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Cielo Rojo

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Cielo Rojo telenovelaAlma and Andres fell in love when they were very young. They are soul mates, but destiny has always found a way to keep them apart, at all costs, throughout the years. They find each other as adults after separating as teenagers. Their lives have taken different paths, but they are determined to escape together. However, tragedy surrounds them and separates them once more. Alma is framed by her mother-in-law, Loreto, for the accidental death of Alma's abusive alcoholic husband, Victor. She is sentenced to spend 20 years in prison. In prison, Alma gives birth to her and Andres' daughter, who her mother-in-law steals, aware it's not her son's baby, and disappears.

Andres never learns of these events. He marries his old girlfriend, Lucrecia, who is pregnant with what he believes to be his child, when in reality the baby is not his. Alma spends the next 20 years in prison thinking Andres didn't care to help her, meanwhile Andres thinks she preferred to stay with her husband. Alma gets out of prison and wants to find her daughter. She finds Gonzalo, a much older rich ranch owner, who has always liked her. He is a fun man and ends up falling in love with her and asks her to marry him. Alma, after much thought, accepts his proposal. With him she has fun and feels secure. Andres has had a gray life, though he loves his "son," Sebastian, his marriage has been a failure. He was never able to love his wife, for the memory of Alma has always haunted him. Sebastian falls in love with Andres and Alma's daughter, Daniela, without knowing they are supposedly brother and sister. When Alma and Andres reunite all hell breaks through. Alma and Andre's lives enter a labyrinth that seems to have no escape. Passion, ambition, intrigues, compromises, and lies continue to separate them while they walk under a Red Sky that will not allow them to unite and be happy.

Cielo Rojo - telenovela

(2011) - Edith González, Mauricio Islas


Edith González ... Alma Durán
Mauricio Islas ... Andrés Renteria
Regina Torné ... Loreto Encinas
Andrea Noli ... Lucrecia Renteria
Aura Cristina Geithner ... Mariana Molina
Alejandra Lazcano ... Daniela Encinas
Alberto Casanova ... Ricardo Molina
Carmen Beato ... Natalia
Daniel Martínez ... Marcos Ávila
Hernán Mendoza ... Bernardo
Alan Ciangherotti ... Calo
Simone Victoria ... Carolina
Jorge Galvan ... Fabian
Lambda García ... Sebastián Renteria
Andrea Escalona ... Patricia Molina
Humberto Búa ... Gaston Molina
Gloria Stalina ... Rosita
Daniela Gamba ... Andrea
Patrick Fernández ... Cesar Ávila
Hugo Stiglitz ... Gonzalo Molina
Ramiro Huerta ... Victor Encinas
Alonso Espeleta ... Andres Renteria
Jorge Levy ... Padre Servando

Writing credits
Jose Ignacio Cabrujas (original story)
Eric Vonn (adaptation)

Song: Cielo rojo
Written by: Juan/David Zaizar
Singing: Ana Gabriel

Original music
Eduardo Olivares
Sebastian Zunino
Ernesto Anata
Ricardo Martin Jauregui

Cinematography by
Felipe Lopez

Language : Spanish
Country: Mexico

Directed by
Mauricio Meneses

Produced by
Ximena Cantuarias
Rafael Uriostegui
Gerardo Zurita

TV Azteca


The novela originaly had to be remake of venezuelan telenovela "Las Dos Dianas" (1992) with Nohely Arteaga and Carlos Mata, but writer Eric Vonn decided not to use the script and write everything from start to the end originally

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danime2003   |2011-05-24 20:28:18
Me gusto el empiezo y sin comerciales, esperemos siga igual.
Natalie  - Cielo rojo   |2012-07-22 10:56:33
Please is there some where... Where I can get or watch this series with English subtitles.... Please please
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