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Ramona telenovela After the 1847 war between Mexico and the United States, California became part of the Union. But twenty years later, battles were still raging between the original settlers and the new immigrants. Mexicans, Yahí Indians and the Americans quarreled for possession of the land... This is the story of the Moreno Gonzagas family, who, like many other Mexicans, chose to remain in California and fight for the land where they were born.

Ramona - telenovela

(1999) - Eduardo Palomo , Kate del Castillo


Kate del Castillo .... Ramona Moreno - main heroine
Eduardo Palomo .... Alejandro de Asís - main hero
Helena Rojo .... Doña Ramona Gonzaga Viuda de Moreno - mother of Felipe and adoptive mother of Ramona
René Strickler .... Felipe Moreno - son of Doña Ramona, in love with niña Ramona
Sergio Sendel .... Jack Green - self-proclaimed sheriff, criminal, villain
Antonio Medellín .... Don Pablo de Asís - father of Alejandro
Rafael Inclán .... Juan Canito - foreman at Moreno's ranch
Angelina Peláez .... Martha Canito - wife of Juan Canito, cook
Vanessa Bauche .... Margarita - daughter of Juan Canito and Martha, maid of Ramona
René Casados .... Angus O'Faill - love of Doña Ramona, father of niña Ramona
Felipe Nájera .... Fernando Coronado - suitor of Ramona
Gabriela Murray .... Analupe Coronado - in love with Felipe
Ricardo Blume .... Ruy Coronado - father of Fernando and Analupe
Nicky Mondellini .... Beatriz Echague - in love with Felipe
Chela Castro .... Perpetua de Echague - aunt of Beatriz
Luis Couturier .... César Echague - father of Beatriz
Juan Ríos .... El Norteño - in love with Margarita
Álvaro Carcaño .... Padre Salvatierra - friend of Moreno family
Kristoff .... Davis - helper of Jack Green, criminal
Raúl Ochoa .... Merryl - helper of Jack Green, criminal
Ramón Menéndez .... Doctor Thomas - helper of Jack Green
Isela Vega .... Matea
Roberto Guzmán .... Nepo
Andrés García Jr .... Billy Dubois - helper of Jack Green, criminal
Francisco Avendaño .... helper of Jack Green, criminal
Luis Bayardo .... Padre Sarria - priest at the indian village
Paty Díaz .... Carmen - indian girl
Oscar Traven
Montserrat Olivier .... Doris
Eugenio Cobo .... General Alonso Moreno - husband of Doña Ramona, father of Felipe
Jorge Capin .... Pepe
Tony Dalton .... Tom
Antonio Escobar .... Antonio
Francisco Casasola .... Lobo Solitario - indian
Martín Rojas .... Sebastián Lorenzo
Andreas Pearce .... Prescott
Christian Tapán .... Colorado
Jorge Zamora .... Negro Memphis
Ernesto Bog .... Marcos
José Luis Avendaño .... Lucio
Alicia del Lago .... Sofía
Marcela Morett .... Yahale
Hilda Nájera .... Polita
Maja Schnellman .... Betty
Daniel Gauvry
Shaula Vega .... Manuela

Writing credits
Helen Hunt Jackson

Song "Tambuco"

Directed by
Alberto Cortés
Nicolás Echevarría
Felipe Nájera

Produced by
Lucy Orozco
Rosa María Martínez



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Abigail Ayckbourn  - Searcing for episodes of Ramona   |2008-10-17 04:28:03
Hello i work for a TV production company of Ramona, and as part of a show we are producing we were hoping to obtain some footage/video from a show. I do not know the specific episodes, but it features an extra called McGuffey, or Mark Allen Price. If you know of anyway i could get in touch with someone with archival access to the show, please email me thank you.
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