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Otra, La

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Carlota Guillen lives in Queretaro with her mother Bernarda and her older sister Eugenia. Bernarda pretends to be a respected lady, but in reality she was a lover of Leopoldo, the rich man from Guadalajara. Carlota is his daughter and the half-sister of Roman, who is the only legitimate son of Leopoldo. Roman found out that Leopoldo divided the heritage between him and the daughters of Bernanda and plans a revenge.

Carlota meets Alvaro Ibañez, the young doctor. Alvaro is from Mexico City and has a younger brother, Adrian, who was adopted by his parents, and in spite of the fact that his parents always treated them both the same way, he hates Alvaro. Bernarda knows that when her daughters marry she'll have to give them their heritage. She doesn't want to lose control over the money, and therefore is against each and every man that comes close to her daughters. Nevertheless, Roman managed to seduce Eugenia and left her pregnant. Eugenia dies due to the complications after the childbirth. Supposedly, the grandchild of Bernarda died right after his birth, but he is alive. When Bernarda's daughter dies, Alvaro thinks it was Carlota who died and, inconsolable, leaves the city and goes to live with his parents in Morelos. Over there, Alvaro meets Cordelia Portugal, who is identical to Carlota and taking advantage of it, occupies the place of The Other.

La Otra - telenovela

(2002) - Yadhira Carrillo, Juan Soler


Yadhira Carrillo .... Carlota / Cordelia
Juan Soler .... Álvaro
Jacqueline Andere .... Bernarda
Sergio Sendel .... Adrián
Alejandro Ávila .... Román
Maty Huitrón .... Fabiana
Mercedes Molto .... Eugenia
Manuel Ojeda .... Juan Pedro
Josefina Echánove .... Tomasa
Verónica Jaspeado .... Apolonia
Lupita Lara .... Matilde
Ofelia Guilmáin .... Sabina
Elpidia Carrillo
Azela Robinson .... Mireya
Julio Bracho .... Lázaro Arriaga
Eugenio Cobo .... Padre Agustin
Hugo Macías Macotela .... Notario Carballido
Jorge Vargas .... Delfino Arriaga
Isadora González .... Paulina
Toño Mauri .... Daniel
Fernando Robles .... Fulgencio
Monika Sánchez .... Regina Salazar
Macaria .... Fatima
Juan Peláez .... Enrique Salazar
Ignacio Guadalupe .... Santos
Antonio de la Vega .... Carlos
Carlos González
Erika Blenher .... teacher
Juan Montini .... Animador
Silvia Manríquez .... Marta (young)
Elsa Cardenas .... Marta
Chantal Andere .... Bernarda (young)
Alfonso Iturralde .... Narciso Bravo
Luis Couturier .... Justo Ibañez
Sergio Ramos .... Joaquin Pardo
Virginia Gimeno .... Hilaria
Lucy Tovar .... Celina
Shirley .... Julieta
Sergio Sanchez .... Saltiel
Rosa María Bianchi .... Lupita
Ofelia Cano .... Diana Herrera
Roberto Antúnez .... Padre Fermín
Alberto Insúa
María Prado .... Martina
Cosme Alberto .... Braulio
Natasha Dupeyron .... Natalia
Carlos Speitzer .... Salvador
Gastón Tuset .... Sebastián
Thelma Dorantes
Rosángela Balbó .... Thelma
Edgar Alan Rico
Andrea Soberón
Zoila Quiñónez .... Simona
Annie del Castillo .... Karen
Alonso Echánove .... Cuco

Writing credits
Liliana Abud (original screenplay)
Orlando Merino (adaptation)
Jaime García Estrada (adaptation)
Tere Medina (adaptation)

Song: Otra
Singing: Benny Ibarra and Edith Márquez

Song: La Otra(USA edition)
Singing: Pedro Fernández

Production manager
Teresa Anaya

Cinematography by
Manuel Barajas

Directed by
Benjamín Cann

Produced by
Ernesto Alonso
Luis Miguel Barona (associated producer)



"The best telenovela of the year", TVyNovelas award, 2003.
The Brazilian version of "La Otra" is telenovela "A Outra" (2004).
Another Brazilian version is telenovela "O Outro" (198x), but there were 2 men who looked alike.

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