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Por Ella Soy Eva

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Por ella soy Eva telenovelaJuan Carlos Caballero Mistral is the good womanizer. He takes the top management position at the leading company dealing in Business Tourism. Manipulating women based on his looks and charm he makes the scheme to do harm to Helena Moreno Romero pretending he is the foreign investor and partner. Unfortunately, he falls in love with her and so does she. In the meantime, his life cracks when his colleague, the financial manager, ambitious and prudent person, reveals the facts that Juan Carlos is the one to steal the business project developed by Helena. 

He is chased by the police for the fraud but he is not ready to live under the other name till the end of his life. As a result, Juan Carlos has nothing to do but falsify his own death and revive as a woman, Eva Maria. His best friend, Mimí de la Rose, helps him to turn into a beautiful widow. Helena is about to offer her own project again looking for the good assistant. Soon Eva gets employed to the same company as Helena’s personal assistant. It is not his only goal – Juan Carlos has to reveal schemes initiated by the financial director to clear his status and get his love back.


Lucero as Helena Moreno Romero
Helena Moreno Romero  is the bachelor of Business Tourism Administration. She is smart, beautiful, and a loving mother who devotes herself to her work. Helena has to restrain her willing to get independent to keep living in her parental house. Her father is very austere and hard-minded person.

She does not prioritize love. She is bold and decisive but she does not want to be hurt or her child to become attached to a man. Her emotional background is kept tightly until she meets Juan Peron. She falls in love with him overcoming all psychological barriers and struggling her opponents. She suddenly finds out that Juan Peron and Juan Carlos are the one person. The person who dares to play on her emotions being out of business competition and she considers it as double betrayal. After she feels disaapointed she seeks for strength to revive and become professionally cruel.

Jaime Camil as Juan Carlos Caballero
Juan Carlos Caballero studied Business Administration and Business Tourism. He is successful and effective manager, competitive and able to neglect some ethical norm when necessary to gain his goals. For instance, he is ready to get the insider information in exchange for the love sake.
He is known as the faithful, generous and kind. He is the prototype of Don Juan – attractive, athletic, manly, elegant and with the great credit of love and trust for and from women. No single woman can resist him.

He decides to step over Helena with his own project and falls in love with Helena. Later he is accused of the fraud and seeking justice he decides to cause his death and revive as Eva, the widow. He learns that Helena is looking for the assistant for her project and gets the job to be next to a woman he loves and clear his legal status.

Mariana Seoane
as Rebecca Oropeza
Rebecca is the Public Relations Officer. She has thousands of contacts on hand and she is in know what and how happens on all levels of the company. She is cynic, ambitious and pretending to live luxury.  She is very sexual and attractive though from inside she is funny and friendly.
She seduces men very easily to get another social status. She strives to have a vote in the company and keep on living a lavish and lewd life.

Jesús Ochoa as Adriano Reyes
Adriano is the stockholder at the company and CEO. He is seductive, noble, generous and serious. He has the heart of the knight from Middle Ages. He loves to be surrounded by beautiful women. He gets greatly disaapointed when he finds out that Juan Carlos deceived him. It really hurts him.
Adriano is a great master of allurement causing gloat from men and desire from women. When he meets Eva he feels great attraction and begins winning her heart.

Por ella soy Eva - telenovela

(2012) - Lucero, Jaime Camil


Lucero ... Helena Moreno Romero
Jaime Camil ... Juan Carlos Caballero Mistral / Fake Eva María León Jaramillo viuda de Zuloaga
Mariana Seoane ... Rebecca Oropeza
Marcelo Córdoba ... Plutarco Ramos Arrieta
Ferdinando Valencia ... Renato camargo
Patricia Navidad ... Mimí de la Rose
Helena Rojo ... Eugenia Mistral de Caballero
Leticia Perdigón ... Silvia Romero de Moreno
Manuel Ojeda ... Eduardo Moreno
Carlos Bracho ... Modesto Caballero
Jesús Ochoa ... Adriano Reyes
Carlos de la Mota ... Santiago Escudero
Pablo Valentín ... Fernando Contreras
Tiaré Scanda ... Marcela de Contreras
Luis Manuel Avila ... Onésimo Garza
Susana Zabaleta ... Eva María León Jaramillo viuda de Zuloaga
Gabriela Zamora ... Angélica Ortega
Christina Pastor ... Antonia Reyes de Ramos
Dalilah Polanco ... Lucia Zarate
Gerladine Galván ... Jennifer Contreras
Daniel Díaz de León ... Kevin Contreras
Nikolas Caballero ... Eduardo "Lalito" Moreno
Priscila Avellaneda ... Vero
Ivonne Garza ... Cindy
Marisol Castillo ... Jaqueline

Writing credits
Elkin Ospina (original story)
Fernán Rivera (original story)
Juan Carlos Troncoso (original story)
Pedro Armando Rodríguez (adaptation)
Alejandra Romero M. (adaptation)
Humberto Robles de León (adaptation)

Song: Por ella soy Eva
Written by:
Singing: Jaime Camil

Song: No me Dejes ir
Written by:
Singing: Lucero

Original music

Cinematography by
Daniel Ferrer
Alejandro Álvarez

Language : Spanish
Country: Mexico

Directed by
Benjamín Cann

Produced by
Rosy Ocampo
Eduardo Meza
María Alba Espinosa



Remake of colombian telenovela "En los tacones de Eva"


¿Cómo detienes un remolino
y esquivas cada trampa del destino?
¿Cómo conviertes en luz las pesadillas
y pones a tus miedos de rodillas?

¿Cómo es que vuelas aún contra corriente
y brillas única entre tanta gente?
Mi amor te sigue veloz como el sonido,
despierta el sueño que creí perdido.

Es muy difícil de explicar,
tuve que vivir en otra piel
para saber que eres mi lugar...

Porque Por ella soy Eva,
cada paso es una prueba,
este corazón se eleva
y ya no quiere aterrizar.

Porque por ella soy Eva,
cruzo el límite del viento,
crece inmenso lo que siento
y tengo un buen presentimiento
sé que pronto me amarás.

Y que el pasado es irrelevante,
que la distancia es un error gigante
y dame un beso que cause un terremoto
dibuja puentes en mi cielo roto.

Quiero tatuarme tus huellas digitales,
desordenar los puntos cardinales,
ganarle al tiempo, seguir tus huellas,
beber de golpe todas las estrellas.

Es muy difícil de explicar
tuve que vivir en otra piel
para saber que eres mi lugar


Sé que no lo imaginé,
este amor es todo lo que soy y seré,
no hay antes ni después.

CORO (2 veces)

Yo sé que...
yo sé que...
yo sé que pronto me amarás.

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