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Por Ti

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Por Ti telenovelaMaria is a beautiful, brave and noble young woman. Among the workers of "The Rosaleda", a plantation of the Cortés family, she has been distinguished as a natural leader, always eager to help the others. Her life has been happy, until she found herself trapped in the whirlwind of ambition and low passions that surrounded the sudden and mysterious death of the patriarch of the plantation. In a single day, Maria loses everything that was representing her life and she learns that love tastes bitter.


Andrea Noli as Andrea Montalbán
Andrea Montalbán is a beautiful woman. She is a successful commercial director with independent, strong and liberal personality. On the other hand, she is selfish, fickle and too ambitious. She loves Marco Antonio though she admits that he is attracted to her wealth not her.

Leonardo García as Antonio Cortés
Antonio Cortés is an attractive and mild man. He is an engineer majoring in energy supply control systems. He is intended to find the system to provide pure low-consumption energy for the population. He is a day-dreamer, though.

Regina Torné as Francisca Orozco
Francisca is the widow of Cortes. She looks very attractive. She is well-cared, but looks too cruel and merciless. Francisca is used to swim in luxury. She symbolizes the class of aristocrats. She is ready to conceal all deeds of her son to help him attain his goals in every step.

Tamara Monserrat as Helena Cortés
Helena is a sportswoman. She is the champion in kickboxing. She lives with the thought that she is guilty in the accident which results in incapability of her boyfriend. She hates the idea to live with the person in the wheel-chair but she cannot leave him.

Francisco de la O as César Cortés
Julio César Cortés is tall and thin. He dresses very well. He is the real evil. Unlike his brother he has nothing against spoiling natural resources to benefit from it.

Ana de la Reguera as María Aldana
María is beautiful in her looks and thoughts. She is a born leader. She loves her mother and honors her family first. She uses her common sense and will to confront injustice.

Por Ti - telenovela

(2002) - Ana de la Reguera, Leonardo García


Ana de la Reguera .... María
Leonardo García .... Antonio
Francisco de la O .... César
Vanessa Ciangherotti .... Paola
Andrea Noli .... Andrea
Gloria Peralta .... Julieta
Xavier Massimi .... Omar
Mariana Torres .... Marisol
Rodrigo Cachero .... Luis
Tamara Monserrat .... Helena
Luis Felipe Tovar .... Coronado
Claudia Islas .... Virginia
Fernando Becerril .... Arturo
Regina Torné .... Francisca
Angélica Aragón

Héctor Arredondo .... Franco

Writing credits
Ligia Lezama (original story)
Vittoria Zarattini (adaptation)
Jose Luis Durán (adaptation)

Song "Doy la vida por un beso"
Singing: Zezé di Camargo and Luciano

Song: Y llegaste tu
Singing: Sin Bandera

Production manager
Emilia Lamothe

Cinematography by
Luis Servando Reyes

Directed by
Martín Barraza

Produced by
Fider Velasco
Rafael Gutiérrez (executive producer)

TV Azteca


"Por ti" is a remake of:
1 version: telenovela "Pasiones" (1988, Argentina) with Grecia Colmenares and Raúl Taibo
2 version: telenovela "Con todo el alma"

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dijamant   |2008-10-20 22:57:44
the telenovelas por ti i very like this telenovelas bay bay
ergona hysenaj  - per ty   |2009-10-14 15:17:59
por ti es el telenovela mas bueno de todos que estan en el 2007-8
leonardo y ana queria que estaran huntos en el verdaderomunso porque estan el uno para el otro
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