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Noveno Mandamiento, El

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El Noveno Mandamiento telenovela The story begins with "Las Lagrimas" a farm owned by the Durans. This family has two daughters. Isabel, a sweet, beautiful girl, who is diabetic and Clara, a veritable psychopath. Clara has a faithful servant Andres, who will do anything to please her. Clara and Andres plot to separate Leandro, her sister's fiancee from her. But not before Isa and Leandro make love. From that night, a child is conceived which Clara knows nothing about, so she goes on with her plan to keep Leandro for herself... And succeeds.

She forces Leandro to marry her, telling him that she is pregnant. Isabel goes to the city to establish a life for her child and herself. A few years pass by and Isa and Leandro meet again, telling each other that they will meet later that day, and that Isa is going to let him meet someone special. Isa gets run over by a car and never makes the meeting. Ana, her daughter, gets sent to "Las Lagrimas", where her aunt Clara lives with her husband, Leandro. Leandro, in turn, becomes a raging alcoholic who thinks that Isa cheated on him. Clara takes Andres' little girl and passes her of as her niece. The girl is cruel to Ana, who is later sent off to school. Twenty years pass by and Ana has bloomed into a beautiful woman who looks exactly like her mother. Clara resents her because she is the child born of the love between Isa and Leandro. Fabiola is now engaged to Rodigo Betancourt, but as soon as he sees Ana, he falls madly in love with her, but then again, so does his brother Bruno... In the story, Fabiola and Clara break the 9th commandment: Do not covet!

El Noveno Mandamiento - telenovela

(2001) - Daniela Castro, Francisco Gattorno


Daniela Castro .... Isabel / Ana
Armando Araiza .... Leandro (young)
Francisco Gattorno .... Rodrigo
Chantal Andere .... Clara (young)
Ana Patricia Rojo .... Fabiola
Salvador Sánchez .... Andrés
Alma Muriel .... Clara
Juan Carlos Serrán .... Leandro Villanueva
Álex Ibarra .... Bruno
Martha Roth .... Eugenia
Lupita Lara .... Elena
Bárbara Gómez .... Tomasa
Ernesto Godoy .... Ramiro
Arlette Pacheco .... Alicia
Maripaz García .... Margarita
Héctor Sáez .... Padre Juan
Gustavo Negrete .... Álvaro
Luis Reynoso .... Óscar
Zulema Cruz .... Carmen
Hilda Aguirre .... María
Alberto Estrella .... Felipe
Octávio Galindo .... Vicente
Silvia Lomelí .... Gaby
Graciela Bernardos .... Lola
Alejandro Ruiz .... Diego
Marcia Cotuño .... Sofía
Radamés de Jesús .... Ramón
Juan Imperio .... Mariano
Arsenio Campos .... Ramiro
Roberto Miguel .... Jorge
Martin Rojas .... Juancho
Eduardo Caceres .... Bernardo
Arturo Paulet .... Onésimo
Yurem Rojas .... El raton
Ulises Pliego .... Pablo

Writing credits
René Allouis (story)
Virginia Quintana (adaptation)
Ximena Suárez (adaptation)

Song: Mi amor es un pecado
Singing: Innis

Song: Usted se me llevo la vida
Singing: Alexandre Pires

Cinematography by
Armando Zafra
Gabriel Vazquez Bulman

Directed by
Eric Morales
Gastón Tuset

Produced by
Lucero Suárez



"El Noveno Mandamiento" is an adaptation of a Cuban radionovela with the same title.

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