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Sánchez, Los

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This is not a typical melodrama, but a comedy about Tito Sanchez, a humble salesman of fruits and vegetables who saves the life of Doña Mercedes, a millionaire. She is so grateful that she makes him the President of "Lozada Corporation" and allows Tito and his family to move in her residence.

Los Sanchez - telenovela

(2004) - Luis Felipe Tovar, Martha Mariana Castro


Luis Felipe Tovar .... Adalberto 'Tito' Sánchez
Martha Mariana Castro .... Yoli de Sánchez
Magali Boysselle .... María Sánchez
Armando Palomo .... Laisa (Raúl) Sánchez
Alejandro Bracho .... Emilio Uriarte
Leticia Huijara .... Charito Banegas de Uriarte
Martha Cristiana .... Cecilia
Víctor García .... Leo Sánchez
Christian Guiot .... Maxi Sánchez
Mariana Lance .... Sofía
Alejandra Ley .... Hilda Sánchez
Luis Miguel Lombana .... Manzini
Luis Alberto López .... Gerardo
Hernán Mendoza .... Cacho
Mercedes Pascual .... Mercedes
Leonardo Rey .... Facundo Uriarte Banegas
Veronica Segura .... Tamara
Marimar Vega .... Pilar
David Zepeda .... Omar
Amaranta Ruiz
Dino García
Daniela Garmendia
Emmanuel Orenday

Writing credits
Adriana Lorenzón (original story)
Mario Schajris (original story)
José Luis Durán (script editor)

Song "Toda mi Gente"
Singing: Victor Garcia

Music arranger
Armando López

Miguel Ángel Sánchez

Set Decoration
Luis Felipe Tovar

Production co-ordinator
Laura Bautista

Cinematography by
Mario Marenco
Carlos Villegas

Directed by
Carlos Moreno
Martín Luna (general director)

Produced by
Ángel Mele
Meiling Ley (executive producer)

TV Azteca


"Los Sanchez" is a remake of:
1 version: argentinian telenovela "Los Roldán" (2004) with Miguel Ángel Rodríguez and Claribel Medina
2 version: colombian telenovela "Reyes, Los" (2005) with Enrique Carriazo, Geraldine Zivic, Diego Trujillo
3 version: chilean telenovela "Fortunato" (2007) with Marcial Tagle and Mariana Loyola

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