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Señora telenovela Dolores is a victim of the low instincts of Julio Valencia. With this criminal Dolores has a daughter whom she believes dead, but in reality her daughter Isabel is alive and protected by two women. Tortured and humiliated, Dolores leaves the town, but before she tries to take a revenge for the supposed death of her daughter, and burns down the barn while Julio is in. Dolores hates all men, as well as she feels the implacable thirst of revenge. On the other hand, Isabel has only two firm objectives in her life: to find her true mother and to take a revenge on those who have sent her to prison. To hide her past Dolores changes her name to Victoria Santa Cruz, she is a cold woman with an uncontrollable hatred, she is only interested on her own pleasure and well-being. She marries Omar with the only purpose to posses his money and social status. Omar is only an instrument that she needs to carry out her objectives, she manipulates him and his two daughters.

Señora - telenovela

(1998) - Julieta Egurrola, Aylín Mújica , Fernando Ciangherotti


Julieta Egurrola .... Dolores/Victoria Santacruz
Fernando Ciangherotti .... Sergio Blanca
Aylín Mújica .... Isabel
Javier Gómez .... Eduardo
Héctor Bonilla .... Omar
José Luis Franco .... Kennedy
Roberto Montiel
Cristina Michaus
Mónica Franco
Déborah Ríos
Omar Germenos
Milton Cortés
Alicia Laguna
Armando de Pascual
Eva Prado
Jonadyka Muriel
Ana Claudia Talancón
Ximena Rubio .... Lorena
Alejandra Simancas .... Ariadna
Gina Morett
Maria Colla
Adriana Parra
Lourdes Villareal
Vanessa Acosta .... Dolores (joven)
Roberto Sosa
Alicia Benet
Juan Gallardo
Deborah Riva

Writing credits
Ignacio Cabrujas (original story)
Denisse Pfeiffer (adaptation)
José Luis Durín (adaptation)
Gabriel Briceño (script editor)

Song: Señora
Written and Performed by Francisco Céspedes

Original music by
Federico Chávez Blanco

Production manager
Alberto Cervantes

Production co-ordinator
Angela Alvarez

Assistant Director
Gerardo Pardo

Directed by
Heriberto López de Anda
Elisa Salinas
Juan David Burns
Humberto Zurita

Produced by
Alejandra Hernández

TV Azteca


"Señora" is a remake of telenovela "La señora" (1988, RCTV, Venezuela) with Caridad Canelon, Maricarmen Regueiro and Carlos Mata.
Further remake of "Señora" is telenovela "Un nuevo amor".

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llanos   |2010-01-12 18:17:55
pero por favor pongan la sinopsis de la telenovela original que es "SEñORA"venezolana (1988),con caridad canelon maricarmen regueiro y flavio caballero.
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