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Pantera, El

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El Pantera tv series Gervasio Robles Villa, son of a white man and an Oaxacan Indian woman, is imprisoned for assassinating his fiancee, a crime that he did not commit. During the time he was in jail, he learned Wushu from a mysterious man called "El Indio" (a Native American convicted for tax evasion). The Main General of the police, Porfirio Ayala, convinced of Villa's innocence, decides to release him and return him the life he was taken from. Nevertheless, this act of kindness is conditional. Gervasio will be able to remain free under one condition: he must work secretly with the police and to catch criminals who inhabit the city. Now, El Pantera must find himself, recover his life and discover what his destiny is, to be known as “The Panther”. Once in the city he meets a beautiful woman named Lola. Despite the fact that Lola has a past that not every woman would be proud of El Pantera falls in love with her.

El Pantera - tv series

(2007 - 2008) - Luis Roberto Guzmán


Luis Roberto Guzmán ... Gervasio Robles 'El Pantera'
Ignacio López Tarso ... General Porfirio Ayala
Alicia Machado ... Diana Rodríguez
Raúl Padilla ... Tomás Máiz 'Gorda'
Vanessa Terkes ... Lola
Miguel Pizarro ... El Curro
Jessica Mas ... Angeles
Gerardo Taracena ... El Mandril
Javier Escobar ... Tereso
Vanessa Mateo ... Lolet
Cristina Bernal ... Lolet
Opi Domínguez ... Artemisa
Fernanda López ... Lolet
María Rocío García ... Lolet
Alyosha Barreiro ... Daniel
Julio Rasec ... Capitán Ramos
Óscar Bonfiglio ... Godínez
Roberto Ballesteros ... El Gallo
Arturo Godínez ... Viboras
Marius Biegai ... David Weber
Khristian Clausen ... Zandunga
Byron ... Domingo
Juan Carlos Franzoni ... Chuletas
Mari Ana Martín ez ... Quesadilla
Antonio Monroy ... El Indio
Irán Castillo ... Rosaura
Rubén Cristiany ... Pascual
Alejandro de la Peña ... Custodio
Guillermo Dorantes ... El Macetas
Andrea García ... Lucrecia
Andrés García ... Rubio Barrios
Luis Gatica ... Procurador
Tanneke Mariscal ... Reportera Vial
Enrike Palma ... Medico Legista
Mariana Rountree ... Karen
Nailea Sotres ... Inés
Erica Torres ... Yolanda
Fidel Zerda ... Ausencio
Sara Zuñiga ... Concha

Writing credits
Alfredo Félix Díaz
Enrique Renteria
Olga De la Fuente
Angel Pulido
Gilberto de Anda
Daniel Muñoz

Cinematography by
Arturo Bidart

Directed by
Gustavo Loza
Alejandro Gamboa

Produced by
Rodolfo de Anda Jr.
Beatriz Giron



The character of El Pantera was created in the 70's by the writer Daniel Muñoz and artist Juan Alba for Mundo Vid

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