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Pasión telenovelaThis passionate story begins in the romantic but very cruel age of Colonial Mexico. Camila Darie'n, daughter of Justo Darie'n, is celebrating her engagement to Santiago, the blacksmith of the village of San Fernando. But the party is interrupted by the men of Don Jorge Mancera y Ruiz, the tyrannical Lord of the town, who has asserted his "droit de seigneur". Santiago is then wounded in the back, and Camila is taken away by the men to Don Jorge's mansion. Justo and Santiago's mother go to the mansion in order to stop Don Jorge from raping Camila. Don Jorge, however, is too drunk and cannot successfully sleep with Camila. He allows Camila to leave on her word that she will never speak of what truly happened that night. Camila is then kidnapped by pirates, raped and sold as a slave in the island of La Mariana to the elderly Don Timoteo de Salamanca. While there, she lives with Timoteo's blind and therefore ignored daughter Lisabeta and his sister who cares for her.


Fernando Colunga as Ricardo De Salamanca Y Almonte

Ricardo is the son of Mercedes Almonte and Pedro de Salamanca. He is well-groomed, he speaks several foreign languages and everyone can envy his good manners. At the age of 18 he was accused of a crime wrongly but he managed to escape and join the British pirates. Ricardo is a brave, undaunted and skilled in weaponry. The years of exercises and life experience make him strong and resolute though deeply inside he is noble and romantic. He loves his mother and protects his blind cousin, Lisabeta whom he sympathizes a lot.

Susana González as Camila Darién

Camila Darién is the daughter of Justo Darién, with the siblings Vasco and Rita. She is very cheerful and outgoing but when it comes to making decisions, she can show herself as a determined and strong-minded person. She is willing to give a hand to anyone in need. Camila is a diligent, sincere and very generous to anyone despite of social status and age. She is too vulnerable about injustice and she is about to risk and struggle in dangerous situations for the just and peace for her and her family.

Sebastián Rulli as Santiago Márquez

Santiago is the son of Jorge Mancera and Ruiz. He is a man of handsome presence; sturdy and determined; moderate and devoted; loved and acknowledged by the people. When Jorge Mancera acknowledges him as his son providing his name, Santiago changes and his attitude and approaches he communicates with people change a lot.

Daniela Castro as Lisabeta de Salamanca

Lisabeta is the only daughter of Don Timoteo. She lost her vision at the age of 10. She leads a dark life inside her own world and is ill-treated by her father. The only joy in her life is her cousin Ricardo who loves and sympathizes with her. She dreams of getting healthy and revive her eyesight to make out the issue with her father.

Juan Ferrara as Jorge Mancera Y Ruíz

Jorge Mancera is the one who rules and reigns in San Fernando village. As the most influential people with a wide authority, he abuses his power and torments his family. He finds reasonable to tyrannize and oppress people who serve him. He tries to show his power and take advantage of all women in his area but the only woman whom he loves and fascinates is Camila.

Pasión - telenovela

(2007 - 2008) - Fernando Colunga, Susana González


Fernando Colunga ... Ricardo De Salamanca Y Almonte
Susana González ... Camila Darién
Daniela Castro ... Lisabeta De Salamanca
Sebastián Rulli ... Santiago Márquez
Juan Ferrara ... Jorge Mancera Y Ruíz
Rocío Banquells ... Ofelia Márquez
Gabriela Rivero ... Fortunata
José Elías Moreno ... Alberto
Raymundo Capetillo ... Justo
Maty Huitrón ... Francisca
Mariana Karr ... Sofía
Kika Edgar ... Inés
Alberto Estrella ... Mario
Maya Mishalska ... Úrsula
Maité Embil ... Rita
Marcelo Córdoba ... Ascanio
Marisol del Olmo ... Jimena
Anaís ... Manuela
William Levy ... Vasco
Carlos López Estrada ... Claudio
Alejandro Ávila ... Pirata
José Antonio Barón ... Agustín
Antonio Brenan ... Crispín
Jorge Brenan ... Pancho
Chao ... Enrique
Aurora Clavel
Luis Couturier ... Padre Lorenzo
Iliana de la Garza ... Cleotilde
Emoé de la Parra ... Mercedes
Eric del Castillo ... Gaspar
Lorena Enríquez
Alejandro Felipe ... Paco
Martín Ferro ... Mateo
Rocío Gallardo ... Nicéfora
Paco Ibáñez ... Pirata
Rafael Inclán
Toño Infante ... Gonzalo
Joshio ... El Chino
Hugo Macías ... Marselino
Toño Mauri
Xorge Noble ... Bermejo
María Dolores Oliva ... Auxiliadora
Oscar Ortiz de Pinedo ... Salvador
Luis Reynoso ... Pirata
Maya Ricote Rivero ... Tita
Germán Robles ... Timoteo
Rafael Rojas ... Coronel José María de Valencia
Tina Romero
Luis José Santander ... John Foreman
Evelyn Solares ... Ágata
Jorge Trejo ... Angel
Arturo Vázquez ... Pablo
Isela Vega ... La Paisana
Andrés Zuno ... Bernadet

Writing credits
María Zarattini
Guenia Argomedo

Song Pasión
Composed by: Jorge Avendaño
Singing: Sarah Brightman and Fernando Lima

Cinematography by
Alejandro Frutos

Directed by
Mónica Miguel
Karina Duprez

Produced by
Carla Estrada



Adela Noriega, Ludwika Paleta, Alessandra Rosaldo and Silvia Navarro were all considered for the role of Camila

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marty17129  - Pasion   |2009-08-17 15:58:04
Me encanto telenovela, disfrute mucho viendola, me gusto mucho actriz Maya Mishalska, el papel de Ursula estuvo muy divertido y simpatico... Susana Gonzalez tambien me gusto mucho, estuvo muy buena...... Saludos desde Croacia :-)
Rebeca  - Me encantó...!!   |2011-06-01 14:39:52
Tremenda novela, el argumento, época, personajes,ambientación,historia...todo en ella es PERFECTO...!! Yo la he visto mas de 5 veces x youtube, tambien tengo el resumen en dvd y no me canso de volver a verla.ES definitivamente un CLÁSICO de las novelas mundialmente...!!
Jennifer Chacon  - la pasion   |2013-12-16 16:29:16
hola mi nombre es Jennifer Chacon y mi gusta mucho la televenovlea la pason porque susana gonzales y fernando colunga estas muy bonita la novela la pasion mi gusto mucho cunto camila y ricardo estasens en el barko del el Antillano los quiero mucho y soy sz fan numbro uno de Jennifer Chacon
pia  - PASION   |2014-02-16 15:23:57
Donde puedo comprar esta telenovela completa y de excelente calidad.

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