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Por Derecho de Sangre

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Derecho de Sangre telenovelaWhen Carlos Larios has become privy to the secret which his wife Catalina Creel has concealed for many years that she is not blind in one eye (for which she has blamed Jose Carlos and has made him feel guilty), he informs her, that he intends to expose her and change his will. To protect such a secret and to stop her husband from changing the will, she gives him a poisoned drink. Carlos drives off to work and on the way he suffers a fatal heart attack and dies. His vehicle crashes into the office building where Leonora Navarro works. Leonora contacts Larios' son Alejandro and informs him what happened.

In the will Larios stipulates that whichever of his sons - Jose Carlos or Alejandro - produces an heir first shall inherit control of the pharmacy company Lar-Creel and its fortune. Catalina hopes that Alejandro and his wifeVilma are the first to have a child and at the same time incriminates Jose a crime she has committed and Jose is imprisoned.

Alejandro knows that Vilma is sterile and, being fully aware of his mother’s character, he knows that she will force him to divorce Vilma. He loves Vilma and decides to contact Leonora for help and reach an agreement. While having Vilma fake a pregnancy, Leonora becomes pregnant from him. When Catalina discovers Vilma's fake pregnancy, Alejandro reveals his plan. Catalina wants Alejandro to "marry" Leonora with the intention of taking the child once it's born. Catalina hides Leonora during her pregnancy and leaves her in the care of Dr. Zindel and Rosalia. Once the baby is born, Catalina orders Dr. Zindel to kill Leonora. Rosalia is the one to do the task, but fails: Leonora escapes into the night. A woman picks up her and drives her to the place where she receives medical attention. When Jose Carlos has been released from jail, Leonora marries him to get into the Larios' house and find her son.

Bertha Moscoso, Catalina's secretary, has found herself at the same clinic where Leonora once stayed. Dr. Zindel tries to rape her, but Rosalia burns the clinic down and goes to Catalina  to demand help. Catalina instead of helping her frames Rosalia for her crimes by dressing her in the disguise she used for her murders. Bertha later shows up, also in disguise, to avenge Larios. She informs the police of all the crimes that she believes they have committed.

Alejandro discovers that her mother killed his father and it destroys him emotionally. Events take a turn for the worse when Vilma gets cancer. Vilma gives Leonora's son back to her. Alejandro prepares to fly Vilma to a medical facility in search of a treatment to help her in her illness, but Catalina, believing Jose Carlos and Leonora were going to fly, uses her influence to explode the plane in mid-flight. Catalina receives news that her son is dead, when the police are narrowing in on Catalina. Her evil has led her to destroy what she loved most of all her son "Alejandro." Also, her crimes are exposed and she is not willing to go to jail. She dresses in the blond wig and overcoat she used to commit her crimes: she takes at once a special drink that she has prepared to end her existence.


Danna García as Leonora Navarro

Leonora is a young and gentle young woman working in the office. She is very beautiful with the perfect looks to attract every man. She has good relations with Carlos Larios and his sons so when Carlos had a heart attack, Eleonora addresses to one of his sons, Alejandro. She is too trustful to believe good attitude and plesant words and she cannot help confronting Alejandro when he gets closer to her. Soon she gets pregnant but she is deceived and hurt to the deepes of her heart. With the lapse of time she gets a little bit stronger, determined and she is obsessed with the idea to take revenge upon Alejandro and have her baby back.

Rebecca Jones as Catalina Creel

Catalina Creel is the main villlain and the one who manipulates and arranges events. She is too selfish and egocentric for she blames her son for her blindness to one eye, though she is lying: she is healthy and can see well with both eyes. It is one of her tricks to take holds of Jose Carlos. She easily kills her husband just to get the fortune and she encourages her son Alejandro to behave in the way when people around get manipulated by them for the sake of getting wealthier. She is tall and elegant woman in her late 40s. She cares of herself and knows the way to look elegant and neat. Even the patch of silver fabric onto her eye makes her special.

William Levy as Alejandro Larios Creel

Alejandro is a very handsome man; one of two sons to Carlos. He is tall and very masculine. He loves his wife, Vilma, a lot and he is ready to make a sin and hurt the other woman for the sake of his personal happiness. So, he kidnaps a baby of him and Leonora’s to prove he produces an heir to dispose assets. He is mean and ambitious and he is not used to work hard to earn money.


Por Derecho de Sangre - telenovela

(2011) - Danna García, Rebecca Jones, William Levy


Danna García
Rebecca Jones ... Deborah Crissan
William Levy ... Alejandro Larios Creel
Irán Castillo
Dominika Paleta
Sergio Sendel
Rafael Amaya
Manuel Ojeda

Writing credits
Carlos Olmos (original story)

Song: Por Derecho de Sangre
Written by:

Original music

Cinematography by

Language : Spanish
Country: Mexico

Directed by
Carlos García Agraz

Produced by
Salvador Mejía



Remake of mexican telenovela "Cuna de Lobos" (1986) with Alejandro Camacho, Rebecca Jones

There is a version of "Cuna de lobos" produced in Spain (2002), called "La Verdad de Laura", with Mónica Estarreado, Mariano Alameda and Mirtha Ibarra.

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Dina Graves  - Cuna de Lobos 2010   |2010-06-15 17:35:30
When will Televisa start showing the novela with William Levy...?
Anonymous  - re: Cuna de Lobos 2010   |2010-12-09 00:51:27
Dina Graves wrote:
When will Televisa start showing the novela with William Levy...?
Soon dear!!
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