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Primer Amor... a Mil por Hora

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Primer amor a mil por hora telenovela This is the story about the 14 year old Jovana Luna and all the obstacles that she will have to overcome in her fight to find happiness next to the good looking Leon Baldomero, the love of her life, in a world where the young people insist on living "a thousand per hour", without thinking about the consequences. In these vertiginous times, our main heroes will have to find the way that takes them to their love. Although they know each other from the childhood, Jovana and Leon have problems with showing their great affection, because the time and the circumstances made them think that they both have changed in a negative way. Throughout the story the pair will realize that their relation is more alive than ever and will discover that the true love survives all the obstacles.

Primer amor... a mil por hora - telenovela

(2000) - Anahí , Kuno Becker


Anahí .... Jovana - main heroine
Kuno Becker .... León - main hero
Mauricio Islas .... Demián - in love with Jovana, villain
Arleth Terán .... Priscila - sister of Jovana, in love with Demian, villain
Ana Layevska .... Marina - best friend of Jovana, in love with Imanol
Valentino Lanús .... Imanol - in love with Marina
Letícia Perdigón .... Catalina - mother of Jovana
Mariagna Prats .... Pilar - mother of Marina
José Elías Moreno .... Esteban - father of Jovana
Manuel 'Flaco' Ibáñez .... Conrado - father of Leon
Arturo García Tenorio .... Indalecio - uncle of Leon
Socorro Bonilla .... Milagros - mother of La Iguana
Beatriz Moreno .... Benita
Blanca Sánchez .... Andrea - aunt of Marina, mother of Demián
Daniela Luján .... Sabrina - sister of Jovana
José María Torre .... Bruno - brother of Leon, homosexual
Aitor Iturrioz .... Boris - friend of Jovana and Marina
Dulce María ... Brittany
Fabián Robles .... La Iguana - friend of Jovana and Leon, in love with Priscila
Alexa Damián .... Emilia - sister of Leon, in love with Antonio
Héctor Gómez .... Fernán - father of Pilar
Pilar Pellicer .... La Chonta - boss of drug dealers
Sebastián Ligarde .... Antonio - father of Marina, villain
Alfredo Ahnert .... Fher - father of Marina, villain
Mauricio Aspe .... Rudy - drug dealer
Rafael Bazán .... El Morrito - son of Indalecio, in love with Sabrina
Enrique Borja Baena .... Richard - in love with Lulú
Gabriela Cano .... Melissa - friend of Priscila
Roxana Castellanos .... Ana - lover of Antonio, villain
Ehécatl Chávez .... Tirilo - drug dealer
Ricardo Chávez .... Sebastián
Liuba De Lasse .... Lulú - friend of Marina and Jovana
Jackeline Del Vecchio .... Aura
Kika Edgar .... Olivia - friend of Jovana y Marina, in love with Demián
Alan Gutiérrez .... Enrique
Karen Juantorena .... Itzel - secretary of Antonio
Adriana Laffan .... Dorita - friend of Milagros, in love with Indalesio
Damián Mendiola .... Vinnie - son of La Chonta, villain
Felipe Nájera .... Valente - son of La Chonta, villain
Carla Ortiz .... Gina - wife of Rudy
Flavio Peniche .... Poncho
Juan José Peña .... Comandante Merino - fighting drug dealers
Axel Ricco .... Huicho
Eduardo Rivera .... Artemio - friend of Demián
Sebastián Rulli .... Mauricio - in love with Marina
Karime Saab .... Asistente de Ana
Damián Sarka .... Diego
Pedro Sicard .... Claudio - chauffeur of Marina, in love with Emilia
Julio Sánchez .... Mariano - director of the college, in love with Pilar
Susan Vohn .... Bárbara - girlfriend of Imanol
Alec Von Bargen .... Adrián
Laisha Wilkins .... Tamara - in love with Imanol
Arturo Vazquez .... Cien Fuegos - enemy of Demián
Mauricio Barcelata
Patricia Martinez - mother of Morrito
Alberto Chávez .... Amigo

Writing credits
López Issa (writer)
Balmori María (writer)
René Muñoz (story Quinceañera)
Edmundo Paez (story Quinceañera)

Song: A mil por hora
Singing: Lynda

Song: Juntos
Singing: Anahí and Kuno Becker

Cinematography by
Carlos Sánchez Ross
Vivian Sánchez Ross

Directed by
Luis Pardo
Eloy Ganuza

Produced by
Pedro Damián
Luis Luisillo Miguel
Alvaro Lazcano
Maribel Linero



"Primer amor.... a 1000 x hora" is a remake of telenovela "Quinceañera".
They filmed a chapter in Puerto Penasco MX "AKA Rocky Point"

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Brenda   |2010-04-24 02:14:52
This "novela" should be re-aired again, I loved it!
Daniel Arias  - videos   |2010-07-25 08:45:02
this novela was my favorite of all time where can i get the dvd collection?
joe  - novela   |2011-06-23 06:05:42
does any know were i can buy the novela primer amor milpor hora
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