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Senda de Gloria

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Senda de Gloria telenovela This is the story of Mexican revolution between 1916 and 1939. The cousins Eduardo and Archibald Alvares receive as the inheritance a house of XIX century in the capital. At first only Eduardo takes possession of this inheritance and he establishes in the villa with his family. Later on in 1919, Archibald establishes in the other side of the house. Between the two cousins there were some discords in the past, but their political views will join them together because they both are favorable to the Revolution.

The general Eduardo Alvares is the secretary of the President Carranza, he is married to Fernanda and has four children: Felipe, Julieta, Andrea, Antonio. Archibald Alvares is married to Carmen (who is Eduardo's sister) and they have two children: Hector and Nora. Then the President Carranza is killed, his place is taken first by the dictator Alvaro Obregon, then by the provisional Adolfo de La Huerta and finally by the General Rubio. Eduardo Alvares refuses to stick to the new Government and escapes with his family. He joins the army of revolutionaries Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata. During the voyage they meet Manuel Fortuna, a young revolutionary and Andrea falls in love with him, but after a set of circumstances she marries James Von Hallen, and Manuel marries Nora ALvares. Then the Revolution is going to its end, a new president is elected: Lazaro Cardenas with the support of Eduardo Alvares and Plutarco Calles. There are lot of victims: Antonio ALvares, who is a priest, is killed in a battle with the Government, the same destiny is for Felipe Alvares. Elvira who is the Manuel's sister, sacrifices herself to save her brother. A bad destiny for Julieta Alvares; after her fiance Gerrardo Ruiz's death and an affair with Jose Vasconcelos, she goes to Spain with her love Hector to fight against the dictatorship of Francisco Franco, but she is deadly wounded. At the end, Andrea and Manuel decide to live freely their love.

Senda de Gloria - telenovela

(1987) - Eduardo Yañez , Julieta Rosen


Eduardo Yañez .... Manuel Fortuna
Julieta Rosen .... Andrea Alvarez
Ignacio López Tarso .... Gen. Eduardo Alvarez
Blanca Sánchez .... Fernanda Alvarez
Roxana Chavez .... Julieta Alvarez
Anabel Ferreira .... Nora Alvarez
Roberto Vander .... James Van Hallen
Abel Salazar .... Gen. Rosario Talamantes
Rosita Arenas .... Mercedes
Raúl Araiza Jr. .... Padre Antonio Alvarez
Delia Magaña .... Nana (nacha)
José Alonso .... Hector
Arturo Benavides .... Abundio
Mario Casillas .... Tony
Guillermo Aguilar .... Archibaldo Alvarez
Javier Herranz .... Felipe Alvarez
Ramon Menéndez .... Venustiano Carranza
Manuel Ojeda .... Emiliano Zapata
Guillermo Gil .... Francisco "Pancho" Villa
Salvador Sánchez .... Adolfo de la Huerta,
Manuel López Ochoa .... Plutarco E. Calles
Bruno Rey .... Alvaro Obregon
Rodrigo de la Mora .... Emilio Fortes Gil
Julio Monterde .... Abelardo Rodriguez
Héctor Sáez .... Jose Vasconcelos
Arturo Beristain .... Lazaro Cardenas
Antonio Medellin .... Luis Morones
Miguel Palmer .... Tomas Garrido Canabal
Alejandro Ruiz .... Jose Leon Toral
Ricardo Chávez
Marco Muñoz
Edgardo Gazcón
Sergio Zuani .... Luis
Jorge del Campo
Miguel Angel Negrete
Ramiro Ramírez
José Olivares
America Gabriela
Gregorio Resendiz
Alicia Salomon
Victor Barreto
Rosa Elena Dias
Jorge Fegán

Writing credits
Miguel Sabido (original story)
Eduardo Lizalde (original story)
Fausto Zeron Medina (historical consulting)

Original music
Osni Cassab

Ebenezer Reyna

Production manager
Roberto Andrade
María Teresa Valadez

Directed by
Raúl Araiza Sr.
Gustavo Hernández
Federico Farfan (assistant director)

Produced by
Ernesto Alonso


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