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Rubi II

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Rubi II telenovela Rubi studies in a private university thanks to an average scholarship and the support of her sister Cristina, who works hard to help her mother and sister. In the university, Rubi becomes a friend of Maribel, a millionaire, but sweet and nice girl, who is disabled after an accident. Maribel thinks that she has found a real friend in Rubi, but has no idea that Rubi envies her because of her money.

After visiting Maribel's beautiful mansion, she is convinced that this is a life she deserves, and she will obtain it at any cost. Because of her disability, Maribel spends hours at her computer talking over the Internet with a guy named Hector. Shortly after, they meet in person, and Hector, in spite of her disability, proposes her to marry him. Maribel is very happy and accepts. Hector presents Rubi to his best friend, a young doctor Alejandro, and he and Rubi also fall in love, Rubi hopes that finally she will marry a rich, handsome doctor whom she is in love with, and all four of them are very happy...  until Rubi finds out that actually Alejandro is not rich at all!  Rubi must choose between love and money, and obviously she chooses money and breaks her commitment with Alejandro. Disillusioned, Alejandro decides to dedicate in body and soul to his profession. Now, Rubi is more than ever determined to marry a millionaire, and to achieve her goal she is ready to commit most vile of the betrays: to rob the Maribel's fiancé Hector. She achieves her goal.


Bárbara Mori as Rubí

Rubí is a charmingly beautiful young woman who is sick and tired living in poverty that she aspires to live this world of lack of everything for better life. Her beauty is one of her advantages as well as the absolute ambition and intelligence that enable her to take advantage of people by her. She has a friend, Maribel whom she envies and thinks she deserves more than her, disabled but too rich girl. Rubí enjoys her beauty and good complexion to manipulate men and force them do things for her sake. She falls in love with Alejandro but this poor doctor is not the ideal part for her to live a lavish luxury life. Her life is full of passionate love and hatred and soon Rubi has to choose between love and life of a middle class and fortune but through breaking hearts of friends.

Eduardo Santamarina as Alejandro

Alejandro comes from the middle-class family. He is a medical doctor, friend of Hector. He is determined, purposeful, intelligent and deliberate. Love means a lot for Alejandro and he is rather positive about it. He has never been in love but when he meets Rubi, his heart beats stronger and he loses control. Rubi rejects him but he does not give up. He has too little to offer her to be happy and his heart is also broken for the sake of other’s aspiration and liking for better life.

Sebastián Rulli as Héctor

Hector is a young and talented architect, handsome and very positive. He is tall and attractive. He is successful in professional career. Via Internet social networks he gets to know to Maribel and is about to marry her until Rubi reveals her intentions.

Marlene Favela as Sonia

Sonia is a beautiful, well-educated young woman. She speaks adequately and nicely, has ability to deal in business and public relations. She fluently speaks English and French languages and dresses up luxury and stylish. Her abilities enable her to become the right hand for Yago. She has a tenacious and a computer-like mind, so appropriate for business though she is tender and kind deeply inside. She prefers to be candid and mild at home.

She comprehends that a woman by Yago should hide her real emotions and intentions to avoid traps. Yago is known to be a womanizer and she knows it but she loves him and cannot hide her feelings at all. He accepts such affair when he sympathizes her and that’s all he can give her. Sonia accepts such relations, either because she does not have an idea to be close to him. She prefers to be a wife not a lover. She does not approve his liking for Rubi and her life faces dual love, hatred, intrigues and even revenge.

Rubi II - telenovela

(2004) - Bárbara Mori , Eduardo Santamarina


Bárbara Mori .... Rubí - main heroine, villain
Eduardo Santamarina .... Alejandro - main hero
Sebastián Rulli .... Héctor - boyfriend of Maribel
Jacqueline Bracamontes .... Maribel - best friend of Rubí
Ana Martín .... Refugio - mother of Rubí and Cristina
Josefina Echánove .... Pancha - nana of Maribel
Antonio Medellín .... Ignacio - father of Alejandro
Ana Bertha Espín .... Elisa - Godmather of Héctor
José Elías Moreno .... Genaro - Godfather of Héctor
Olivia Bucio .... Carla - mother of Alejandro
Leonorilda Ochoa .... Dolores - neighbor of Rubí
Roberto Vander .... Arturo - father of Maribel
Luis Gatica .... Cayetano - boyfriend of Cristina
Arlette Pacheco .... Lilia - second wife of Genaro
Miguel Pizarro .... Loreto - gay friend of Rubí
Ofelia Cano .... Victoria - protector of Alejandro
Paty Díaz .... Cristina - sister of Rubí
Jan .... Marco - friend of Alejandro, in love with Cristina
Carlos Cámara .... Bermúdez - boss of Alejandro, villain
Adriana Roel .... Hilda - secretary of Genaro
Dolores Salomón 'Bodokito' .... Mariquita - neighbor of Rubí
José Antonio Ferral .... Garduño - doctor, helper of Bermúdez
Eduardo Rodríguez .... Saúl - classmate of Rubí, boyfriend Lorena
Ingrid Martz .... Lorena - classmate of Rubí, girlfriend of Saúl
Tania Vázquez .... Sofía - sister of Alejandro
Marco Méndez .... Luis Duarte - boyfriend of Sofía, son of Genaro
Sergio Argueta .... Paco - classmate of Rubí, in love with her
Mariana Rountree .... Ingrid - classmate of Rubi
Sergio Goyri .... Yago - business partner of Hector
Marlene Favela .... Sonia - girlfriend of Yago
Yadhira Carrillo .... Elena - helper of Lucío, in love with Hector
Lorena Velázquez .... Mary - aunt of Sonia
Manuel Landeta .... Lucío Montemayor - new business partner of Hector
Manuel 'Flaco' Ibáñez .... Onésimo Segundo
Gerardo Albarrán .... Gabriel - suitor of Lilia
Alicia Fahr .... Romina
Luz María Guizar .... mother of Lorena
Liza Willert .... nurse of Carla
Nicole Vale .... Naty Duarte López - sister of Luis
Claudia Benedetti .... Lupe
Lilia Aragón .... Nora Navarro - mother of Elena
María Fernanda García .... Valeria
Roberto Sen .... David Treviño
Sergio Zaldívar .... Gazcón
Manuel Foyo .... Ernesto Bermúdez - son of Doctor Bermúdez
Raúl Valerio .... Doctor
Sérgio Jurado .... Lic. Millán
Roger Cudney .... Howard
Amelia Zapata .... Celia
Hugo Macias .... Isidro - acomplice of Doctor Bermúdez
Cristal Kasteele .... Fernanda - daughter of Cristina

