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Nuevo Amor, Un

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This is the story of Estrella Montiel, who is unaware of her true origin. Her real parents left her in the care of Candida, a poor woman who raised Estrella as her own daughter. Estrella meets Santiago Mendoza, a lawyer. They fall in love, but Estrella is sentenced to prison, and blames Santiago for not helping her. After Santiago realizes that Estrella has been unfairly convicted, he helps her get out of jail, but he thinks she will never forgive him and steps out of her life. Then Estrella starts working in Valentina's house. Santiago also meets Valentina and starts a passionate relation with her, and in her house meets Estrella again, and they both realize that they are still in love. But their romance is not going to be easy since Valentina is obsessed with Santiago, and will do everything to stop their relationship. Finally the truth is revealed: Estrella and Valentina are actually mother and daughter. Now one of them will find true love.

Un Nuevo Amor - telenovela

(2003) - Sergio Basañez , Vanessa Acosta


Sergio Basañez .... Santiago Mendoza
Vanessa Acosta .... Isabel
Cecilia Ponce .... Estrella Montiel
Karen Senties .... Valentina Méndez
Homero Wimer .... Isaías
Guillermo Gil .... Aquiles
Ramiro Huerta .... Tirso
Daniela Garmendia .... Candela
Alberto Casanova .... Raúl
Rodrigo Cachero .... Eduardo
Ana Díaz de León .... Carolina
Paola Adriana .... Karen
Adriana Lyzana .... Aydee
Luis Miguel Lombana .... Alejandro
Eduardo Arroyuelo .... Julio
Tania Arredondo .... María
Alejandro Lukini .... Daniel
Alan Andreé Chávez .... Tito
Luz Elena Solís .... Doña Luz
Vanesa Villela .... Patricia
Lourdes Villareal .... Inés
Mario Loría .... Antonio
Gerardo González .... Marcos
Tomas Goros

Writing credits
José Ignacio Cabrujas (original story)
Alberto Barrera (adaptation)

Song "Un nuevo amor"
Singing: Víctor and Miguel Ángel

Set Decoration
Felipe López

Director of photography
Cesar Taboada

Directed by
Rafael Gutiérrez

Produced by
Fides Velasco
Emilia Lamothe (associated producer)
Julio Fons Morales (creative producer)

TV Azteca


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