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Por Un Beso

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Por Un Beso telenovela Blanca Garza is a beautiful singer. Her boyfriend, Mariano Díaz de León, is a famous architect, she loves him, but doesn't know that he has been lying to her all the time and he is married and has 2 sons. Julio, the childhood friend of Mariano's wife came to visit her after he inherited a lot of money from his father. He meets Blanca and falls in love her. Meanwhile, Blanca discovers that Mariano is married, brakes up with him and starts going out with Julio, finally falling in love with him.

They get happily married and are expecting a baby. Mariano is furious and wants a revenge. He convinces Julio to invest all his money in a construction with the illegal endorsements, but Julio is not aware about it. There is an accident at the construction and one worker dies. The police is after Julio, as the construction is in his name, he confronts Mariano's partner about this illegal construction and during the fight between them Mariano's partner falls out of the window and dies. Though it was an accident, but Julio was sent to prison for many years, as Mariano declares against him and also finds him the worst attorney he possibly can. After Blanca gives birth to a baby girl, Azucena, Mariano visits her in the hospital, and she realizes that it was all his fault.

The villain chokes her, saying "if you are not going to be mine, you are going to be nobody's". Blanca dies. Mariano gives money to a personal assistant of Blanca so she disappears with a newborn baby. Twenty years later Azucena turns into a beautiful girl, looking exactly like her mother. She has no idea that her father is alive and he is in jail, she thinks he is dead. She meets Mariano's son, Daniel, and they fall in love. But soon Julio gets out of the jail, finds his daughter, Mariano finds out that Daniel is in love with the daughter of his worst enemy and the endless hatred and revenge between 2 families continues.

Por Un Beso - telenovela

(2000) - Natalia Esperón, Víctor Noriega


Natalia Esperón .... Blanca Garza / Azucena Garza - main heroine and her mother
Víctor Noriega .... Daniel Diaz de Leon - main hero
Enrique Rocha .... Mariano Diaz de Leon - father of Daniel and David, villain
Otto Sirgo .... Julio Otero - father of Azucena and husband of Blanca
Lourdes Munguía .... Prudencia Aguilar - mother of Agustín
Mercedes Molto .... Mirna Ballesteros - in love with Daniel, villain
Luz Elena González .... Rita Ornales Jiminez - friend of Azucena and in love with David
Alejandra Meyer .... Mica Ornales - raised up Azucena and mother of Neto
Óscar Morelli .... Don Clemente Fuentes - suitor of Azucena
Luz María Jerez .... Fernanda Diaz de Leon - mother of Daniel and David
Felicia Mercado .... Eugenia Ballesteros - mother of Mirna
Carlos Monden .... Ignacio Ballesteros - father of Mirna
Melba Luna .... Yolanda
Héctor Cruz .... Det. Romero Gil
Gerardo Albarrán .... Samuel - boyfriend of Rita, villain
Gustavo Rojo .... Lic. Guillen
Alicia Fahr .... Gloria
Patricio Castillo .... El Padrino
Irán Eory .... Carmen - rented a room to Augustin
Raúl Magaña .... David Diaz de Leon - brother of Daniel and in love with Rita
Jorge Poza .... Agustín Aguilar - son of Prudencia and in love with Azucena
Benjamin Rivero .... El Duende
Condorito Jr. .... Juan
Giovan D'Angelo .... Ricardo - lover of Eugenia
Vilma Sotomayor .... Sonia
Margarita Magaña .... Loreta Mendiola - in love with Agustín
Julio Mannino .... Neto - son of Mica and in love with Rita
Juan Carlos Bonet .... Mariano (young)
Ernesto Godoy .... Julio (young)
Dominika Paleta .... Fernanda (young)
Mauricio Aspe .... Felix - helping Mariano
Arlette Pacheco .... Malena
Alejandra Barros .... Thelma - hired to impersonate Azucena
Elizabeth Aguilar .... Sra. Encino
Polly .... Mica (young)
Oscar Traven .... Efraín
Guillermo Aguilar .... Dr. Guízar
Jordi Landeta .... Daniel (child)
Ximena Adriana .... Azucena (child)
Jorge Trejo .... Neto (child)
Pablo Alejandro Byrne .... Agustín (child)
Mario Carballido
Jose Antonio Estrada
Carmelita Gonzalez .... Elodia
Alfonso Iturralde .... Octavio Mendiola
Susana Lozano .... Abigail
Mario Ivan Martinez .... Francesco
Ramon Menendez .... Dr. Lavat
Ricky Mergold .... El Chicles
Marcelo Molina .... Gustavo
Mariano Molina .... Jesus Garza
Ivonne Montero
Maleni Morales .... Constanza Hidalgo
Hilda Najera
Gustavo Negrete .... Antonio Quintana
Alejandra Obregon .... Katy
Baltazar Oviedo
Lourdes Reyes .... Estela Hidalgo
Vicky Rodel
Polo Salazar ... M.P. Carranza
Roxana Saucedo .... Lucia
Irma Torres .... Leonora
Ricardo Vera .... Alfonso
Yaldha Victoria
Rafael del Villar .... Felix
Esteban Franco

Writing credits
Inés Rodena (original story)
Gabriela Ortigoza (free version)
Juan Carlos Tejeda (script)

Song: Por un beso
Written by Rubén Blades
Singing: Gloria Estefan

Dialogue Director
Gustavo Rojo

Production manager
Arturo Guizar

Chief of production
Olga Rodriguez
Sonia Perez (on location)

Production co-ordinator
J.Ignacio Alarcon

Cinematography by
Lino Adrian
Gama Esquinca
Gilberto Macín

Directed by
Alfredo Gurrola

Produced by
Maria de Jesus Arellano M. (associated producer)
Angelli Nesma Medina



"Por un beso" is a remake of:
1 version: telenovela "La Gata"
2 version: telenovela "La Fiera"
3 version: telenovela "Cara sucia" (1993, Venezuela, Venevision) with Sonya Smith and Guillermo Davila
4 version: telenovela "Sueño de amor"
There is also a Venezuelan version "Muñeca de trapo" (Venevision, 2000) written by Rodolfo Boyadjian with Adrian Delgado and Karina Orozco.
The Brazilian version of "Por un beso" is telenovela "Seus Olhos" with Carla Regina, Petronio Gontijo, Juan Alba and Thierry Figueira.

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