Writing credits
Yolanda Vargas Dulche (original story)
Ximena Suárez (adaptation)
Virginia Quintana (adaptation)
Janely Lee (script editor)

Song: La Descarada
Written by: Reyli
Singing: Reyli

Music arranger
Yosue Godinez

Set Decoration
Ricardo Navarrete

Alejandro Iglesias
Jesús Blanco
Marcos Vázquez

Production co-ordinator
Georgina Ramos

Production manager
Marco Cano

Chief of production
Raúl Reyes
Juan Nápoles

Cinematography by
Alejandro Frutos
Bernardo Nájera (on location)

Directed by
Benjamín Cann
Eric Morales (on location)

Produced by
José Alberto Castro
Ernesto Hernández
Fausto Sáenz Castro



"Rubí II" is a remake of telenovela "Rubí I"

"The best telenovela of the year", TVyNovelas award, 2005.

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Amie  - Mrs.   |2008-09-09 17:24:23
Rubi is the such of person that one should not know, she is a money lover and can do anything to get whatever she want even if its means hurting her loves ones
ada   |2008-09-20 21:40:11
Rubi is a disgrace to the women race.
sara  - palestien   |2009-01-17 20:54:09
the story very beatifull . and good cast
Tina   |2009-05-17 14:05:07
Very good telenovela different to the others ...unpredictable
marty17129  - Rubi   |2009-08-17 15:10:45
Rubi es una buenisima telenovela, me gusto muchisimo porque es diferente que otras telenovelas...Me gusto actuacion de Barbara Mori y tambien de Yadhira Carrillo :)
TURENNE Florentina  - re: Rubi   |2009-10-15 22:45:33
Rubi es una buenisima telenovela, me gusto muchisimo porque es diferente que otras telenovelas...Me gusto actuacion de Barbara Mori y tambien de Yadhira Carrillo :)
TURENNE Florentina   |2009-10-15 19:51:46
J'aime l'episode Rubi mais je veux voir la suite svp
sheikh omar fye  - Gambian W .Africa   |2009-11-10 08:54:33
all women folks should learn from this movie that one should not bitray the trust btween you and your friends and love ones and to know that money is not wisdom But viewers remember that this is just a film to educate women of this generation, but dont mean that Babara mori is a bad woman.
mariel R  - Me parecio fabuloso, pero..   |2010-04-05 17:56:58
Me parecio fabuloso la novela, me encanto como Barbara mori a interpretado a Rubi y el final uff para que hay varios que se ha inpregnado ya que quiere ver rubi la Segunda parte o lo que continua que es lo que pasa o sucede la intriga. Por eso yo digo es fabuloso pero cuando haran la segunda parte???
aaron2010  - One of the best novelas from Mexico.   |2011-05-07 06:14:43
I remember when Rubi debuted on Univision back in 2004. I was kind of familiar with Barbara Mori but most of the cast members such as Eduardo Santamarina, Sebastian Rulli, Jacqueline Bracamontes, Jose Elias Moreno, Jan, Marco Mendez, Eduardo Rodriguez, Manuel Landeta, Sergio Goyri,and Ingrid Martz I was already familiar with from other telenovelas. Other cast members such as Ana Martin, Paty Diaz, Carlos Camara, Antonio Medellin, Tanya Vasquez, Roberto Vander, Ana Bertha Espin, Arlette Pacheco, and Olivia Bucio I became familiar with through this novela. And of course, I was definitely familiar with "Hotties" Marlene Favela and Yadhira Carrillo before I saw this novela as well. When it first debuted on TV in September, 2004, I didn't watch much of it until December of that year. From Dec.2004 till March, 2005 I actually watch Rubi seriously although the whole time I was watching it I'd always tell myself, "why didn't I watch this novela from the beginning." A few months after the novela ended on TV, I bought the DVD(the first novela I bought on DVD). When I bought the DVD, I thought, "hey I could finally watch this novela from start to finish." As I watched the DVD, I noticed a lot of footage from episodes I watched seriously or took glances of were missing. Sure, that was a disappointment but the DVD was still good and I also liked seeing the ending of the original version of Rubi from 1968 that was included in the Special Features within the DVD. As for the novela itself, in my opinion, Rubi was one of the best telenovelas to come out of Mexico in sometime. Hell, my jaw dropped at the ending of the last episode. Even the two hour continuation special was good and was included in the DVD as well. A couple of days ago, I noticed that a third remake of Rubi was released last year but in the Phillippines. I saw some footage of that version on Youtube. Some of the footage looked similar to the Mexican version but other footage was different. I wouldn't mind checking out that version but of course, I'll stick with the Mexican version. Overall, still one of the best novelas from Mexico.

Saludos, Aaron A.
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