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Perla telenovela This story happens in Mexico City. Attending a prestigious boarding school, Perla and Julieta Santiago make friends since they find a lot in common. Julieta is a young fickle girl spoilt with conveniences and very soon the major achievement in her life is inheritance of the family fortune, one of the most influential and recognized concerns specializing in cosmetic products manufacture. Once the girls meet an athletic handsome young man named Roberto. Roberto is the heir to one of the biggest cosmetic companies. Both girls feel attracted and they fall in love with him. Roberto knows that and he plays around with Julieta. He does not like her much, though and soon she is left behind pregnant and humiliated.

Shortly after Julieta gives birth to a cute son of her.Julieta lives in a wealthy family though not spoilt with money and she always appreciates her grandfather’s attitude to her. After his death Julia inherited the majority of 40% of the company share. The majority makes her the only owner of the company while the remaining shares belonged to her grandmother and her uncle. Unfortunately, Mercedes, Julieta’s grandmother, hates her and she is greatly disappointed with the will of her late husband.  She would like to own the company by herself. On the way home Julieta has a car accident. Before she dies she asks Perla to take care of her son to which Perla agrees. She also promises to take revenge of Roberto for the hard he did to Julieta and raise her son as her own child, decent and respectful. As it appeared Julieta was sent to the Boarding School as a little child so Perla takes a decision to change places and take her place in her house.


Silvia Navarro as Perla/Julieta
Perla and Julieta are best friends. Julieta is sent to the boarding school as a baby to be raised until she can care of herself alone. They both love a man but Perla yields to feelings of her friend. When Julieta dies Perla takes her place with the final decision to take revenge of Roberto and she gets closer to her mother but she still does not even guess it.

Leonardo Garcia
as Roberto
Roberto is a spoilt with money young man. He is very attractive and expert in women. When he meets Perla he tries all his approaches to conquer her but Perla kept resistant to his charm. When he meets Julieta next day, she is obsessed with him completely. This affair ends in having a baby as a single woman.

Gina Romand as Mercedes
Mercedes is a roung and bossy aged woman who is used to dominate and rule. She is unhappy with the last decision of her husband and her hatred was so strong to kill Julieta. She does not kill her by her own but all her intentions were aginst Julieta with the goal to get the majority in the company shares.

Perla - telenovela

(1998) - Leonardo García , Silvia Navarro


Silvia Navarro .... Perla/Julieta
Leonardo García .... Roberto
Andrés García Jr .... Junior
Gabriela Hassel .... Rosenda
Gina Romand .... Mercedes
Jorge Lavat .... César
Rodolfo Arias .... Pablo
Roberto Medina .... Octavio
Irma Infante .... Patricia
Miguel Couturier .... Alberto
Mauricio Ferrari .... Enrique
Carmen Areu .... Otilia
Rodrigo Cachero .... Alexis
José Ramón Escoriza .... Felipe
Karla Llanos .... Julieta
Cristina Alatorre .... Jazmín
Ninel Conde
Gerardo Acuña .... Bernardo
Víctor González .... Hugo
Eugenio Montessoro .... Julio Alcántara
Vanessa Acosta .... Gina
Simone Victoria .... Toña
Lucía Muñoz .... Adriana
María Rebeca .... Matilde
Daniela Garmendia .... Josefina
Javier Guerrero .... Médico
Dieter Koll .... Marco
Miguel Manzano Jr. .... Germán
Socorro Miranda .... Mónica
Roberto Carrera .... Hector
Eduardo Muñoz .... Enriquito
Flavio Peniche .... Evaro
Palmira Pérez .... Mariana
Ana María Rebell .... Rosa
Karla Rico .... Recepcionista
Maribel Rodríguez .... Cristina
Paloma Woolrich .... Miss Eugenia
Betty Monroe
Mark Tacher

Writing credits
Enrique Torres (original story)
Gina Basurto (adaptation)
Nayelli Oslo (script)
Carlos Diez (script)

Song: Prohibido
Written and Performed by Octavio Cruz

Original music by
Federico Chavez

Art Director
Humberto Figueroa

Production manager
Elizabeth Huerta

Production co-ordinator
Yolanda Bolivar Sánchez

Directed by
Antulio Jiménez Pons
Elisa Salinas
Juan David Burns

Produced by
José Ambris (executive producer)
José Manuel Castellanos (associated producer)

TV Azteca


"Perla" is a remake of telenovela "Perla Negra" (Argentina, Sonotex, 1994) with Andrea del Boca and Gabriel Corrado.
The Brazilian version of "Perla" is telenovela "Pérola negra" (1998, SBT) with Patricia de Sabrit and Dalton Vigh.

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Maria Douzeni  - I would like to have this telenovela   |2011-07-17 11:06:18
Is there any way to get this telenovela? I have seen this series at tv but the channel has stopped. Thank you very much
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