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Pais de las Mujeres, El

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El Pais de las mujeres telenovela The day that Bernarda gathered together her five nieces to announce them that she will die soon, she faced a big surprise: all of them, without exception, were suffering from impossible love. Ana, Samantha, Loreta, Yaya and Fernanda are young, modern, independent and fighters but they have restrained heart for men. Before destruction is caused for the opposite sex, Bernarda decides to take some drastic precautions. At the union of her nieces, she creates a battlefield and she declares the open war to the entire rascal and shameless men that have made them suffer. Now they live under the same roof with the same aim. These six wonderful women are transformed in a unique army which to win must be armed with arms more effective than the ones that nature has given them: the power of woman’s adoration. It’s an army of women decisive for all... And the war of sorrow begins.

El Pais de las mujeres - telenovela

(2002) - Rebecca Jones, José Alonso


Rebecca Jones .... Bernarda
José Alonso .... Don Lucio
Margarita Gralia .... Natalia
Sasha .... Ana
Víctor González .... Daniel Cano
Plutarco Haza .... Bruno
Fabiana Perzabal .... Samantha
Alejandra Prado .... Loreta
Carmen Madrid .... Yaya
Gabriela de la Garza .... Fernanda
Manuel Blejerman .... Santiago
Pedro Sicard .... Vicente
Carmen Beato .... Consuelo
Salvador Pineda .... Aquiles
Fabiola Campomanes .... Renata
Daniela Bolaños .... Laura
Eduardo Arroyuelo .... Raúl
Martha Acuña
Lupita Sandoval .... Sagrario
Carlos Cobos .... Oliverio
Eduardo Victoria .... El Alebrije
Alejandro Lukini .... Ignacio
Álvaro Carcaño Jr. .... Gerardo
René Campero .... Tino
Juan Pablo Medina .... Diego
Rodolfo Arias
Carolina Carvajal .... Romina (Romy)
Alain Kuri .... Ulises
Maurice Dijkman .... William
Andrés Palacios
Maribel Rodríguez
Fernando Rubio
Shari Gómez .... Maggie

Writing credits
Leonardo Padrón (original story)
Victor Civeira (adaptation)
Gabriel Santos (adaptation)

Song: Escapar
Singing: Enrique Iglesias

Original music by
Federico Chávez

Music arranger
Armando López

Art Director
Ariel Bianco

Production manager
Alejandra Torres

Directed by
Eloy Ganuza

Produced by
Juan David Burns
Georgina Balzaretti (executive producer)
Eloy Ganuza (associated producer)

TV Azteca


"El pais de las mujeres" is a remake of telenovela "El pais de las mujeres" (1998, Venezuela) with Ana Karina Manco and Víctor Cámara

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