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Rencor Apasionado

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Rencor Apasionado telenovela After the death of her parents and brother, heiress Karina Rangel suffers a nervous breakdown and wakes up to find herself in a mental institution, locked up by her stepsister Mariana, who wants control of her money. German, Karina's faithful manservant, hits upon a plan to free her of her sister's guardianship: marriage. With the help of two lawyers, a marriage of convenience is secretly arranged between Karina and Mauricio Gallardo, a spoiled young man whose family has fallen on hard times.

She would get her freedom and he would get the money to bail out his family's fortunes. Karina, however, is told only that Mauricio is marrying her to help her out, and after being given his picture, believing he must have a heart of gold, she falls in love with him. Mauricio, on the other hand, is never told that the rich heiress who wants to "buy" a husband is captive in a mental institution. In fact, the only reason he has agreed to the marriage is because his girlfriend, the beautiful and ambitious Mayte Monteverde, rejected him upon finding out his family no longer had money. Already furious, he is appalled at Karina's rundown appearance and bitterly resents her, even as he says "I do." Mauricio leaves town in despair, and one year later, his ugly duckling wife has turned into a swan, but one who now bitterly resents him.

Rencor Apasionado - telenovela

(1998) - Natalia Esperón, Eduardo Santamarina


Natalia Esperón .... Karina
Eduardo Santamarina .... Mauricio
Aracely Arámbula .... Mayté
Víctor Noriega .... Gilberto
Blanca Sánchez .... Elena
Luis Gimeno .... Germán
Óscar Morelli .... Ernesto
Juan Carlos Serrán .... Ricardo
Gastón Tuset .... Marcelo
Magda Karina .... Mariana
María Prado .... Malvis
Kuno Becker .... Pablo
Patricia Martínez .... Flor
Silvia Caos .... Esther
Gustavo Negrete .... Dr. Martínez
Gloria Izaguirre .... Cholita
Alejandro Ávila .... Alejandro
Evelyn Murillo .... Rebeca
Silvio Fornaro .... Gastón
Eugenio Lobo .... Hilario
Rosita Quintana .... Angelita
Mercedes Molto .... Martha
Luis Gerardo Nuñez .... Gabino
Rosita Pelayo .... Adriana
Roberto Ballesteros .... Carmelo
Juan Imperio .... Vicente
Raúl Ramírez .... Bill
Luisa Huertas

Writing credits
Hilda Morales de Allouis (original story)
Marcia del Río (adaptation)
Lucero Suárez (adaptation)
Salvador Fernández (adaptation)
Pedro Pablo Quintanilla (adaptation)

Song: Rencor apasionado
Written by Rigo Palma
Singing: Jan

Song: Rencor apasionado
Singing: Caballo Dorado

Original music
Francisco Navarrete

Production co-ordinator
Jorge Sosa Lanz

Cinematography by
Oscar Morales

Directed by
Rafael Perrín

Produced by
Lucero Suárez



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