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Quiéreme Tonto

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Guillermo Romeo, a young law student, is ready to marry Nayeli one day he has known from his childhood. His heart makes hint he has to go and save those who are kept in the orphanage suffered from the cruel treat. His mother left him fifteen years ago with the money Romeo’s father has been saving for many years. That makes him to undertake for his family. In a while Guillermo Romeo takes funds saved for eye surgery and helps Nayeli to arrange her wedding.

In the city full of magnificent mansions and wonderful gardens Julieta Dorelli is excited to marry Rodrigo Escalante, a young man from the high society class. Her father, Vittorio Dorelli, is the transportation magnate, is more liking to hide their ill reputation in the society to become a respected businessman and Escalante is a good reason to save from bankruptcy. So, Julieta is happy to marry Rodrigo since she thinks art and Rodrigo is what make her happy and pleased.

Two weddings are going to be arranged when Guillermo learns his father is knocked down in is shop and he misses the wedding. The point is there is a painting by Chávez Morado to be shared by Guillermo’s brother Gonzalo who gets money for it to purchase the painting at the auction for the mafia man Lázaro Cruz. But unfortunately, Dorelli gets the painting and Lázaro Cruz agrees to leave the family of Guillermo providing he steals the painting from Dorelli’s place.

In the meantime, the friends of Julieta prove to be away from her since she marries Rodrigo and she is really shocked with that. Her friends arrange her the car to the church that is used by Guillermo when escaping with the painting. Thus, the fate acts to prevent these two weddings happen in the heavens and makes two blind hearts closer.

Guillermo and Julieta happen to be together and they share with their problems and difficulties. No one guesses it’s not adventure but the real life and when they come back to their lives, so different, they realize they have to fight for their love.


Litzy as Julieta Dorelli

Julieta Dorelli is a dreamer, romantic and artistic. She agrees to marry the person her father wants to be her husband-to-be but prior to the wedding she finds out the lie and betrayal from Rodrigo’s part. She happens to meet Guillermo who is the absolutely opposite to Rodrigo and a person she dreams about.

Yahir as Guillermo Romeo

Guillermo is a good son, a good brother, responsible and generous, honest and reliable. He always gives a hand of help. He is going to marry to Nayeli but he misses the wedding to take part in the robbery to save Gonzalo when Julieta joins him and he meets his true life.

José Joel as Rodrigo Escalante

Rodrigo Escalante is a good friend, reliable, responsive and respectful. He is obedient and trivial. His ambitions and wishes to go away from his parents financially, he participates in the adventure.

Andrea Escalona as Nayeli Padrón

An orphan who has never been loved by anyone. She meets the only persom to treat her with love and respect and she feels protected by him. Hshe dreams of getting married to Guillermo.

Sergio de Bustamante as Vittorio Dorelli

Vittorio Dorelli is the head of the Dorelli family. He started as a lorry driver and though the dirty business he becomes the transportation magnate in his region.

Dulce as Ximena Dorelli

Ximena is ambitious and prudent. She is an alcohol-additec woman to lose all her dignity to get tempted by Rodrigo and become his lover. She wants to have the chance to manipulate him when he marries Julieta.

Ariel López Padilla as Lázaro Cruz

Lázaro is the son to Patricio Cruz, the former accountant for Vittorio. He is aware of secret in the painting. He is all for getting the painting and open the secret to take revenge for his father’s death and liquidate Vittorio.

Quiéreme tonto - telenovela

(2010) - Litzy, Yahir


Sergio De Bustamante
Sergio Klainer
Mayra Rojas ... Engracia
Alberto Casanova ... David Dorelli
Carlos Torres ... Gonzalo
Nuria Martí
José Joel
Andrea Escalona
Kenia Gascón
Irene Arcila
Eugenio Montessoro
Eva Prado
Guillermo Iván ... Antonio
Francisco Angelini ... Danny Gamba
Alexandra Rodríguez ... Laura Palma
Jorge Galván
Roberto Leyva
Luis Enrique Parra
Gary Rivas
Victor Manuel Duroc
Wendy Braga
Matías Novoa
Ariel López Padilla ... Lázaro Cruz

Writing credits
Cesar Sierra (orignal story)
Maria Elena López Castañeda (script)
Tiosha Bojorquez (libretto)
Martín García (libretto)
Gerardo Cadena (libretto)

Song: Ayer la vi
Written by: Ángel Rivera-Christian, Colon-Juan Jesús, Santana Lugo
Singing: Yahir

Original music

Cinematography by

Language : Spanish
Country: Mexico

Directed by
Jorge Ríos Villanueva

Produced by
Igor Manrique

TV Azteca


Remake of peruvian telenovela "Bésame Tonto" (2003) with Gianella Neyra, Segundo Cernadas

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Enoch  - ¿Refrito o No?   |2010-03-04 21:18:05
The claim that QT is a remake of "Bésame Tonto," has been denied. How do you know it is a remake of BT?

El dicho que QT es refrito de BT, ha sido negado. ¿Como sabe que es refrito de BT?
Roma   |2010-06-08 00:13:18
Cesar Sierra aparece come escritor en las dos novelas. Tu me dices si es coincidencia.
Enoch  - Muchas Gracias para la info   |2010-08-14 03:07:49
¿Pero quien es el refritador? Sierra mismo?
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