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Qué bonito amor

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Qué bonito amor telenovelaOnce Maria Rosario Mendoza notices Santos Martinez outside robbed and beaten. She is known for her merciful temper and she helps him go home. She learns that he is vulnerable but she has no idea that he is a rich man from Mexico who escapes from the justice being accused of the crime he had not committed.

Finally they become friends and through mutual support they get attracted to each other. He knows that she is kind and fair but he has never met people who do good for nothing. She helps him earn money as the singer at the local bar avoiding claims and accusations of the police and court. Day by day he feels he is in love with Maria. On her turn, Maria feels attracted by Santos, either, and she is even able to recover memories about her father whom she loved desperately. Her father was the famous mariachi singer loved by woman and public for his talent. Though she loves him, Maria remembers that her father brought only sadness into their family since he spent most of his time at bars and clubs giving more attention to wine, money and women. Despite her love, she always tries to erase such bad memories and remembering of her father’s fate, she greatly focuses on education, in particular Business Management.
Santos Martinez de Los Garza has never thought of being a singer with the fortune and business he owns. Since he is chased by the police for the crime, he has to sit at the small place in high hope to settle the case. He is accused on money-washing though he has never been involved in that business not in drug trafficking. He has to open his eyes and admit his friends are not those he imagined.


Jorge Salinas as Emiliano Martínez de las Garzas
Emiliano Martínez is a refined young man from high class. Despite the rotten world of money, he is a little bit naïve and trustful. Due to that he is the object of his so-called friends and business partners fraud: he is accused of laundering drug money because of his car dealership in Mexico. He is advised by his lawyer to escape from the country to Colombia. There he is robbed and left bleeding without any documents and money to survive. He is seen by a young and beautiful girl from his dream that helps him get out of this situation, settled him at her place and helps him get some money to survive for one thing.

Danna García as Maria Rosario Mendoza
A young woman, 23, attractive and delicate. She is generous and righteous when necessary. She has a wonderful vocal and a great talent to sing. She takes care of homeless despite she is the one to provide and support her family. Maria has to support her sick mother.

Alexander Holtmann
as Arnold Smith
Arnold Smith is a young American. He is employed at the automobile business though he really works to help Luchiano in money laundering. He is unprincipled and practical. The only way he considers is to get out of life he lives till now. He pretends to be the friend of Santos.

Renata Notni as Paloma Mendoza
A young and timid girl from Columbia. She is shier than her age mates and she suffers secretly. Her first kiss with Nivio makes the storm in her heart.

Qué bonito amor - telenovela

(2012) - Jorge Salinas, Danna García


Jorge Salinas ... Santos Martinez de Los Garza
Danna García ... Maria Rosario Mendoza
Pablo Montero ... Coloso
Angélica María ... Amalia Garcia viuda de Mendoza
Daliah Polanco ... Camila Martinez
Ferdinando Valencia ... Luis Mendoza
Arturo Peniche
Juan Ferrara
Sergio Mayer
Roberto Palazuelos
Mike Biagio
Karla Álvarez
Carlos Ignacio
Malillany Marín ... Elvira
Susana Diazayas
Renata Notni

Writing credits

Written by:

Original music

Cinematography by

Language : Spanish
Country: Mexico

Directed by

Produced by
Salvador Mejia Alexandre



Remake of colombian telenovela "La Hija del Mariachi" (2006-2007) with Carolina Ramírez and Mark Tacher

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Daisy   |2013-01-08 07:48:08
I like danna garcia cause she is pretty.
vanessa torres  - que bonito amor   |2013-06-07 18:36:11
i like jorge salinas because he is cute and a good acter IAM YOUR BEST FANS EVER
Stella Torrez Marinelli  - Que bonito amor CD   |2014-03-10 22:42:52
Where can I purchase the music sung in this novella? This was one of my favorite novellas with the beautiful Danna Garcia. She has some voice and so did the others!
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