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Rosalinda telenovela Rosalinda is a noble and very hard-working girl. She works in a flower booth belonging to Grandpa Florentino. When Rosalinda loses her mother, she throws her all into helping her father Xavier, sisters Fedra and Lucy and her brother Beto. Fedra is very self-absorbed and conceited, Lucy is as sweet as Rosalinda. Beto is a bum, thief and liar. Xavier finds out that one of his daughters is not his daughter and begins to discharge his resentment against the three girls. Rosalinda meets Fernando José Altamirano del Castillo when she delivers flowers to a restaurant belonging to Gerardo, Fernando José's friend. He and Rosalinda fall in love, though Fernando José is hell-bent on concealing the fact that he is a millionaire.


Thalía as Rosalinda Pérez Romero/Paloma Dorantes
Rosalinda is a beautiful young girl working at the flower shop. She meets a young ballroom pianist, Fernando José, and falls in love with him. Against the whole world, they get married but the mother-in-law of Fernando José. When Fernando José learns that Rosalinda’s mother was accused for murder and was in prison, he rejects from her and their unborn baby. Her baby is born but kidnapped and she appears in the psychiatric clinics. When the clinic is in fire, she escapes but loses memory. She soon becomes a famous singer, respectful and rich. She becomes an elegant lady and she has to overcome lots of things to remember everything.

Fernando Carrillo as Fernando José Altamirano del Castillo
Fernando José once let Rosalinda down when he rejected and that was the reason why she lost her baby and got lost in the mean world. He is still in deep depression remembering of his wife. Trying to forget her, he devotes his life to music. When he meets Rosalinda as a wealthy and famous singer, he cannot remember her.

Lupita Ferrer as Valeria Del Castillo de Altamirano
Valeria is Fernando’s mother-in-law. She is mean and tricky. She did all possible and impossible to part Fernando and Rosalinda. She caused her leave to lose happiness for many years. Valeria is bossy and extravagant.

Rosalinda - telenovela

(1999) - Thalía, Fernando Carrillo


Thalía .... Rosalinda Pérez Romero / Paloma Dorantes
Fernando Carrillo .... Fernando José
Lupita Ferrer .... Valeria Altamirano del Castillo
Angélica María .... Soledad Romero
Adriana Fonseca .... Lucy Perez Romero
Nora Salinas .... Fedra Perez Romero
Manuel Saval .... Alfredo del Castillo
Miguel Ángel Rodríguez .... Javier Perez
René Muñoz .... Abuelo Florentino
orge De Silva .... Beto Perez Romero
Paty Díaz .... Clarita
Ninón Sevilla .... Asunción
Raúl Padilla .... Bonifacio
Renata Flores .... Zoila
Víctor Noriega .... Alex Dorantes
Elvira Monsell .... Bertha
Anastasia .... Alcira
Eduardo Luna .... Aníbal
Roberto "Flaco" Guzmán .... El Miserias
Meche Barba .... Angustias
Laura Zapata .... Veronica Altamirano
Sergio Reynoso .... Agustin Morales
Eugenio Bartilotti .... friend of Beto
Guillermo García Cantú .... Jose Fernando Altamirano
Eva Calvo .... Ursula
Emiliano Lizárraga .... Ramiro
Eduardo Liñan .... Demetrios Morales
Sara Luz
Tere López-Tarín .... Natalia #1
Esther Rinaldi .... Abril
Tina Romero .... Dolores Romero
Milagros Rueda
Jessica Salazar .... Pamela Iturbide
Irma Torres .... Julieta the nurse
Julio Urreta .... Ayala
Liza Willert .... Georgina
Luz María Zetina .... Luz María
Alberto Chávez .... Periodista
Alejandro Ávila .... Gerardo Navarette
Juan Carlos Serrán
Ricardo Vera
Ismael Larumbe
Ursula Murayama
Rafael Amador
Jorge Pascual Rubio
Javier Ruan .... Chuy
Alberto Inzua .... Dr.Riveroll
Juan José Origel .... Himself
Ana María Aguirre .... Enriqueta Navarrete
Blanca Torres
Maricarmen Vela .... Sor Emilia
Sabine Moussier
Liz Clapés
Roberto Moltoc
Juan Sobrado
Martha Tirado
María Teresa .... Natalia #2
María Morena .... Luciana
Guadalupe Bolanos
Cesar Castro
Aida Cuevas .... Herself
Susana González .... Luz Elena
Queta Lavat .... prison headmistress
Julio Monterde
Ivonne Montero .... Celina Barriga #2
Sara Montes .... Sandra Pacheco de Rivera
Libia Regalado
Carlos Samperio
Yamil Sesin
Gabriela del Valle
Sara Luz .... Becky Milagros Rueda .... Celina Barriga #1
Liz Clapes

Writing credits
Delia Fiallo (original story)
Carlos Romero (adaptation)
Liliana Abud (adaptation)
Kari Faher (script editor)
Dolores Ortega (script editor)

Song: Ay Amor - Rosalinda
Singing: Thalía

Original music
José Antonio "Potro" Farias

Chief of production
Sara Smith

Production co-ordinator
Leticia Díaz
Aarón Gutiérrez

Cinematography by
Manuel Barajas
Karlos Velázquez (on location)

Directed by
Beatriz Sheridan
Fernando Nesmé (on location)
Enrique Pineda (guest director)
Karina Duprez

Produced by
Salvador Mejía
Nathalie Lartilleux (associated producer)



"Rosalinda" is a remake of:
1 version: telenovela "María Teresa" (Venezuela, 1972) with Lupita Ferrer (but playing the title role in this one) and José Bardina.
2 version: telenovela "Primavera" (Venezuela, 1988) with Fernando Carrillo (in "Rosalinda" it was the second time he played the same part) and Gigi Zanchetta.
3 version: telenovela "Rosangelica" (Venezuela, 1993) with Sonya Smith and Víctor Cámara
The Argentinean version of "Rosalinda" is telenovela "Esa Triste Mentira de Amor" (end of 60's) with Nora Carpena, Guillermo Bredeston and Elcira Olivera Garcez.

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Angelina Ramalho  - Primavera 1988   |2008-09-01 05:52:45
how can I buy the telenovela Primavera with Gigi Zanchetta and Fernando Carrillo
jacqueline  - rosalinda/marimar   |2010-12-23 08:30:59
where can i get the whole series or these 2 telenovela? with english subtitle
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