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Niña de Mi Corazón

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telenovela Niña de mi corazónAndrea is a girl of 18 from poor family who wishes to finish school and get a good profession. But all her dreams are broken in one moment, when her father Benigno (Jose Elias Moreno) is run over. He is in a wheelchair now. Andrea has to leave school and start working to help her father and support two younger brothers. In addition her brother Damian (Adriano Zendejas) becomes a drug-abuser.

Vittorio, the best friend to the family, helps Andrea get a job at Máximo’s law company. Andrea starts working as an assistant to Darío, the owners' son. Moira, Darío's girlfriend, doesn't like Darío and a stranger woman working together, and she makes Máximo fire her in favor of a man. Andrea returns pretending she is a man named Andres and she is offered this vacancy.

Some time later Máximo offers Andrea the vacancy of the receptionist. With two jobs, Andrea works double-faced in a lively and cunning manner to keep both jobs and survive. As Andrea, she finds out that Darío can not stand his job and dreams of becoming a musician. In the meantime, Moira puts high hopes to become Darío’s wife. Moira and her mother experience the financial crisis and they are oriented to get Máximo's funds in their hands. Moira shares a secret with Hugo who ran over Benigno, Andrea's father.


Paulina Goto as Andrea Paz "La Niña"/ Andrés Paz

Andrea Paz is a hard-working, honest and responsible young girl, 18, who faces problems at this vulnerable age. She is smart to cope with current troubles to help her mother. She is too spontaneous and imprudent sometimes that she makes mistakes to correct later. Her heart overdoes her sense of consciousness in most cases since she is rather emotional than a cold-minded person.

She is good at music and she might become a good musician but she feels liable to help people, which is her mission in this life. She can do up to three actions at a time and she’d better apologize for something she has done than to ask for permit. As Andrea she is gentle but quick-witted. As Andres, she is crafty and cunning, though her dual office life brings to plenty of ridiculous and funny situations.

Erick Elías as Darío Arrioja

Darío Arrioja is very stylish and handsome young man. In spite of his adherence to high class he is sociable and easy to be in touch. He is honest and diligent not idle, though he expresses his hesitance to work at his father’s enterprise. He dreams of being a musician. He is pragmatic but very tactful to humiliate others or take advantage of being a son of boss. He is generous but never boasts with his good deals. He loves his mother and sister. He is not willing to become a lawyer as his father but he studies law with ease. He has a girlfriend but he is not in love with her at all.

Lisette Morelos as Moira Gasca Quinto

Moira is Dario’s girlfriend. She is a classy lady with impressive looks. She is not silly at all as many beautiful young girls. On the contrary she is smart and intelligent enough to play her role of a good partner to Darío. She has a complicated personality that makes her attractive to men. She seems to be an ideal wife for any young man, from the point of view of parents, though Moira hides her true nature under that mask of the perfect, kind and intelligent woman. Actually, she is selfish, willful and egocentric woman obsessed with the idea to build the wealthy future life at the expense of others, and it happens to be Darío this time. Darío gets bored and he is oriented to get happiness in marriage not suspecting his wife-to-be and mother-in-law will ruin everything he possesses now.

Lorena Velázquez as Mercedes Riquelme vda. de Arrioja

Mercedes is a woman from the reputed family with the social status. She is Máximo’s mother. She cares of her figure and looks to stay younger and attractive. She is rational, confident and bright enough to recognize her goals and ways to achieve them. She is strong-minded but very charming at the same time. She has her own kingdom inside herself but she devotes the whole herself to her son which is the driving sense in the family.

Mercedes gets along all right with her son but Máximo criticizes lots of things in his life.

Julio Camejo as "Papi" Jason Bravo Lopez

Jason is the elder brother to María Magdalena. He is charming, charismatic, strong but to dangerous. He is a good womanizer and when there is a beautiful woman, he does not need to be dragged there.

He is involved in drug trade which is not known to people since people believe he lives on the remainder of what he heirs from father and casino gambling.

When he meets Andrea, he is completely captivated with her charm, beauty and musical talent. On the way to goal achieving, he makes friends with Moira to partner.

Maribel Guardia as Pilar Alarcón

Pilar Alarcón is the mother to Darío and Ximena, and a wife to Máximo. She comes from the wealthy family with the high social status. She is elegant and well-educated and she has never faced any problems. She is serene and openhanded and tends to be cheerful and enjoy the life.

She gets on well with Darío but has some troubles with Ximena, though she loves both of them. When Máximo’s lies are revealed, she feels she is completely ruined and feels hard to recover and revive her world, which seemed stable.

Arturo Peniche as Máximo Arrioja

Máximo Arrioja is the father to Darío. He succeeds in his business; he is handsome man with nice looks and manners. He is the President for the Lawyer’s Office. He adores his children but prefers to be strict and cold to them. He loves his wife but he cannot help with his womanizing nature. After his betrayal is revealed to Pilar, Máximo will try his best to bring her apologies to her and be forgiven.

Lorena Herrera as Silvana Quinto

Silvana Quinto is Moira’s mother and she supports her to hate Máximo’s family though he was the friend and partner to her husband. When she becomes widow, Máximo supports her. Silvana does not work anywhere though her ambitions and habit to better life make it hard for her to conform to what she is used to. She pretends to be friend with Pilar though her authentic intention is to steal Máximo’s heart and business. Silvana and Moira are in debts and they need fortune to repay. With this point of view Moira has to marry to Darío and no other scenario works there.

