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Retrato de Familia

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Retrato de Familia telenovela Cecilia Mariscal is a beautiful but unhappy woman who has supported a sham of a marriage for 20 years with Agustin Preciado, a man of humble origins who has been running the important construction company Cecilia inherited from her father. Agustin is a selfish and ambicious man who has cheated on his wife numerous times, including with her sister, Irene. Arriving from Paris where he has completed his medical training, Esteban Acuña meets Elvira, the spoiled daughter of Cecilia and Agustin, who despite having a boyfriend, sets her sights on him. They begin a relationship, but in a quirk of fate, Esteban meets Cecilia and falls completely in love with her, not realizing she is Elvira's mother.

Retrato de Familia - telenovela

(1995) - Alfredo Adame, Helena Rojo


Helena Rojo .... Cecilia Mariscal
Alfredo Adame .... Esteban Acuña
Diana Bracho .... Irene Mariscal
Yolanda Andrade .... Elvira Preciado
Raúl Araiza Jr. .... Diego
Saby Kamalich .... Pilar Vda. de Mariscal
Alicia Montoya .... Candelaria
Alejandro Tomassi .... Nicolás Negrete
Irán Castillo .... Cristina Preciado
Claudio Brook .... Gabino
Regina Torné .... Miriam
Nicky Mondellini .... Patricia
Julián Pastor .... Agustín Preciado
Ana María Aguirre .... Nora
Rodolfo Arias .... Julian
Julio Bracho .... Raúl
Fabiola Campomanes .... Malena
Álvaro Carcaño
Andrés García Jr .... Joaquín Acuña
Aitor Iturrioz .... Octavio Preciado
Verónica Langer
Martha Navarro .... Rosario
Mercedes Pascual .... Narda
Abraham Ramos .... Jaime
Alejandro Rábago .... Alvaro
Mariana Seoane .... Araceli
Héctor Sáez
Teo Tapia
Mariana Ávila .... Monica
Yoalli Bello
Dobrina Cristeva
Jesus Ochoa
Paulina de Labra
Mercedes Ginorella
Fernando Torres Lapham .... Dr. Montealban
Humberto Yañez
Gabriela Murray
Claudette Maillé
Felipe Nájera

Writing credits
Jesús Calzada

Original music
Annette Fradera
Pepe Stephens

Music arranger
Ignacio Pérez Cortéz

Production manager
Juan Manuel Orozco

Production co-ordinator
Humberto Robles

Cinematography by
Jesús Nájera Saro

Directed by
Francisco Franco

Produced by
Lucy Orozco (producer)
Maika Bernard (associate producer)



Further remake of "Retrato de familia" is telenovela "El Secreto" (2001, Spain) with Eduardo Capetillo

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Anonymous   |2008-07-31 23:38:24
"Retrato de Familia" has a clear link to "Mildred Pierce" in much of its plot and characters.
Angie  - Retrato de Familia - telenovela   |2009-12-06 09:51:33
When are they going to repeat on TV
Retrato de Familia - telenovela.
Please let me know.
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