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Para Volver a Amar

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Para volver a amar telenovela Para volver a amar is a Mexican series of Televisa production released in 2010. This is the adopted version of the Columbian telenovel El último matrimonio feliz. The story tells about six women so different in temperament, appearance and social status who realize, all of a sudden, that happiness does not last forever. This is the story about their marriage scenes and every day life which is so boring and tiring to squeeze and stifle with home problems.

The six couples enter the family crisis and face real problems to change their lives. Only Antonia, the wife to Patricio and mother to Pao seems to live in a happy marriage. Pao is a young man suffering from car accident consequence. Antonia resigns from working for Braulio and starts-up her own real estate business. It is the sphere which is going to be the shelter for a group of women with various problems who aspire for better life.

First one is Rosaura. She is seeking a new job with Antonia when she finds out her boss is looking for somebody more vigorous to replace her. She serves for her life, though based on her low sexual attraction and personal features; she is left behind by her husband for the sake of a young girl who is twenty years younger than him.

Bárbara, a sales-girl, lives in the horrible hell with the mother-in-law who manipulates with her and James, her abusive husband, a jealous and obsessive alcoholic, who enjoys applying physical violence as the only approach to rule to stop her leave him. She is fragile woman with low self-esteem in spite of her beauty. Her faithful friend Renato recommends Antonia as a person who can render emotional help. Working for Renato at his beauty salon, Yorley proceeds with her first working day as a cleaner in Antonia’s place and as a part-time maidservant. She supports David in everything, but when she realizes he is going to sell their house without noticing her, she feels disappointed. David leaves for another country, and left behind alone, Yorley finds support and care from Leonardo Torres.

Maite is 28. She is a strong-willed woman, clever and determined. She is too ambitious, competitive. When a new vacancy on business-manager is announced, Maite expects to have it though her husband, Jorge, is assigned for this position while she is dismissed. She always competes with him and she is undermined with envy. Desperately seeking for a new job, she realizes that the only place to be employed is Antonia’s real estate agency. In a little while Maite admits she is beaten by Jorge, a person close to her since the college time, with whom she plans to make the dreams and who becomes a competitor. Supported by all of them, Antonia manages to reconstruct her own old house, build a new house and a new office for her real estate business.

Valeria never loses an opportunity to accuse her husband of hypocrisy. She feels like a golden bird in the cape who cannot escape. Braulio takes the advantage of Valeria’s mother as a prostitute promising a better life for her. Actually, she is the one who suffers from psychological violence made by her husband and the son Sebastián. She hides her great wish to study, work and get independent. And she gets determined finally to show that she is a valuable to make her own decisions. Bárbara, Rosaura, Yorley, Maite and Valeria take a refuge from their pain and suffers supported by Renato, a stylist from high society and a friend to all of them, though Antonia is the one who is the real rescuer and the one to take her example. She seems to have everything to be proud, including a marriage that seems to be ideal, but is shaken when it gets impossible to hide the breast cancer from the family not to shock them.

Six women get married to people with whom they plan a long and happy life till their last day believing in happy family when once a day they realize that they live in a wrong way. Altogether, six women come to perceive the fact that happiness is not something impossible to achieve but every single person needs to struggle and dare to seek and find it themselves.


René Strickler as Patricio González

A handsome, cheerful and light-hearted man in his late 50s. He is an ideal husband and father. He met Antonia at the university and since then he is in love with her. Even after the 20 years of marriage he loves her sincerely. He is a perfect professional lawyer specializing in family law and he prioritizes his wife and daughter to others. He is full of energy and soon he comes to look after other women, in particular Bárbara, a woman rather different from his wife. Soon after he finds out his wife dies from breast cancer, he tries to rehabilitate his marriage.

Alejandra Barros as Bárbara Mantilla

Bárbara Mantilla is a woman who grew in the province facing too many economic troubles. She is fragile, clumsy woman with low self-esteem in spite of her stunning beauty. When Bárbara meets Jaime she gets fascinated with his promises to marry him. She lives with her mother Conchita with Jaime and she gets gifts and presents only after being ill-treated and beaten. Jaime is the jealous person to craziness, an alcoholic who wants to keep her home shut from the society. One day she feels disgust to him and loses her love. She starts looking for a job to get independent and her friend Renato an art salon owner, recommends Antonia as an employer. Thus, when Patricio and Bárbara feel passionate to each other, they try to hide their emotions and affair. She is supported to get rid of Jaime in her life.

Rebecca Jones as Antonia Palacios

Antonia lives a lavish and quality life. She is married to Patricio, a faithful solid person to be protected and supported all the time. They love each other and enjoy their sexual life which is one of the basic elements of ideal marriage. She is a professional salesperson in Real Estate Company and is its key member. When her teenage daughter gets in the accident, she gives up her job and decides to start-up her own business for women who want to succeed. The most difficult problem she faces is breast cancer. Her disease makes her marriage ruin but she is aware that she cannot survive alone and makes attempts to unite the family.

