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Niño Que Vino del Mar, El

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Nisa is a beautiful girl who lives alone by the sea and makes a living by making clay pots. One day, a small lifeboat drifts to shore and inside, Nisa finds a beautiful child. Nobody knows from where he came, but to Nisa, he is like a gift from the sea. When Felipín comes to, he tells Nisa that he and his mother were traveling on a ship that capsized. At the hospital, they run into a sailor who assures them that he saw Felipin's mother die.

Meanwhile, Lena, Felipin's mother, wanders in a daze through the streets of the town, unfortunately falling into the hands of an evil moneylender who locks her up and forces her to work almost like a slave. She does not remember that she and her son were on their way to meet Don Alfonso Caceres de Rivera, Duke of Oriol, a wealthy Spaniard whom she loved and abandoned several years back. Don Alfonso suffers a heart attack upon finding out he has a son, but manages to change his will to leave all of his wealth to his newfound son. When his nephews, Eduardo and Enrique arrive to claim the inheritance, they get a surprise instead. Enrique, ambitious and greedy, and Eduardo, an honest man, both set out to find the young heir, each for his own reasons.

El Niño Que Vino del Mar - telenovela

(1999) - Imanol Landeta , Natalia Esperón, Enrique Ibañez


Natalia Esperón .... Nisa Rodriguez Caceres de Rivera - main heroine
Enrique Ibañez .... Eduardo Rodríguez Caceres de Rivera - main hero
Imanol Landeta .... Felipin Rodriguez Caceres de Rivera - son of Magdalena and Alfonso, his heir
Patricia Reyes Spíndola .... Alberta Gomez - witch, villain
Manuel Landeta .... Carlos Criail - photographer, in love with Magdalena
Renée Varsi .... Constanza - girlfriend of Eduardo, villain
Orlando Miguel .... Enrique Rodriguez Caceres de Rivera - brother of Eduardo, villain
Yadhira Carrillo .... Magdalena de la Soledad / Sol / Lena - mother of Felipin and love of Alfonso
Rolando Brito .... Nazario - foreman at Alfonso's ranch
Joana Brito .... Rancha - wife of Nazario
Luz María Aguilar .... Sophia Rodriguez Caceres de Rivera - mother of Constanza
Irma Lozano .... Tia Pilar Serrano - aunt of Constanza
Vanessa Angers .... Alina
Dacia Arcaráz .... Remedios - maid in Alfonso's house
Emilia Carranza .... Regina
Roberto D'Amico .... Oscar Serranos - suitor of Tia Pilar
Yousi Diaz .... Melda
Edder Eloriaga .... Casimiro - mean boy
Oscar Eugenio .... Blasito - friend of Felipin
Arturo García Tenorio
Dacia González .... Catalina Ortiz - doctor's wife
Luz Elena González .... Jacinta - teacher
Benjamín Islas .... Pedro
Saúl Lisazo .... Don Alfonso Rodriguez Caceres de Rivera - rich man, father of Felipin who has died
Julio Mannino .... Dr. Juan Manuel Rios
Xavier Marc .... Dr. Agustin Ortiz - doctor, friend of Alfonso
Iliana Monserrat .... Biri - friend of Felipin
Sergio Ramos .... Chirimbolo - friend of Nisa and kids
Benjamin Rivero .... Fabian
Alejandro Ruiz .... Martín - fisherman
Sussan Taunton .... Bernardette
Oscar Traven .... Mr. Richardson
María Marcela .... Lala
Nancy Patino .... Mariali - friend of Felipin
Charly Santana .... Juan Simon
Rocio Gallardo .... Gloria
Arturo Barba
Óscar Morelli
Carlos Villarreal
Anna Sobero
Héctor Cruz
Radames de Jesus
Estrella Lugo
Bernhardht Seifert
Mario Moreno del Moral

Writing credits
Olga Ruilopez (original story)
Lourdes Barrios (adaptation)
Georgina Tinoco (adaptation)
Marcos García

Opening Song: El niño que vino del mar
Written by: Ruben Zepeda
Singing: Malu

Closing Song: La estrella que más brilla
Singing: Imanol Landeta and Manuel Landeta

Original music
Ruben Zepeda

Production coordinator
Dinorah Escudero

Cinematography by
Hector Marquez
Oscar Morales

Directed by
Arturo Garcia Tenorio
Alfredo Gurrola

Produced by
Mapat L. de Zatarain
Marco Vinicio (associated producer)



"El niño que vino del mar" is a remake of:
1 version: telenovela "La Hija de Nadie" (1982, Venezuela, RCTV) with Hazel Leal and Javier Vidal.
2 version: telenovela "Sí, mi Amor".

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Stephen   |2009-09-28 14:44:22
I used to love this show when I was a kid.
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