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Pasión Morena

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Pasión morena telenovelaMorena is a young designer. She has studied in New York, she is stylish young woman who takes advantage of all conveniences she has. But she is unhappy in love. She always loves the wrong man. She marries Oscar but soon she finds out he betrays her and it hurts her so much that she comes to decision to travel to the isolated land to stay alone and recover.

Leo is a young man in his late 20s grown up in the tropic jungle by the person who is not his biological father. However, that person brings him up and teaches how to survive in jungles. Leo can read and write, but he rejects any further education. His ignorance makes him hesitant to fall in love and have a family.

Morena arrives to selva Lacandona and gets to know to Leo but they do not benefit from that acquaintance. They are too different and it makes them isolate from each other. She goes to Mexico seeking for her grandfather and she has an offer to work for Sirenio’s business. In the meantime Leo learns that the person who brings him up is not his blood father ad his father is Sirenio. He also travels to Mexico to find the truth and his own family and he meets Morena again at Sireno’s place. She has to teach him how to behave in the city to suit the family policy, and in the soonest time they fall in love with each other.


Paola Núñez as Morena Madrigal

Morena is the main female protagonist. She is a young and stunning woman. She is responsible and very outgoing. She can be proud with her figure and lavish hair that attract men in her neighborhood. She has a model figure. As a designer, she has a perfect taste of style and always looks chic and trendy. In spite of the time spent in New York she is still sensible and vulnerable to hurts caused to her. She has been brought up in Los Angeles and has lived there with her mother, Silvia and Rafael Madrigal who she though to be her father for long years.

She believes in better life with nice people and perfect feelings but she dreams only since she does something wrong up to now.

Víctor González as Leo Hernández

Leo is the main male protagonist. He lost his mother when he was only three. He still suffers from the injury caused to is heart when he lost people he loved. He remembers of Eva who was shot and Leo feels his heart is completely closed for new feelings and strong love any longer. He is incredibly strong and macho man. His whole nature shows the strength and masculine behavior as greatly as his name is associated with the habits of the lion. He looks very charismatic but reserved. He is a wild to strangers but gentle and caring for those he loves. As a giant and strong person, he is a real defender and the one who can solve all problems. He is poorly educated but he is smart enough to learn all aspects of social life easily and gracefully. His heart starts thawing from ice when he meets Morena.

Segundo Cernadas as Oscar Salomón

Oscar Salomón is a successful entrepreneur, bossy and imperious. He is a real conqueror, attractive and sensual to strike women around him. He is well-dressed and very stylish. Taste of style is what classifies him. As any handsome and powerful person, he tends to have young beautiful ladies around to use any time he needs. And thus, he is found with another woman two days before his wedding with Morena. When Morena leaves him, he is hurt but only in view of ambitions. He is going to return Morena and her love more for the sake of pride than love.

Fernando Ciangherotti as Aldo Sirenio

Aldo Sirenio is rather ambitious person, cool-minded, prudent and merciless. His look is heavy as if penetrating inside. Nobody knows what to expect from Aldo when it comes to his business activity and personal goals. He might be the real murderer of Victoria, Leo’s mother, a woman to whom he experienced the strongest feelings but it was unrequired love. He has lived in marriage with Elena for many years, an obedient, modest and average-looking woman, though perfect one to accompany him and do whatever he plans.

Anette Michel as Emilia Rodríguez

Emilia is a young, sensual and provoking woman who behaves differently from occasion to occasion. She can act as a naïve and virgin angel on behalf of Emilia but in other cases she appears as daring, too sexual and challenging as Cassandra. Her ambitions overwhelm her and she lives on deceiving wealthy people for many years to benefit from them. Presently Lucio Sirenio is the victim she seizes and strangle slowly.

María Renée Prudencio as Elena Sirenio

Elena is tender, caring and modest woman devoted to her family only. No personal life, no habits and ambitions. She is too obedient to Aldo, her husband, and she suffers and experiences all curses and lies for the sake of her son, Gustavo. Elena will suffer more when she finds out her husband has a lover, a wife to her brother.

