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Pobre Diabla

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Pobre Diabla telenovelaDaniela (called La Diabla) and Santiago meet accidentally and immediately fall in love with each other. She is an insurgent and fighter by nature, who was grown up in one of the poorest districts of the city, while He is a son of millionaire – a young undecided man who doesn’t know what he’s going to do in his life. The way of love is full of difficulties and barriers as Santiago’s family is against their relations not only because of social status difference but because of the tragedy happened in the past.

Twenty years ago Daniela’s mother was cruelly murdered because of Santiago’s father. In spite of all barriers and obstacles Daniela marries Santiago. But Santiago’s ex-girlfriend is not collapsed after the wedding of two young people. She does her best to destroy this marriage and she manages to do this after all. Santiago leaves Daniela for USA. But Daniela is not alone – she is pregnant from Santiago. She bears twins even without husband for Santiago to know what a cruel mistake him to do.


Alejandra Lazcano as Daniela (La Diabla)

Daniela has been raised in the poor family from the poor district. In spite of ill life condition, she is generous and kind; she is number one person to fight for people’s rights and justice. She is very practical in spite of her romantic nature. She is sociable and she easily makes friends. Though she does not come from wealthy family, she aspires to give a hand to the one in need. 

Claudia Álvarez as Santa

Santa is a very beautiful and sensitive woman. She falls in love with Santiago and makes Daniela’s live the hell. She comes from the wealthy group of society and she despises the ones who are poor and ill. She meets all challenges in her life whether they are difficult or not.

Cristobal Lander as Santiago

Santiago is the man of principles and once he refuses from Daniela, it takes him time and too many efforts to realize she is the one he needs. In the meantime he tends to suffer and live without his love.

Rafael Sánchez Navarro as Horacio

Too wicked and very ambitious man. Since the day when Daniela’s mother died, he has never loved a one but money. He has stolen everything he possesses from Diego Altamirano and he has been living in fear that one day Diego will take revenge of him for everything he owns today. He wants his children possess everything they wish in this world. He is cruel and prudent to face only fear that seizes him gradually.

Armando Torres as Tony

Tony is Santiago’s brother. He is handsome, charming and a lover of women and love affairs. However, wealth is far more important for him than pure love. He also loves Daniela but he knows she will not be his lady. 

Leonardo Daniel as Diego

Diego is a very rich person who lives a lavish live in the beginning of the story. After he was let down by Horacio, he turns to be very prudent and cold-hearted. Nobody knows what is going on deeply inside him. He has been losing hopes to find his daughter. He makes his kind heart sleep but when he sees injustice he shows some power and wish to help the vulnerable.

Pobre Diabla - telenovela

(2009) - Alejandra Lazcano, Cristobal Lander


Alejandra Lazcano ... Daniela
Claudia Álvarez ... Santa
Cristobal Lander ... Santiago
Gabriela Roel
Rafael Sánchez Navarro
Leonardo Daniel
Claudia Álvarez
Alejandra Maldonado
Wendy De los Cobos
María Rebeca
Carla Carrillo
Elvira Monsell
Alan Ciangherotti
Armando Torrea
Pía Watson
Gina Morett
René Campero
Hugo Catalán
Juan Martín Del Campo
Luis Ferrer
Abel Fernando
Carlos Álvarez
Julia Inés Calzada
Alma Moreno

Writing credits
Carlos Romero (original story)
Adriana Hemmeken
Guadalupe Obón
Jose Luis Herrera
Mauricio Somuan
Victoria Zarattini

Song: Pobre diabla
Written by:
Singing: Fabiola Rodas

Language : Spanish
Country: Mexico

Directed by
Martín Barraza
Fabián Corres

Produced by
Fides Velasco

TV Azteca
Venevisión Internacional


Remake of venezuelan telenovela "Cara sucia" (1992) with Sonya Smith and Guillermo Davila

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marie  - daniela et santiago   |2011-08-30 18:40:53
salut je voulais savoir sur quel site je peux regarder ce telenovela en francais merci de me repondre
MUMANI W BENAZIR  - plot summary of pobre diabla in english   |2012-02-02 11:12:10
i wish to know how the soap ends
Chidinma  - Iwatched it   |2013-07-17 19:58:35
It ended happily
Tonma  - Miss   |2012-02-22 00:26:58
I love Daniela..I'd like 2 know how it ends..
hani hms  - pobre diabla daniela DVD   |2012-03-18 17:08:22
really love this story...anyone who knows where i can buy this dvd story with english subtitles
Shine  - Full story   |2012-07-09 09:37:22
Pls can someone tell hw d story end
Vanessa Acheampong   |2012-08-24 18:39:07
How did this soap end
Jimi  - Mr   |2012-09-04 13:19:23
This story is ok in the early part ... Then becomes slow and boring... Sometimes it seems that the scriptwriter was trying to show that all the characters are stupid... You already know the end but they try to drag it long just to Make it 215 episode ...
akosua jonah  - daniela   |2012-10-08 21:51:12
i love it .I've never watched anything so fantastic like daniela
C.K( KAL-EL)  - DANIELA   |2012-10-29 10:56:32
It was very interesting.
just d way i like it
Anonymous   |2012-11-16 10:58:33
Great work,
Tnx for that

Augustin B, DRC, North Kivu
Bukky odunlami   |2012-11-18 08:13:05
i love dis soap. Really want to knw hw horacio wil be destroyed. I love it
adeniyi ismail   |2013-04-06 13:26:19
Really a movie like d rich also cry.. Wud want to follow it till d end .. I hope bukky odun can put me on track on any episode I v missed
Anonymous  - Daniela   |2012-12-12 07:40:37
Luv the proigramme,want to know how it end
Diana   |2012-12-18 00:58:13
I love this prog. Plz i want to know how it will end.
a2zed  - pobre diabla   |2013-01-30 08:54:54
pls where can i read the full story of pobre diabla(daniella)
Fatty Ama  - Pobre diabla   |2013-02-10 06:22:41
I really want to know what happened to daniela when she and the kids had the accident.
Augustina Ignatius  - Pobre Diabla   |2013-02-23 20:16:38
Hw did it end, i'm so anxious
Olamide jerry   |2013-02-26 13:35:34
. Pls can u post a link on how and whereto read the whole story about daniela?
theo walcott  - nice soap there.   |2013-03-07 21:04:52
what happened to paulusah?
daniella  - want to know how it will end   |2013-05-14 03:19:50
love the movie so so much
Edna Victor   |2013-06-12 14:12:49
I love all the characters, especially that of diego(Daniela's father). Keep it up man.
messi  - daniela   |2013-07-23 16:35:31
this story is ended at daniela marring santiago
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