Para volver a amar - telenovela

(2010) - Alejandra Barros, Rebecca Jones, Jesús Ochoa, Alejandro Camacho


Rebecca Jones ... Antonia Palacios
Alejandro Camacho ... Braulio Longoria
Alejandra Barros ... Bárbara Mantilla
Mark Tacher ... Jorge Casso
René Strickler ... Patricio González
Nailea Norvind ... Valeria Andrade/Marlene Esparza
Magda Guzmán ... Conchita Cabrera
Juan Carlos Barreto ... Jaime Espinosa
Zaide Silvia Gutierrez ... Rosaura Pereyra
Jesus Ochoa ... Rolando Salgar
Sophie Alexander ... Maité Duarte
Africa Zavala ... Yorley Quiroga
Flavio Medina ... David Magaña
Lisset ... Denisse
Mario Loria ... Sergio Aldama
Édgar Vivar ... Renato Villamar
Thelma Madrigal ... Paola González Palacios
Alfonso Dosal ... Sebastián Longoria Andrade
Agustín Arana ... Leonardo Torres
Delia Casanova ... Benigna González
Danny Perea ... Jenny Salgar Pereyra
Guillermo Avilan ... César Salgar Pereyra
Adalberto Parra ... Amador
Gabriela Zamora ... Mireya Nieto
Marcia Coutiño ... Charito
Alex Sirvent ... Alcides
Eduardo España ... Quintín
Ricardo Fastlitch ... Plinio
Pablo Valentín ... Marcial
Jana Raluy ... Miranda Pinto
Ricardo Guerra ... Pavel
Arturo Barba ... Román Pérez
Claudia Godínez ... Jessica
Juan Ríos Cantú ... Faber
Ariane Pellicer ... Cindy
María Isabel Benet
Georgina Pedret ... Clarita
Cassandra Ciangherotti ... Laila
Alberto Estrella ... Rodrigo Longoria
Miguel Pizarro ... Andrés
Susana González ... Doménica
Loania Quinzaños ... Fanny
Karol Sevilla ... Monse
Juan Verduzco ... Enrique Pimentel
Justo Martínez ... Don Nazario

Writing credits
Adriana Suárez Cifuentes (original story)
Pedro Miguel Rozo (original story)
Aida Guajardo (adaptation)

Song: Para volver a amar
Written by:
Singing: Kany García

Original music
Saúl Torres

Cinematography by
Manuel Barajas
Luis Rodríguez

Language : Spanish
Country: Mexico

Directed by
Eric Morales
Francisco Franco

Produced by
Roberto Gomez Fernandez
Giselle González



The best novela of the year - Premios TVyNovelas, 2011

Remake of colombian telenovela "El último matrimonio feliz" (2008) with Alejandra Borrero and Ricardo Vélez

Consists of 146 episodes


Mirame, ya me ves
Creyendome tan fuerte tan llena de vida
Dibujando sonrisas ante las miradas
Llevando tanto adentro y mil historias atrapadas
Mirame, y hazlo bien
No pienses que estoy loca si ando sola en este rumbo
Noo, no puedo dar lo que se me robo

Para volver a amar debo sentir que vivo y no andar huyendo
Para poderte dar lo que un día fue mio y hoy ya no lo encuentro
Hoy solo busco pedazos de lo que un día fué un corazón abierto
Y no por tí, no por mí, sino que el tiempo diga adios a algún recuerdo

Sé muy bien que intenté
Poder recuperar los trozos que me quedán
De este corazón que amo sin dar medida
Y que hoy vive con miedo y hoy anda a escondidas
Sé muy bien que no crees
Al verme tan segura y con las fuerzas que camino
Noo, no puedo dar lo que se me robo

Para volver a amar debo sentir que vivo y no andar huyendo
Para poderte dar lo que un día fue mio y hoy ya no lo encuentro
Hoy solo busco pedazos de lo que un día fué un corazón abierto
Y no por tí, no por mí, sino que el tiempo diga adios a algún recuerdo

Yo sé que de apariencias no se vive
A quien engaño yo?
No puedo amar, yo aún no puedo, no puedo

Para volver a amar debo sentir que vivo y no andar huyendo
Para poderte dar lo que un día fue mio y hoy ya no lo encuentro
Hoy solo busco pedazos de lo que un día fué un corazón abierto…

Y no por tí, no por mí, sino que el tiempo diga adios a algún recuerdo

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Regina  - QUIEN ESCRIBE ADAPTACION   |2010-04-15 18:20:51
Hay mucha expectativa por esta telenovela. ¿Quién hará la adaptacion?
minerva   |2011-08-06 18:50:22
me encanta esa novela pero la cambiaron de horario o que paso????
maria magana  - no supe que cambiaron la telenovela me encanta y q   |2011-10-11 07:11:20
quisiera saber para que horario cambiaron la telenovela me encanta!
juany  - novela   |2011-10-12 04:27:51
me encanta la novela, muy interesante en cada uno de los personajes....que paso?
Leticia  - Para volver amar   |2011-10-24 17:56:55
Que vuena esta la novela me recuerda Ami Vidal la de Barbara
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