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Precio de Tu Amor, El

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El Precio de Tu Amor telenovela Gabriela Galván is a young, pretty and talented designer, who lives under the severe oppression of Rodolfo, her father. Gabriela hides the bad relations with her father in order not to make suffer Ana Luisa, her mother, who supports him with timidity, since her husband is dominant over them. Gabriela meets Antonio Rivers, a handsome and intelligent boy who works at the automotive factory as a mechanic.

An attraction arises among them that soon will become love. Sandra is a friend of Gabriela and niece of Octavio Rangel, proprietor of an important fine furniture factory. Sandra is willful and frivolous, although in front of her uncle and the rest of the world she simulates to be gentile and affectionate. The "faithful" nana Adelina, just like Sandra, tries to take possession of the inheritance of Octavio, though she is not his blood relative. Fabian San Miguel, handsome and elegant proprietor of a furniture store, tries to conquer Gabriela, but she rejects him since she doesn't like him. Rodolfo thinks that if his daughter marries Fabian, it will insure his future and the future of his business. Antonio saves the life of Octavio, that's why he is thankful to the boy and starts helping him disinterestedly. On the other hand, Sandra will do everything to avoid that her uncle does favors to Antonio, because she is afraid to lose her position. Gabriela starts working at the factory of Octavio as an industrial designer. Fabian becomes jumbled in the project only to be close to her.

El Precio de Tu Amor - telenovela

(2000) - Eduardo Santamarina , Eugenia Cauduro


Eduardo Santamarina .... Antonio 'Toño'
Eugenia Cauduro .... Gabriela
Yadhira Carrillo .... Sandra
Manuel Ojeda .... Octavio
Roberto Ballesteros .... Rodolfo
Macaria .... Adelina
Ninón Sevilla .... Dalila
Galilea Montijo .... Valeria
Alejandro Ávila .... Fabián
Yolanda Ciani .... Isabel
Emilia Carranza .... Yolanda
Silvia Manríquez .... Ana Luisa
Isadora González .... Mireya
Roberto Antunez .... Felipe
Héctor Sáez .... Héctor
Jerardo .... Silverio
Juan Imperio .... Tiburcio
Mariana Botas .... Mary
Rodrigo Rochet .... Alejandro
David Ramos .... Carmelo
Fernando Robles .... Trinidad
Lourdes Dechamps .... Lolita
Virginia Gimeno .... La Chata
Raquel Pankowsky .... Meche
María Prado .... Doña Licha
Carlos Yustis .... Policarpo
Jaime Lozano .... Don Benigno
Arturo Laphan .... Jorge
Ricardo Vera .... Dr. Diego
Tania Mendoza .... Shandira
Lorena Enríquez .... Columba
Luis Gimeno .... Padre Chucho
Cecilia Gabriela .... Julia
Marco Uriel .... Ignacio
Sandra Benhumea
Julio Bracho

Writing credits
Orlando Merino
Jaime García Estrada
Tere Medina

Song: El Precio de Tu Amor
Singing: José Cantoral

Music arranger
Mario Barreto

Production manager
Teresa Anaya

Cinematography by
Víctor Soto

Directed by
Claudio Reyes

Produced by
Ernesto Alonso
Luis Miguel Barona (associated producer)



"El Precio de tu Amor" is a remake of telenovela "Al Rojo Vivo"

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