Pasión morena - telenovela

(2009) - Paola Núñez, Víctor González


Paola Núñez ... Morena Madrigal Rueda V. de Salomón
Víctor González ... Leo Hernández / Fernando Sirenio
Ari Telch ... Flavio Sirenio "Llamita
Anette Michel ... Emilia Dumont / Casandra Rodríguez
Fernando Ciangherotti ... Aldo Sirenio
Javier Gómez ... Lucio Sirenio
Segundo Cernadas ... Oscar Salomón
Evangelina Elizondo ... Josefina Sirenio
María Renée Prudencio ... Elena Sirenio
Andrea Noli ... Silvia Rueda
Víctor Huggo Martin ... Roberto Cárdenas
Fernando Sarfatti ... Isaac Salomón
José Alonso ... Adolfo Rueda
Juan Valentín ... Pedro Hernández
Amaranta Ruíz ... Viviana
Erika de la Rosa ... Isela Teran
Lamdba García ... Gustavo Sirenio
María Fernanda Quiroz ... Jazmín
Alejandro Lukini ... Neto Rodriguez
Sergio Bonilla ... Chucho
Martin Navarrete ... Dr. Fernandez
Antonio Gaona ... Ángel
Marcela Guirado ... Georgia Madrigal
Enrique Muñoz ... Julio
Silvia Santoyo ... Luisa
Alberto Guerra ... Ramiro "El Diablo"
Mar Carrera ... Gloria
Flavio Peniche ... "El perro" Salazar
Rolando De La Mora ... "El guero"

Writing credits
Patricia Palmer (original story)
Bethel Flores (adaptation)
Romy Diaz
Susana Pagano
Rodrigo Perez

Song: Desconocido

Song: Pasión Morena
Written by: Samuel
Singing: Samuel C

Song: Pasión Morena
Written by: Samuel
Singing: Olga Tañon

Original music
Juan lopez
Gustavo Gonzalez

Cinematography by
Felipe lopez

Language : Spanish
Country: Mexico

Directed by
Claudio Meilan

Produced by
Jose Solano Rodriguez
Maria del Carmen Marcos R

TV Azteca


Remake of argentinian telenovela "Yago, Pasión Morena" (2001) with Gianella Neyra and Facundo Arana

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sala babatunde hamid  - it my best soap   |2013-06-18 12:46:26
Leo and Chucho is my best
Anonymous   |2013-06-29 13:05:50
I love it but hw can i see the alternative ending
Efunsile Ayotunde  - XO XO ADDICTED!!!   |2013-07-02 13:55:12 xo much in love wit diz movie and plz where can i get d full series i nid it badly....Am living in Nigeria
Ainny  - I passion morena So much!!!   |2013-07-08 19:39:43
Ainny  - passion morena my best movies   |2013-07-09 08:29:48
I Love passion morena So much I can wait to knw what happen infact I use to dream abt it...
mikkie   |2013-07-25 13:51:33
which site can i download the full episodes
Simpson   |2013-07-27 01:44:02
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Seun hafsat  - Pls i want d full series   |2013-08-01 13:34:40
I luv pasion morena so much,its d best eva watchd but due to power failure in lagos,i av nt been able 2 watch.pls i will be happy if i can get d site to download the full series.plssss
mary john  - its da bomb   |2013-08-22 19:28:59
I sooooo love watching passion morena I always pray it don't end cos its interesting.I reside here in lag n its been aired here @ a wrong time,can. Someone. Pls tell me whicch other station shows it in lagos. Cos 1:30pm. Is jus a wrong time for me
hannah  - passion morena   |2013-10-17 07:31:34
It was such a soup. Any repeat of it. Would really appreciate.
Adebayo oluwatosin  - Passion morena   |2014-04-14 17:01:11
I luv passion morena series more than any other movie when am watching the movie i felt i wil alway be lik morena but there some mistake which i felt it not senseful. I know Gutavo i know his rely in love will morena sis but later as the end they broke up and he went in marriage smmi which is bad that make me confuse and felt sorry for morena sis.
b baby  - I love morena so much   |2014-04-17 23:51:08
Pls any other morena films apart from passion morena and forbidden passion pls i will love to buy it
chinyere angel  - morena   |2014-05-28 23:11:42
I would love to know the last episode of the Televista Pasion Morena.

tina   |2014-09-15 12:52:12
I ove pasion morena
chino  - morena   |2014-10-17 08:55:55
I luv morena,her beauty is sooo heavenly! Then leo... d guy is handsom. They mek a fine couple & their acting so real. I dnt mind watching d whole series again!
Lyttle gloria  - Addicted   |2014-10-26 23:29:48
OMG am addicted to this program,,I love it ..# type passion Morena
chris isuku   |2014-11-02 04:19:37
Pls I missed it last nite can some one pls tell me what happened next
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