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Querida Enemiga

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Querida Enemiga telenovelaLorena and Sara were raised together in an orphanage, and even though they have different personalities, they love each other as sisters. Lorena dreams of starting her own family and loves to cook. Sara is more materialistic; she has always hated the poverty of the orphanage, and she has more ambitions than scruples.

Lorena's greatest wish is to become a chef, and so, one day she says goodbye to the nuns who raised her and leaves to study cuisine in Mexico City. That same day, the Mother Superior discovers that Sara has stolen all the funds of the orphanage. When she confronts Sara, she suffers a heart attack and dies. Sara runs with her lover and accomplice Chalo, the driver of the orphanage. To erase all trace of her presence, she steals her file and Lorena's. When she reads them, she learns that she was found in the garbage dump, but Lorena was abandoned in the orphanage without explanation by her grandmother, the millionaire Hortensia Armendariz. Sara's first impulse is to find Lorena and help her confront her grandmother and demand her rights, but then she reconsiders her options and decides to usurp her place in the Armendariz gastronomic empire.

Totally unaware of this, Lorena finds work as a cook's aid in her grandmother's company. She also meets a young doctor called Alonso and they fall in love with each other. Sara has an unexpected reunion with Lorena in the company and the girl's constant presence infuriates her. Sara's mind betrays her and she is gradually overwhelmed by a desire to take everything away from Lorena, including Alonso, and get rid of her once and for all. When Lorena learns that Sara was abandoned by her grandmother, she cries for her friend and is filled with contempt for Hortensia. Meanwhile, Hortensia uses all her resources to avoid confronting the pain she has caused to everyone around her.

When Lorena discovers Sara's evil machinations against her, she realizes that she never truly knew the one she loves as a sister. But in spite of her broken heart, she will bravely face betrayal, deceit and cruelty. And she will find new hope hand in hand with someone she never expected to love her.

Querida Enemiga - telenovela

(2008) - Ana Layevska , Gabriel Soto , Carmen Becerra


Ana Layevska ... Lorena de la Cruz
Gabriel Soto ... Alonso Ugarte
Octávio Acosta
Jorge Aravena ... Ernesto Mendiola
Mauricio Aspe ... Arturo
Mariana Ávila ... Monica
Nuria Bages ... Madre Asunción
Carmen Becerra ... Sara de la Cruz
Mike Biaggio ... Gonzalo 'Chalo' Carrasco
Socorro Bonilla ... Zulema
Sharis Cid ... Paula
Alejandro de la Peña
María Alicia Delgado ... Madre Trinidad
Jose Carlos Fermat ... Julián
Luz Elena González ... Diana
Alexandra Graña ... Jacqueline
Alfonso Iturralde ... Omar
Luz María Jerez ... Bárbara
Zully Keith ... Catalina
José Manuel Lechuga ... Vasco
Bibelot Mansur ... Rossy
Patricia Martínez ... Maruja
Marco Méndez ... Bruno
Alfonso Navarro
Adanely Núñez ... Valeria
Héctor Ortega ... Toribio
Marti Pandura
Danna Paola ... Bettina
Dalilah Polanco ... Greta
Norma Reyna
Eduardo Rivera ... Darío
María Rubio ... Hortensia Armendáriz
Julian Sedgwick ... Mr Jones
Raúl Valerio
Mercedes Vaughan ... Madre Carmelita

Writing credits
Erika Johanson
Carmen Sepúlveda
Pablo Serra
Lucero Suárez
Edwin Valencia

Song Te ha robado
Written by: Jorge Eduardo Murguía and Mauricio Arriaga
Singing: Manuel Mijares

Original music
Guillermo Alzúa
Adrián Bac
Julio César Blanco

Cinematography by
Víctor Soto
Miguel Valdés

Directed by
Claudia Eliza Aguilar
Gastón Tuset

Produced by
Lucero Suárez .... executive producer
Ángel Villaverde



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marty17129  - Querida Enemiga   |2009-08-17 16:20:14
Querida enemiga es buenisima telenovela, no me perdia ningun capitulo, aqui en Croacia termino como hace tres semanas y me encanto final.......Aunque Ana Layevska es muy buena actriz, la que se robo todita telenovela fue Carmen Becerra, papel de malvada Sara fue excelente, Carmen Becerra hiso un magnifico trabajo, era tremenda, logro cautivar toda atencion, fue mejor que Maria Rubio quien en mi opinion no estuvo nada especial..........Sara de la Cruz osea Carmen Becerra es estupenda....... Saludos desde Croacia :-)
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