because she falls in love with her childhood friend Pablo, who happens to be an employee of Clemente Soriano. When Clemente finds out that Carolina and Pablo are in love, he invents a big deceitful lie, saying that they are brother and sister. Thinking that Pablo is her brother, she marries Rafael. Clemente goes to Pablo's mother, his faithful servant Paz, and tells her to go along with the game, because if she does not, her son Pablo will suffer the consequences. Because of this great big lie Carolina's life will be miserable next to Rafael. At this point all three sisters will lose the happiness, and will fight to regain it. But first they must face their father and uncover the mask he holds.

Niña Amada Mia - telenovela

(2003) - Karyme Lozano, Sergio Goyri


Karyme Lozano .... Isabela Soriano - main heroine
Sergio Goyri .... Víctor Izaquiree - main hero
Ludwika Paleta .... Carolina Soriano - sister of Isabela and Diana
Mayrín Villanueva .... Diana Soriano - sister of Isabela and Carolina
Eric del Castillo .... Clemente Soriano - father of Isabela, Diana and Carolina, villain
Mercedes Molto .... Karina - wife of Clemente, villain
Otto Sirgo .... Arquitecto Octavio Uriarte - enemy of Clemente, in love with Diana
Julio Mannino .... Pablo - son of Paz, in love with Carolina
Eugenia Cuaduro .... Julia Moreno - ex-wife of Cesar and mother of Nacho
Juan Pablo Gamboa .... César - ex-boyfriend of Isabela and father of Nacho, villain
Isaura Espinoza .... Paz - nana of sisters Soriano and mother of Pablo
Luis Gatica .... Jorge Esparza - friend of Victor
Roberto Ballesteros .... Melchor - drunkard, father of Pablo and Luz
Antonio Medellín .... Pascual - foreman of Clemente
Mariagna Prats .... Mariagna - long-term girlfriend of Octavio
Socorro Bonilla .... Casilda - wife of Pascual
Cecilia Gabriela .... Consuelo - ex-wife of Victor
Emilia Carranza .... Doña Socorro - mother of Octavio
Norma Lazareno .... Judith - mother of Rafael
Paty Martínez .... Trini - babysitter of Victor's daughters
Mirrha Saavedra .... Gloria
Roberto Damico .... Hurtado
Arlette Pacheco .... Zulema - friend of Karina
Fernando Robles .... Sr. Robles - boss of Pablo
Polly .... Lic. Ibáñez
Oscar Traven .... Lic. Oscar Alvarado - friend and partner of Octavio
Rafael del Villar .... Landeta
Giovan D'Angelo .... Edgar - boss of Diana
Janina Hidalgo .... Ángeles
Roberto Palazuelos .... Rafael - husband of Carolina
Jan .... Mauricio - ex-boyfriend of Diana
Yuliana Peniche .... Luz - in love with Pablo and his half-sister
orge de Silva .... Ringo - partner of Rafael
Bibelot Mansur .... Chofi - maid
Citlalhi Galindo .... Susana - friend of Isabela
Raúl Magaña .... Danilo - friend of Susana
Oscar Ferreti .... Horacio - friend and co-worker of Pablo
Ramiro Torres .... Nacho - son of Julia and Cesar
Ma. Fernanda Rodríguez .... Ximena - daughter of Victor
Marijose Valverde .... Pili - daughter of Victor
Paulina Martell .... Betty
Isaac Castro .... Pepe
Alejandra Meyer .... woman in jail with Isabela
Marisol Santarcuz .... Isabela Soriano - mother of Isabela, appears on the photos
Víctor Noriega .... Servando Uriarte - real father of Isabela, appears on the photos
Ruben Morales .... Teniente Manuel Arroyo
Jorge Pascual Rubio .... Teniente Luis Ochoa
Liza Willert
Roxana Saucedo
Amparo Garrido
Ismael Larumbe
Rosangela Balbó
Maleni Morales
Sergio Sanchez .... Agente Hector Ibarra
Rafael Amador .... Agente Gustavo Perez
Fidel Zerda .... Santos - employee of Don Clemente

Writing credits
César Miguel Rondón (original story)
Gabriela Ortigoza (adaptation)
Juan Carlos Tejeda (script editor)

Song: Niña Amada Mía
Written by Jorge Macías Gómez 'Massias'
Singing: Alejandro Fernández

Original music
Jorge Avendaño

Art Director
Juan José Urbini

Production manager
Luis Bonillas

Chiefs of production
Juan Nápoles
Eduardo Ricalo

Production co-ordinator
Paulina Viesca Azuela

Cinematography by
Gilberto Macín

Directed by
Alfredo Gurrola

Produced by
Angelli Nesma Medina
J. Ignacio Alarcón (associated producer)



"Niña Amada Mía" is a remake of:
1 version: telenovela "Las Amazonas" (Venezuela, 1985) with Hilda Carrero, Corina Azopardo, Alba Roversi and Eduardo Serrano
2 version: telenovela "Quirpa De Tres Mujeres" (Venezuela, Venevision, 1996) with Gabriela Spanic, Monica Rubio and Fedra López.

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marty17129  - Nina Amada Mia   |2009-08-17 15:52:49
Me gusto esta telenovela, en especialmente actriz Mercedes Molto quien estuvo excellente en papel de malvada Karina :-)
rebeca   |2012-07-09 07:18:55
Lo mejor de la novela fue la pareja de Otro Sirgo y Mayrin Villanueva.
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