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Quererte Así

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Quererte Así telenovelaEmilia falls in love with the driver working for her family. The affair is long-termed and ends in the birth of a child, the girl Paulina. However, the father of Emilia does not approve this affair and even the birth of his granddaughter and he makes the driver’s life miserable causing him to disappear. He forces his daughter to marry Gustavo Navarette, the widower, with the daughter Gabriela from his first marriage. When Emilia’s father dies he leaves his will that says that Paulina gets the heritage only if she marries successfully and no other way. 

Twenty years pass and Paulina grows into a tall and beautiful young girl who intends to marry Alberto. Alberto is the smart and good-looking engineer. They have known each other from childhood thanks to protection and patronage of their parents. However, soon Paulina gets to know Rafael Romero, the promising doctor, and falls in love with him on the eve of her wedding day.
Paulina and Rafael go through the beautiful love story in Puerto Vallarta. However, Emilia is not ready to accept Rafael due to the will. She is willing to destroy the love between the couple supported by Alberto and Gabriela.


María José Magán as Paulina Navarette Duncan
Paulina Navarette is Emilia’s daughter. She is beautiful, strong-minded, timid and kind. She is Gustavo’s step-daughter. Despite she is born and raised in lavish conditions she does not care of money but she cares of people, instead.

Paulina is a Business Administrator, who is going to marry Alberto. When her nanny Yuya dies, Paulina swears to spread her ash in Playa Paraiso, her motherland. Paulina meets Rafael there who experiences a beautiful and intensive love affair.

Francisco Angelini as Rafael Romero
Rafael Romero is a doctor of medicine, young, handsome, delicate and deliberate. He is Eva and Ramon’s son. He is a good son, good friend and talented doctor. He is the one to spend the whole life together. Upon completion the college in Guadalajara, he is about to return to his motherland to work and be next to his family. When he returns back to his village he meets Paulina there and realizes she is the love of his life.

Aura Cristina Geithner as Emilia Duncan
Emilia Duncan is the daughter of Antonio, Gustavo’s wife. She has daughter Paulina and step-daughter Gabriela. She knows her daughter has to receive the heritage of her father only if she marries the person from high class. And she is ready to struggle for the fortune destroying love of Paulina and Rafael.

Quererte Así - telenovela

(2012) - María José Magán, Francisco Angelini


María José Magán ... Paulina Navarette Duncan
Francisco Angelini ... Rafael Romero
Aura Cristina Geithner ... Emilia Duncan
Bernie Paz ... Gustavo Navarette
Gabriela Vergara ... Marisela Santos
Fernando Luján ... Alfred «Fred» Roth
Verónica Merchant ... Carmela Ramírez
Fernando Bencerril ... Ramón Romero
Mauricio Barcelata ... Alberto Santos
María Fernanda Quiroz ... Gabriela Navarette
Wendy de los Cobos ... Yolanda García
Tómas Goros ... Amílcar Ramírez
Rodolfo Arias ... Matías Santos
Fabián Corres ... Javier Valdés
Guillermo Larrea ... José María Ordóñez
Eva Prado ... Eva Romero
Surya Macgrégor ... Esther Andrade
Cynthia Vázquez ... Silvia Andrade
María de la Fuente ... Perla Ramírez
Gloria Stalina ... Adalina Rivas
Silvia Sáenz ... Magali Valdés
Germán Valdéz ... Daniel Andrade
Giovanni Florido ... Genaro Ramírez
Rykardo Hernández ... Diego Aguirre
Roberta Burns ... Cristina Santos
Ivonne Zurita ... Bibiana
Luis Santibañez ... Gil Contreras
Dadvian Sparza ... Mauro
Luciano Zacharski ... Julián Valdés
Ana Ofelia Murguía ... Yuridia «Yuya» Domínguez
Raúl Méndez ... Marcial Andrade
Enrique Becker ... Antonio Duncan

Writing credits
Eric Vonn

Song: Quererte Así
Written by:
Singing: Esmeralda Ugalde and Erick Sandoval

Original music
Jorge Avendaño Lührs

Cinematography by

Language : Spanish
Country: Mexico

Directed by
Mauricio Meneses
Pablo Gómez-Saenz

Produced by
Rafael Uriostegui
Gerardo Zurita
Ximena Cantuarias

TV Azteca


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