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Rafaela The production company Televisa S.A. de C.V. released the new TV series “Rafaela” by the original novel by Delia Fiallo on January 31 in Mexico. This is a drama about a young and beautiful medical doctor who is full of intentions to fulfill herself as a doctor at the prestigious hospital. The hospital is supervised by the Dr. Rafael de la Vega, who appears to be her father who left behind her mother and herself when she was a little child. 

Rafaela is trying to manage professional obstacles and overcome various difficulties that prevent her being happy. Morelia, a spouse to Antúnez, has come to the idea to get rid of a young woman considering the situation humiliating for her. Rafaela is not known as a kind person; moreover, she has become embittered with the poverty she lives in with her mother Caridad and five siblings born from different fathers, namely Rosalba, Chucho, Belén, Luli and Goyito. However, she aspires to go forward to achieve her goals. Overcoming her emotions to her father, she has become a true friend to her sister, a girl of easy virtue.

Working at the hospital, she feels some emotions to José María, a perfectly qualified doctor, a macho-man and womanizer. He attracts her and spurns at the same time, though conflict of personalities is key in their relations, the competition makes sense for her. However, Rafaela does not feel like coming into love affair with José María who is a lover to a marred woman named Ileana who brings lots of problems to him. With the lapse of time they have a love affair until the spouse to Juan José, Mireya, appears with her own secrets. Rafaela is disappointed in her lover and leaving alone she feels only hatred to José María. In his turn, José María has to take attempts to struggle for their relations since they realize they have been created for each other. Protecting their love and bridge over the difficulties which permanently arise on their way the couple aspires to their happiness.


Diana Bracho as Morelia de la Vega

Morelia is Rafael’s wife. She is stylish and gorgeous. She is perfectionist in everything. Morelia is drawn in social life and considers it is her path. It takes all her time and she thieves the time that is better to be next to her daughter, Alicia. Morelia seems to spurn Rafaela, the daughter of her husband, to avoid shame and disgrace to the society.

Jorge Poza as José María Báez

José María is a highly qualified doctor. He is a good womanizer seizing hearts of women at ease though he avoids getting too much attached to them. He is devoted to his line of work and he believes that only male staff can do well in medicine. When he meets Rafaela, he falls in love with her being married to Mireya. He hides the truth of marriage and when he finds out Rafaela is pregnant with his baby, he tries to get divorce with Mireya and struggle for his love and baby.

Scarlet Ortíz as Rafaela

Rafaela is the daughter to Caridad and Rafael Antúnez and a step-sister to Rosalba, Belén, Chucho, Lulín and Chamito. She is only 23; she distinguishes with quiet and dazzling beauty. However, she is not obedient and she can be a rebel in some occasions. She cannot stand for the inequitable attitude. She falls in love with Juan José that much that she agrees to live with him without approval. As a woman who has been brought up without a father and father’s love can have some social problems in future. Rafaela feels restricted and when she learns that Rafael is his biological father, she does not show any desire to communicate with him for his betrayal.

Rogelio Guerra as Rafael de la Vega

Rafael is the doctor in his late 40s, elegant but haughty. He is Morella’s husband and Alicia’s father. Alicia gets married to the person he does not approve. Rafael manages the hospital where Rafaela works as a medical doctor as well. He learns she is his biological daughter and he feels pride about her. He is surprised that Rafaela has managed to achieve her goals in spite of sever circumstances.

Patricia Reyes Spíndola as Caridad Martínez

Caridad Martínez is Rafaela’s mother. She is strong-willed though she cannot live well not-supported by men. She is not that beautiful as Morella but she has a kind and easy-going heart. She still feels love to Rafael and she dreams of returning him at gloomy lonely nights. She is involved and anxious about her children’s problems and suffers when they are in trouble.

Arleth Terán as Ileana Contreras

Ileana is Alfredo’s wife and a lover of Juan José. She feels bored in classic marriage which make her yawn than enjoy. They have no children in marriage. When she feels tired she seeks to have relations with young and handsome men to prove that she is attractive enough to provoke emotions with men.

Chantal Andere as Mireya

Mireya is married to Juan José. She is very good-looking and well-cared woman. She still can induce interest in other men. She does mercilessly when it comes to do something for her own sake. She blackmails and manipulates with Juan José.

Arturo Carmona as Víctor Acuña

Víctor Acuña is the professional football player who is hospitalized at the same lace where Rafaela works. He is injured in a serious car accident. Being touched with Rafaela’s beauty, kind attitude and professional approaches, he proposes his love and willing to marry and support her when he learns Rafaela is waiting a baby from Juan José.

