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Pobre Clara

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The family Escobedo consists of the widow Mercedes and three children: Francisco, Roberto and Clara. Clara is the illegitimate daughter of the deceased Jose Francisco, Mercedes had to accept her in the past. Only Francisco knows Clara's secret and they hate and treat her bad. They are guilty of Jose Francisco's death, but they unjustly put the blame on Clara. Clara is 35, good, shy, awkward, but she is dominated and terrorized by her mother. Francisco is married unhappily to a jealous and alcoholic woman and they have a daughter Susana. Roberto is married to an ambitious and conflictive woman and they have a little son: Lucas. He has a secret son with one maid of the house but he don't know that he's his son. Their marriages are unhappy.

The only ones who love Clara are: Aunt Emilia, nephew Susana, a family friend and the service staff. During the voyage to Europe (Florence, Venice, Rome), while Susana falls in love with a wrong man (Oscar), Clara meets and falls in love with Doctor Cristian De la Huerta. With his love, he succeeds in transforming her: she acquires more trust, she fights her childish fears, she exploits her look. At Clara's return, her family is very surprised and doesn't accept her change. Mercedes and Francisco try to impede her marriage. Then a set of negative facts: Christian is sewed for his patient's death, Cristian housekeeper's hostility towards Clara and Clara's brain surgery. In reality the housekeeper is Mirta's sister (the first wife of Cristian, believed to be dead) and she hates Clara: she tries to piss her off. After the surgery Clara has a mind regression and she looses the memory as well. Then Francisco and Roberto's wives divorce them. At final: Mercedes will became mad, Francisco will be imprisoned for tricks and harm, Mirta will suicide and Clara will recover, become pregnant and she will be happy with Cristian.

Pobre Clara - telenovela

(1975) - Celia Castro, Julio Alemán


Celia Castro .... Clara Escobedo
Julio Alemán .... Dr. Cristian de la Huerta
María Teresa Rivas .... Doña Mercedes Escobedo
Carlos Bracho .... Francisco Escobedo
Ana Luisa Peluffo ... Lucia
Andrea Palma .... Doña Beatriz
Alicia Montoya .... Tía Emilia
Gregorio Casal .... René
Alfredo Leal .... Arturo
Carmen Salas .... Clarita Lozano
Isabela Corona .... Nieves
Bárbara Gil .... Mary
Alma Muriel .... Susana
Julio Monterde .... Oscar
Alan Conrad .... Gerente
Miguel Suárez .... Alfaro
Mauricio Ferrari .... Roberto
Hernan Guido .... Edy
Marcela López Rey .... Liliana
Estela Chacón .... Ana María Lozano
Luz Adriana .... Juanita
Rosángela Balbó .... Lourdes
Héctor Andremar
David Estuardo
Leonardo Daniel
Carlos Becerril

Writing credits
Estela Calderón (original story)
Carmen Daniels (adaptation)

Cinematography by
Miguel Angel Herros

Directed by
Miguel Angel Herros

Produced by
Valentin Pimstein



Further remakes of "Pobre Clara" are:
1 version: telenovela "Pobre Clara" (1984, Argentina) with Alicia Bruzzo and Germán Kraus
2 version: telenovela "Dulce Ana" (1995, Argentina, Telearte) with Patricia Palmer and Orlando Carrió
3 version: telenovela "Pobre niña rica"

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