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¡Qué Madre, Tan Padre!

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¡Qué madre, tan padre! tv seriesQué Madre Tan Padre is the family sitcom starring Maribel Guardia and Mauricio Castillo. This story tells about the life of a happy and loving couple with five children: Andrés, Jessica, Sebastián and the twins Luz and Liz. Every kid is different in personality and it is the time-consuming work to get a key to each of them. 

Mauricio is an architect and he cares of his family doing everything to live a happy life. Maribel studied marketing though she has spent most of her time devoted to her husband and kids and their problems. Everything is fine until Mauricio is fired. That’s a crash for the whole family.

When the family faces financial problems, the couple ends in decision that Maribel needs to find a job. Her classmate offers a wonderful opportunity to hold a good vacancy. And the situation turns upside down: Maribel becomes the one to provide the family with all necessary to survive and Mauricio takes care of all of them as a housewife.

Mauricio realizes how house holding may be difficult, especially for a male person. He is caught in many funny situations when he has to iron kids’ clothes, feed them, take to school and back home, cook and so forth. At the end of the day he feels miserable. Though, everything he does makes family members fun. They are now in a strange position to make up with a clumsy but kind father, and a bossy mother who is busy at work now.


Maribel Guardia as Maribel Galicia
Maribel is impulsive, joyful and very attractive. As a housewife she does everything in time, knowing all details about everyone’s preferences. As a businesswoman, she looks appropriately, dressing business suits and wearing long hair and long nails. She gets bossy somehow.  She looks very sensually, attracting men and causing envy with women. She has a generous heart, though, and she always gives a hand to her new assistant.

Mauricio Bueno as Sebastian Hernández
A younger son of the couple. Wears glasses as the father; likes playing mean tricks like adding more pepper and salt to the breakfast of his twin sisters. He always makes fun of the girls. He is the one to mock parents, either.

María Chacón as Jessica Hernández
An elder daughter. She is a teenager, with her special problems and thoughts. She does well with family members but she is irritated by her elder brother’s behavior and attention to her life. She wears teeth braces at home only in fear that she will be mocked outside.

Mauricio Castillo
as Mauricio Hernández
Mauricio Hernández is a clumsy looking "housewife” who cares of the family knowing almost nothing about it. At home, when cooking, he wears a very funny apron that makes people smile. He is in his late 40s. Being an architect, he did a little at home and now he has to deal with everything. He wears glasses and gets a little bit bold. He often comes to his wife’s office complaining for something and asking for a piece of advice. He happens to go out wearing different shoes.

Jorge Trejo as Andrés Hernández
A very attractive teenager with a smart mind. He likes wearing stylish and chic. Almost always wears headphones. He likes mocking at his sister and he is in love with her friend.

Tamara Vargas as Sinforosa
Clumsy, awkward secretary who is almost blind without glasses. She is nice-looking but her glasses and ridiculous hairdo make her ugly. When she takes them she runs across people, falls or somehow gets in funny situation. Maribel helps her get out of situations properly.

¡Qué madre, tan padre! -

(2006) - Maribel Guardia, Mauricio Castillo, Martha Ofelia Galindo


Maribel Guardia ... Maribel Galicia
Mauricio Castillo ... Mauricio Hernández
Martha Ofelia Galindo ... Doña Magos
Lucila Mariscal ... Doña Lucha
Tamara Vargas ... Sinforosa
Ricardo Margaleff ... Animal
Jorge Van Rankin ... Mike Well
Mauricio Herrera ... Don Suegro
Mauricio Bueno ... Sebastián Hernández
Kristel Casteele ... Luz Hernández
María Chacón ... Jessica Hernández
Jorge Trejo ... Andrés Hernández
Mauricio Bonet ... Tío Roy
Malillany Marín ... Vecina
Vannya Valencia ... Vecina
David Villalpando ... Doctor Zaira de Quevedo ... Ejecutiva
Rosa Maria Gutierrez ... Cajera
Ricardo Fastlicht

Writing credits
Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo
David Villalpando

Song: Que Madre Tan Padre Theme
Composed by: Sergio Jurado

Original music
Al Castillo
Juan Carlos Ortega

Directed by
Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo

Produced by
Pedro Ortiz de Pinedo
Ramon Salomon Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo


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marial elena martinez jimenez   |2011-04-07 00:17:50
ola me gusta su programa no se pero me gusta mas que la de una framilia de 10 y la de familia peluche
diana 10 anos   |2011-10-27 00:58:02
a mi me encanta que madre tan padre es muy chistoso!
eliamar   |2014-08-13 18:33:39
Mauricio cuida a sus hijos mientras su esposa Maribel trabaja por que . Maribel consiguio trabajo en las empresas W y entonces Mauricio tiene que trabajar en la casa como amo de casa primero lleva a la escuela luego tiene que aser los queaseres de la casa despues recoge a sus hijos tiene 5 hijos llamados . Andres,Jesicca,Sebastian,Liz y Luz
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