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Prófugas del Destino

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Prófugas del destino telenovelaArcelia, Alejandra and Martha were put in prison for a crime they had not committed, that is why the strongest desire of these three women is to escape from prison and to start a new life. But how to do it with the prison guards on the way? One night a riot breaks out, and the three women use this rare chance to leave the prison.

On their way they see an accident with a few nuns involved, so the three women disguise themselves in the nuns’ clothes. Then Arcelia, Alejandra and Martha go to Port Vallarta, where they all try to start a new life. But soon a man arrives to the place and his arrival not only seems to change the life of one woman, but also may ruin the plans of the other two protagonists.

Prófugas del destino - telenovela

(2010 - 2011) - Gabriela Vergara,
José Ángel Llamas


Gabriela Vergara ... Alejandra Barragán
Andrea Martí ... Martha Heredia
Mayra Rojas ... Arcelia Martínez
José Ángel Llamas ... José Luis Bermúdez
Fernando Ciangherotti ... Gabriel Orellana
Wendy de los Cobos ... Zoraida de Orellana
Verónica Langer ... Ximena Tovar
Roxana Chávez ... Carola Castillo
Guillermo Quintanilla ... Julio Montes
Francisco Porras ... Pablo Armando
Vanessa Ciangherotti ... Tamara Tovar
Lila Avilé ... Montserrat Orellana
Roberto Montiel ... Francisco Gutiérrez
Lissete Cuevas ... Carla Vanessa
Fidel Garrida ... Ulises
Gerardo Lama ... Fabricio
Lina Morán ... Verónica
Alicia Sandoval ... Regina Gutiérrez
Roberto Plantier ... Oscar
Montserrat Prats ... Juliana
Mauricio Bonet ... Juan Rogelio
Roxana Chávez
Dayana Tellerías
Rodolfo Arias
Carlos Torrestorija
Rafael Montiel
Cecí Romo
Erick Chapa
Armando Torrea
Marcela Guirado
Francisco Porras
Carlos Hernán Romo
Enrique Ramírez
Martín Navarrete
Pascacio López

Writing credits
Víctor Agú (original story)
Titi Alva
Jacques Bonnavent
Omar Mustre
Héctor Avélica

Song: "Ay amor"
Written by: Jorge Avendaño
Singing: Claudia Sierra

Original music

Cinematography by

Language : Spanish
Country: Mexico

Directed by
Andrés Biermman

Produced by
Rafael Uriostegui

TV Azteca


Remake of argentinian telenovela "Con pecado concebidas" (1993) with Nora Carpena, Marina Valenzuela and Moira Casán

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danime2003  - muy buen empiezo   |2010-09-29 19:42:44
Empezo muy bien la novela ojala siga asi, las actrices Gabriela y Andrea hermosas como siempre.
Natalie  - Buenisima!!   |2011-01-18 04:35:51
La estan pasando actualmente y si empezo buena, despues se ha puesto mejor!!
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