Juan Carlos Flores as Chucho

Chuchois Rafaela’s brother who is schizophrenic. He dresses up in too ridiculous and extravagant manner to attract attention. He is in love with Alicia, suffers from this love but he ends up tragically further because of Braulio.

Evelyn Cedeño as Belén

Belén is Caridad’s another daughter. She is naïve and diligent. She has beautiful voice and dreams of becoming a famous singer. She lives in permanent fear to her step-father, Braulio since he always chases, pricks and bothers her. She decides to get married to Raúl to get rid of fear and threat at home.

Tiaré Scanda as Rosalba

Rosalba is also Caridad’s daughter. She has to be a little bit strict and cool-hearted. She works in night bars, and then the life makes her go and become the prostitute when they are all in tight spot to earn some money. She wishes she would be like other girls of her age and to marry a worthy person to raise kids. She feels love to Carlos Luis and she tries to stand up for her love.

Ilean Almaguer as Alicia

Alicia is Rafael and Morelia’s daughter and thus, a step-sister to Rafaela. She is dependant from her parents, and she is an alcoholic who wastes her fortune and future perspectives in the company and looses love from her parents. She feels her parents are not concerned about her; they are just involved in other stuff and it makes her hurt and suffer. She is loved but Chucho, though.

Rafaela - telenovela

(2011) - Scarlet Ortiz, Jorge Poza


Scarlet Ortiz ... Rafaela de la Vega Martínez
Jorge Poza ... José María Baez
Diana Bracho ... Morelia de la Vega
Rogelio Guerra ... Rafael de la Vega
Arturo Carmona ... Víctor Acuña
Chantal Andere ... Mireya de Baez
Manuela Ímaz ... Arely
Jan ... René Echevarría
Sheyla Tadeo ... Amanda
Arlette Pacheco
Nicolás Mena ... Raúl Herrera
Isabel Martínez ‘La Tarabilla’ ... Rosario
Arleth Terán ... Ileana Contreras
Patricia Reyes Spíndola ... Caridad Martínez
Manuel "El Loco" Valdés ... Braulio
Ilean Almaguer ... Alicia de la Vega
Juan Carlos Flores ... Chucho Martinez
Silvia Ramírez ... Camila
Tiaré Scanda ... Rosalba Martínez
Evelyn Cedeño ... Belén Martínez
Emanuel Chikoto ... Goyito Martínez
Juan Ángel Esparza ... Carlos Luis Fernández
Mario Sauret ... Cosme
Teo Tapia ... Ernesto/Dr. Martínez
Mar Contreras
Sarai Meza ... Luli Martínez
Isadora Gonzalez ... Elizabeth Jácome
Eduardo Rivera ... Alfredo
Rosángela Balbó
Eduardo Schacklett
Nicolás Mena
Katherine Kellerman
Jorge Alberto Bolaños
Mario Sauret
Sergio Jurado
Silvia Suárez
Arturo Laphan
Oscar Ferreti
Isadora González
Sarai Meza

Writing credits
Delia Fiallo (original story)
Enna Márquez (adaptation)
Katia Estrada (adaptation)

Song: Corazón
Written by: Jorge Eduardo Mugía Pedraza, Mauricio L. Arriaga
Singing: Chino and Nacho

Original music
Jose Antonio "Potro" Farias

Cinematography by
Jesús Acuña Lee
Adrián Frutos

Language : Spanish
Country: Mexico

Directed by
Victor Manuel Fouilloux
Xavier Romero

Produced by
Nathalie Lartilleux



Remake of:
1. Venezuelan telenovela "Rafaela" (1977) with Chelo Rodríguez and Arnaldo André
2. Venezuelan telenovela "Roberta" (1986) with Tatiana Capote and Henry Zakka
3. Venezuelan telenovela "Alejandra" (1994) with María Conchita Alonso and Jorge Schubert


Pobre corazón decepcionado,
Te quedaste acostumbrado a otra forma de querer,
Pobre porque nadie te ha enseñado
Que en la vida ganas más cuando se aprende a perder?

Y es que nadie
Nació con instructivo para amar
Nadie aprende a ser feliz y no llorar?

Tú que te escudaste tras un muro
Y te haz sentido tan seguro ocultándote detrás
No te haz dado cuenta de tu error
Se necesita del amor como del aire al respirar...

Y es que nadie
Aprende a ser feliz y no llorar
Nació con instructivo para amar?

Date cuenta corazón
Que es el amor quien cura las heridas y el dolor
Que aunque pueda hacer sufrir o hacer llorar
Regresará a volverte a levantar?

