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Para Toda la Vida

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Para Toda la Vida telenovela For the last fifteen years, Fernando Valdemoros has presided over the ceremony in remembrance of the death of his wife, Elena, the mother of his three children, Enrique, Estela and Eduardo. As the story progresses, we discover Elena is alive and secluded in a Chilean prison paying for a crime she did not commit. In order to avoid a social scandal and to protect the reputation of his company, Fernando has fabricated this lie. On a trip to South America, Elena was found, gun in hand , with the corpse of one of her traveling companions. Ignoring the fact that Elena always claimed to be innocent, Fernando decided to divorce her and to tell his family and friends that Elena had died. Now that Fernando is about to remarry, Elena is freed and returns to México in search of the person responsible for destroying her life. Despite the adversities, fate offers Elena and Fernando a new chance to rebuild their lives, as long as they decide to forgive and forget.

Para Toda la Vida - telenovela

(1996) - Ofelia Medina, Silvia Pasquel


Ofelia Medina .... Elena
Silvia Pasquel .... Lidia
Anna Silvetti .... Flora
Margarita Gralia .... Adela
Ramón Menéndez .... Fortunato
Roberto Blandón .... Lorenzo
Oscar Traven .... Gustavo
Olivia Collins .... Lucía
Roberto Guzmán .... Cipriano
Óscar Morelli .... Padre Cristóbal
Diana Golden .... Silvia
Roberto Palazuelos .... Rolando
Héctor Soberón .... Alfredo
Isabel Martínez 'La Tarabilla' .... Eulalia
Beatriz Moreno .... Matilde
Roberto 'Puck' Miranda .... Arquímedes
Pituka de Foronda .... Marquesa
Fernando Luján .... Juan Angel
Monserrat Gallosa .... Violeta
Arath de la Torre .... Amadeo
Eduardo Arroyuelo .... Enrique Valdemoros
Paola Otero .... Estela
Kuno Becker .... Eduardo
Araceli Vitta .... Marisa
Exequiel Lavanderos .... Fernando Valdemoros
Julio Mannino .... Torres
Rodrigo Bastidas .... Ignacio

Writing credits
Arturo Moya Grau (original story)
Jesús Calzada (adaptation)
Vivian Pestalozzi (script)

Song: Para toda la vida

Original music
Rafael A.Bustamente Marin

Music arranger
Luis Diazayas

Cinematography by
Jesús Nájera

Directed by
Juan Carlos Muñoz
Gastón Tuset (on location)

Produced by
Juan Osorio
Lucero Suárez
Nicandro Diaz (co-producer)
Luis Carpizo (co-producer)



"Para toda la vida" is a remake of:
1 version: telenovela "La Madrastra" (1981, Chile, UCTV) with Jael Unger and Walter Kliche
2 version: telenovela "Vivir un poco"
Further remake of "Para toda la vida" is telenovela "La Madrastra" with Cesar Evora and Victoria Ruffo
There's also an english version called "Forever" made in Mexico in 1996 with Maria Mayenzet as Susan, James Richer as Stephan, Rochelle Swanson as Cynthia.

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