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Preciosa telenovelaPreciosa is a beautiful young orphan who has grown up in a circus with her grandfather, the erstwhile clown Tito. She dreams of being a graceful trapeze artist like her mother, but a crippling injury to one of her legs has dashed all of her hopes. Despite the merciless taunts from Sandor, the circus owner, Preciosa manages to be happy among the circus animals and her friends. One day, an unexpected visit to the local hospital brings her face to face with the man who would change her destiny. Dr. Luis Fernando Santander, a prestigious orthopedic surgeon, is immediately captivated by Preciosa's beauty and sweetness and resolves to repair her leg so that she can pursue her dream. Too poor to pay him, Preciosa refuses to accept his charitable gesture. He insists, and in the insisting, falls in love with her and she with him. Luis Fernando's life is complicated, however. He belongs to one of the wealthiest families in Mexico and under no circumstances will they accept his liaison with a circus girl. Intrigue, injustice and much heartache await the couple as they search for happiness together, a happiness that may never come.

Preciosa - telenovela

(1998) - Irán Castillo, Mauricio Islas


Irán Castillo .... Preciosa
Mauricio Islas .... Luis Fernando
Nailea Norvind .... Valeria
Francisco Gattorno .... Álvaro
Roberto Ballesteros .... Sandor
Susana González .... Felina
Alfonso Iturralde .... Roberto
Felicia Mercado .... Enriqueta
Yula Pozo .... Fermina
Rodrigo Vidal .... Leonel
Marcela Pezet .... Lorena
Bertha Moss .... Eduarda
Luis Bayardo .... Tito
Luis Gatica .... Patricio
Adriana Fonseca .... Vanessa
Carmen Salinas .... Mamá Pachis
Norma Lazareno .... Regina
Luz Elena González .... Milagros
Khotan .... Ransel
Sharis Cid .... Zamira
Ana Layevska .... Princessa
Mayrín Villanueva .... Claudia
Ingrid Martz .... Alma
Héctor Suárez Gomis .... Lorenzo "El Pantera"
David Larible .... Angel Clown
VeeKay the Clown .... Silent Clown
Raúl Padilla .... Libaldo
René Casados .... El Gran Sabu
Marta Ofelia Galindo
Eduardo Antonio
Mauricio Aspe .... Gasonlina
Oscar Benavides .... Simón
Rubén Cerda
Uri Chartarivsky
Manola Diez
Alec Von Bargen .... Orlando
Alfredo Ahnert
Alizair Gómez .... "El Pirulo"
Angeles Balvanera
Bodokito .... Finita
Eduardo Iduñate .... Gitano
Fernando Franco
Francisco Rossell .... Arturo
Ligia Robles
Lisa Carbajal .... Bianca
Jorge Poza .... Robin - brother of Felina
Lourdes Alexa
Marieth Rodríguez .... Rosalba Morantes / Miranda Barrios
Miguel Angel Cardiel .... Ariel
Paola Flores
Yamil Sesin
Zayda Castillón
Eduardo Rodríguez
Jacqueline Voltaire

Writing credits
Olga Ruilopez (original story)
Alberto Gómez (libretto)
Rosario Velicia (script editor)

Song: Girando en el tiempo
Singing: Irán Castillo

Music arranger
Juan Lopez Arellano

Production manager
Jaime Gutiérrez

Production co-ordinator
Georgina Garibay
Pablo Noceda

Cinematography by
Carlos Sánchez Ross
Lino Adrian Gamma

Directed by
Pedro Damián

Produced by
Pedro Damián
Nicandro Díaz González (associated producer)
Georgina Castro Ruiz (associated producer)
Maricarmen Marcos (associated producer)



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karlo antonio salem nuguid  - preciosa   |2010-07-01 01:20:28
for me this telenovelas i watch this films is so createful lovables and a innocent girls who fall in love a wealthy man and fall in love each others and this films is the one o my topsfavorites mexico telenovelas likes others to this films haves lines sinces and passionnes and glamourrousstyles and full blash loves sinces even know the end of lovestory have seperates
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