Date cuenta corazón
Que es por amor que existe cada sueño en tu interior
Y cada día al despertar
Hay que encontrar la forma de curarte corazón
Y de volverte a enamorar?

Pobre corazón que con el frío
Te abrigaste de egoísmo intentándote curar
Tienes que acordarte de vivir
Y de arriesgarlo y sentir
Para volverlo a intentar?

Y es que nadie
Aprende a ser feliz y no llorar
Nació con instructivo para amar?

Date cuenta corazón
Que es el amor quien cura las heridas y el dolor
Que aunque pueda hacer sufrir o hacer llorar
Regresará a volverte a levantar?

Date cuenta corazón
Que es por amor que existe cada sueño en tu interior
Que cada día al despertar
Hay que encontrar la forma de curarte corazón
Y de volverte a enamorar?

Vamos corazón no pierdas la esperanza que yo te aseguro que el amor existe
Si todos los corazones se visten de rojo ninguno de ellos de los dos se viste
Y tú no puedes ser el único que no quiera latir
Si en este planeta hay tanto amor como pa? repartir
Disfruta la vida que ahora que te van a hacer reír tucu tucu nunca pares.

Date cuenta corazón
Que es por amor que existe cada sueño en tu interior
Y cada día al despertar
Hay que encontrar la forma de curarte corazón
Y de volverte a enamorar?

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Stanley namayi  - rafaela   |2012-02-27 18:31:44
Lyk watching this soap.i lear alot.
Habibat Abdulazeez  - i miss rafeal   |2012-03-07 14:34:48
i miss rafeala so much that i even bought the film yesterday on my way home.i love it, i miss it so much.
rotimiadebowale   |2012-03-09 09:49:05
wat a nice and interesting soap opera i which icould just b watch it (rapaela)every blessed day
Vivian  - I Love Rafaela   |2012-03-12 13:58:44
I wish i culd get da whole clip of Raela so dat i may b able 2 watch at once. I love it so much.
esther aumah   |2012-03-13 11:31:38
will jose maria marry raphaella at last
nonye  - i love rafaela so much but can;t get the originl c   |2012-03-16 10:19:45
the rafaela movie been where to get the original copy.
Evans  - Raphaela soap   |2012-03-21 15:19:33
Rafaela is a good soap,I recently discovered it but i regret having missed earlier episodes.
kalai  - how will it end?   |2012-03-26 07:59:23
id luv to know how the sweet soap will end since i saw a new guy n rafaela seems to luv him to???
doreen achieng  - rafaela   |2012-03-26 13:07:33
please return this program to be shown on Tuesday&Monday as before,i love it
Monsieur Crispus Wabomba  - Felicitations pour se programme   |2012-03-31 14:34:15
Je pense que c'est la meilleure programme je l'ai jamais voie. Bravo les acteurs et les actresses.
Chidimma jane  - Rafela   |2012-04-01 15:34:27
Rafela is one of the the most intresting novela i have watched and i hope scalet ortíz and jeorg poza later becomes a couple
esther mawusi  - love this   |2012-04-10 18:41:55
just want to know what happened to rafaela's other boyfriend is it anhiere or what is the name?
Alfonse  - Rafaela   |2012-04-12 20:30:59
Oh!I love this soap with a passion...I mean everytime I watch it...its just woow!
How can get it on a DVD Please?...N/b please.
Thelma   |2012-04-17 12:05:04
Hi every1. Dis last soap opera rafaela is d best. Nothin left 2 be said. I want d complete season out on dvd. I also want rafaela n osemaria 2 b great couples because i love them wit my hrt
rosina larbi  - why do they break up   |2012-04-25 00:23:09
why do rafaela and jose maria broke up and get back again? cant they defend their love>
jeri   |2012-04-25 08:40:02
i luv dis telenovella,rafaela..i did not even miss an episode (almost) shout out 2 ma guy jose maria and rafaela herself..4 dose who did not knw d dvd is out!!
siddiquat  - Rafaela   |2012-04-30 14:27:18
Till date i still think of rafaela, love both scarlet and jorge role. dis telenovela is one of the best i've ever watch. P.S wish jorge and scarlet will be giving another role because they are perfect in rafaela.
siddiquat   |2012-04-30 14:29:18
rafaela is cool scarlet and jorge are great thorger.
SAUCY   |2012-05-31 20:37:30
believe me,this is so interesting series even though i don't like rafaela's behaviour sometimes because it's like she doesn't know what she want and she is not certain.she shouldn't have marry ANGEL since she was not sure if she loved him than to treat the poor guy that way
billy gee  - 0248149769   |2012-06-01 22:01:15
i really like ur new series rafarla and am dying to watch the complete seasion
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