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Parientes Pobres, Los

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Los Parientes Pobres telenovelaMargarita Santos lives with her family in a small town outside of México City. When her father dies, leaving the family business completely bankrupt and the man she loves marries another woman for money, Margarita realizes that money is everything and achieving wealth becomes her only goal in life. When her father's cousin learns of the family's bad luck, he invites them to live with him and his family in México City.

Margarita is resentful of this "uncle" because she believes that he robbed her father of the family business, but he is a kind man who is still in love with Margarita's mother, whom his cousin had stolen away from him years ago. Margarita meets Jesus Sanchez ("Chucho"), an honest but poor young man with a heart of gold who is working on a deal with her uncle to sell his land which may be very valuable. He falls in love with Margarita at first sight, but she is blinded by her pride and rabid desire for money and rejects his advances, telling him that she could never love a man who wasn't rich. Margarita and Chucho don't appear to have a lot in common, as she seems to love only money and he could be completely happy without a penny to his name. However, the two will fall in love, although it will be difficult for their love to survive the misunderstandings about each other and the evildoings of those that surround them.

Los Parientes Pobres - telenovela

(1993) - Lucero, Ernesto Laguardia


Lucero .... Margarita Santos - main heroine
Ernesto Laguardia .... Jesús Sánchez (Chucho) - main hero
Alexis Ayala .... Bernardo Ávila - in love with Margarita, villain
Chantal Andere .... Alba Zavala - in love with Bernardo, villain
Humberto Elizondo .... Paulino Zavala - father of Alba, villain
Nuria Bages .... María Inés de Santos - mother of Margarita, Julianita, Silverio, and Luisito
Joaquín Cordero .... Evaristo Olmos - cousin of Ramiro
Rogelio Guerra .... Ramiro Santos - husband of María Inés
Bertha Moss .... Tía Brígida - aunt of Eloisa
Claudia Ramírez .... Juliana Santos (Julianita) - sister of Margarita
Guy De Saint Cyr .... Jean Paul Dominique - in love with Margarita
Ernesto Godoy .... Silverio Santos - brother of Margarita
Alejandro Aragón .... Cristóbal - co-worker of Bernardo
Jerardo .... Felipe Olmos - son of Evaristo and Eloisa
Esteban Soberanes .... Gabriel Olmos - son of Evaristo and Eloisa
Ana Patricia Rojo .... Griselda Olmos - daughter of Evaristo and Eloisa
Delia Casanova .... Eloísa de Olmos - wife of Evaristo
José María Torre .... Luisito Santos - brother of Margarita
Eduardo López Rojas .... Padre Cayetano - priest in San Gabriel
Maribel Fernández .... Amalia de Zavala - wife of Paulino
Luis Gimeno .... Marlon - friend of Chucho
Fabiola Campomanes .... Elda - in love with Silverio
Consuelo Duval .... Celina - friend of Alba
Pituka de Foronda .... Mamá de Jean Paul
Patricia Navidad .... Esmeralda - in love with Chucho
Isabel Martínez .... Telefonista
Angelina Peláez .... Ceferina - guardian of the Santos family
Lorenzo de Rodas .... Roque del Toro - business partner of Evaristo
José Antonio Ferral .... Genaro - bartender in San Gabriel
Jeanette Candiani

Writing credits
Liliana Abud (original story)

Song: Los Parientes Pobres
Written by Rafael Pérez Botija
Singing: Lucero

Cinematography by
Alejandro Frutos

Directed by
Miguel Corcega

Produced by
Carla Estrada
Arturo Lorca (associated producer)



Futher remake of Los Parientes Pobres is telenovela Juro que te amo

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aaron2010  - I remember this novela very well!   |2010-02-15 05:46:02
I remember hearing of and seeing "Los Parientes Pobres" in 1993. That summer I was visiting relatives in Hermosillo, Mexico and this is one of the many novelas they used to watch. This was the first novela that I first heard of Lucero, Ernesto La Guardia,Chantal Andere, and Joaquin Cordero. What I saw of the novela looked good, but I'm wondering if a DVD for "Los Parientes Pobres" will ever be released in the near future. Saludos,Aaron A.
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