Rafael Inclán as Vittorio Conti

Vittorio is an Italian man with a good sense of humor. He is quite sentimental and wit. He is employed as a musical teacher at the musical school and as the Head of Musical Department at the Company of Máximo Arrioja. He has a thirst for opera though he is experienced in all genres of music.

Vittorio is the neighbor and friend to Andrea’s family. He does as a musical teacher for Andrea when she intends to become a musician and he is the one to be involved in the double-life Andrea leads.

José Elías Moreno as Benigno Paz

Benigno Paz is the father to Andrea, Damián and Marcelino. He is a widower. He gets paralyzed due to car accident, workless and reckless of life. His amiable nature gets ruined and brings to fierce grief to turn into anger since he feels useless to help his children.


Niña de mi corazón - telenovela

(2010) - Paulina Goto, Erick Elías


Paulina Goto ... Andrea Paz "La Niña"/ Andrés Paz
Erick Elías ... Dario Arrioja Alarcon
Lisette Morellos ... Moira Gasca Quinto
Lorena Herrera ... Silvana Quinto vda. de Gasca
Maribel Guardia ... Pilar Alarcon de Arrioja
Arturo Peniche ... Máximo "Max" Arrioja Riquelme
Lorena Velázquez ... Mercedes Riquelme vda. de Arrioja
Alberto Estrella ... El Ángel Uriel
Rafael Inclán ... Vittorio Conti
José Elías Moreno ... Benigno Paz
Brandon Peniche ... Conrado Gayardo "Masiosare/Consul"
Julio Camejo ... "Papi" Jason Bravo Lopez
Ximena Herrera ... María Magdalena Bravo Lopez
Jaime Garza ... Dionisio Bravo
Carlos Cámara Jr ... Dimitri Molotov
Martha Julia ... Tamara Diez
Isela Vega ... Dona Belen
Osvaldo de Leon ... Juan Vicente
Vanessa Arias
Carlos Speitzer ... "Gustavo" El Geek
Jade Fraser ... Ximena Arrioja Alarcon
Polo Ortin ... Macarío
Tony Bravo
Rafael Amaya ... Hugo
Kiabhet Ortiz ... Magdalena
Zoraida Gomez ... Carolina
Adriano Zendejas ... Damian Paz
Mane de la Parra ... Charly

Writing credits
Abel Santacruz (original story)
María Balmori (adaptation)
Pedro Armando Rodríguez (adaptation)
Alejandra Romero (adaptation)
José Jereino (adaptation)

Song: Ándale niña
Written by: Pablo Dabdoub, Carlos Law
Singing: UNO

Original music

Cinematography by
Vivian Sánchez Ross
Daniel Ferrer

Language : Spanish
Country: Mexico

Directed by
Luis Pardo
Juan Carlos Muñoz

Produced by
Pedro Damián



Remake of mexican telenovela "Mi pequeña traviesa" (1997) with Héctor Soberón and Michelle Vieth

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Una tras otra este corazón
Siempre cayendo contigo en el mismo error
De las mujeres andaba jurado y mira no más
Y mira no más no dejo de pensar en tu amor.

De tu sonrisa me enamoré,
De tus ojitos, tu boca, el color de tu piel,
Yo lo que quiero es estar a tu lado,
Te canto de frente que cómo le vamos a hacer.

Soñando contigo me paso la vida,
Temblando por volver a verte, mi vida,
Por algo el destino te puso a mi lado,
Él quiere que vivas la vida conmigo.

Ándale, niña de mi corazón
Ando llorando desconsolado
Quiero pensar que ya estás a mi lado
Quítame ya esta herida de amor.

Ándale, niña de mi corazón
Quiero que escuches mi serenata
Cada palabra del fondo de mi alma
Para que me digas que sí,
Niña de mi corazón.

Soñando contigo me paso la vida,
Temblando por volver a verte, mi vida,
Por algo el destino te puso a mi lado,
Él quiere que vivas la vida conmigo.

Ándale, niña de mi corazón
Ando llorando desconsolado
Quiero pensar que ya estás a mi lado
Quítame ya esta herida de amor.

Ándale, niña de mi corazón
Quiero que escuches mi serenata
Cada palabra del fondo de mi alma
Para que me digas que sí,
Niña de mi corazón.

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gabriela  - critica   |2010-03-09 21:11:29
hola esta muy buena la novela pero el galan esta muy feo uvieran puesto a otro guapo o alguno que salia en atrevete a soñar esque la paulina esta guapo pero el galan no!!!!!
lisset  - bonita   |2010-03-10 01:42:28
ella es muy bonita pero no se por q sre viete raro y tambien vaser hombre q loco pero me gusto mucho el comienso y la segunda parte tambien
fransisca  - pio colas   |2010-03-20 02:54:39
muchos pajaros tienen novias y le pican la cola jeje
y luego dicen que picar cola es panocha
delia garcia  - guaperros   |2010-03-29 16:43:06
hola me facina la novela nina de mi corason
me gusta como andrea actua y el galan de Dario todos los muchos que participan en esta novela son guaperros!!!!!!!!!!!!! y tambien la andrea keep your beauty!!!!!!!!!! soy de belice
mila herrera  - buenisima   |2010-05-28 02:14:40
esa novela es muy linda y me causa risa de la travesuras de andrea
ana   |2011-02-14 22:40:47
me hubiera gustado que saliera uno de los dos colombianos que salian en atrevete a sonar iker o axel..hubiera sido la perfecta novela
Kassie  - Lovely   |2011-04-22 21:25:20
I love this novela it is so cute, but at the same time very weird, because the girl is like 18 and the boy is way like older.
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