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Picara Soñadora, La

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La Picara Soñadora telenovela Lupita is young and pretty and studies law. Although her future seems bright, for the moment she is penniless - and that's why she lives in the Sares department store, where she works by day as a salesgirl in the toy department and her uncle works by night as the security guard. Everything she "borrows" from the store to live on, she writes down in a little book so that she can repay it when she finishes her studies. She has it all planned. But one day, she meets a guy outside the office of the owner of the department store. She thinks he is there to apply for a job, and Alfredo decides to play along. Although the owner is his father, he uses the name of his best friend, pretends to be poor and arranges for himself to get a job there in order to chase that cute Lupita. Alfredo has always been a lazy bum and a flirt, and to him, this is all a game. But soon the game turns serious when he realizes that he's falling in love with her and the secrets they both keep are standing in the way.

La Picara Soñadora - telenovela

(1991) - Eduardo Palomo , Mariana Levy


Mariana Levy .... Lupita López
Eduardo Palomo .... Alfredo Rochild/Carlos Pérez
Rafael Inclán .... Camilo
Irán Eory .... Doña Marcelina de Rochild
Gabriela Goldsmith .... Gladys de Rochild
Laura Flores .... Monica (#1)
Lola Meriño .... Monica (#2)
Angélica Rivera .... Giovanna
Roberto Vander .... Gregorio Rochild
Elizabeth Aguilar .... Lucía
Roberto Ballesteros .... Molina
Ricardo Cortez .... Pietro Carini
Claudia Ramírez .... Rosa
Fernando Ciangherotti .... Federico
Alfredo Alegría .... Benitez
Alejandro Aragón .... Osvaldo
Alexis Ayala .... Carlos Pérez
Karen Senties .... Laura
Adrian Ramos .... Tellez
Odiseo Bichir .... Ignacio
Roberto Huicoechea .... Colin
Angélica Arvizu .... Delfina
Beatriz Ornelas .... Dora
Dacia Arcaráz .... Susana
Silvia Campos .... Barbara
Dina de Marco .... Bertha
Gerardo Gonzalez .... Gomez
Bertha del Castillo ... Angela
Antonio De Carlo .... Garrido
Diana Golden .... Elvira
Nicky Mondellini .... Gina
Roberto Mateos .... Florencio
Irlanda Mora .... Leonor Carini
Armando Palomo .... José
Jorge Pascual Rubio .... Domingo
Roxana Saucedo .... Olivia
Juan Carlos Casasola
Mónika Sánchez
Ariel López Padilla
Mário del Río
Rebeca Manríquez
Rafael Velasco
Rafael del Villar
Luis Guillermo Martell .... Pollito
Marisol Centeno .... Nena
Ariel Baldani
Itatí Cantoral
Marcial Casale
Eva Garbo
Ella Laboriel ... Toña
Claudia Ortega .... Agustina
Héctor Parra
Roberto Porter
Sussan Taunton
Alejandro Treviño
Erika Lobo
Claudio Baez
Nubia Marti
Maleny Morales
Francis Ondiviela
David Ostrosky
Miguel Priego
Rocio Sobrado
Rodrigo Zurita

Writing credits
Abel Santa Cruz (original story)
Andrea Fernández (adaptation)
Dolores Ortega (script editor)
Valeria Phillips (version)

Song: "La Picara Soñadora"
Singing: Mariana Levy

Original music
Carlos Vertiz Pani
Héctor Ruiz

Set Decoration
Raul Leal Cornejo

Production manager
Antonio Guizar

Chief of production
Federico Alarcon

Production co-ordinator
Nicandro Diaz

Cinematography by
Alejandro Frutos

Directed by
Raquel Parot

Produced by
Valentin Pimstein
Salvador Mejía (associate producer)
Verónica Pimstein (associate producer)



"La Picara Soñadora" is a remake of telenovela "La Picara Soñadora" (Argentina,1968) with Evangelina Salazar
The Brazilian version of "La Picara Soñadora" is telenovela "A picara sonhadora" (2001, SBT) with Bianca Rinaldi (la Pícara) and Petronio Gontijo.
The further remake of "La Picara Soñadora" is mexican telenovela "Sueños y caramelos" (2005) with Nashla Aguilar, Luciano Corigliano

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