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Sentimientos Ajenos

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Sentimientos Ajenos telenovela This is the story of Sofia, a sweet young painter who falls in love with Renato with no idea that her love would release a tide of hatred from her own sister. Leonor will let nothing keep her from her goal of preventing their marriage and failing that, she tries a million ways to steal her sister's husband, something which sends their father to his grave. Up to her tricks, Leonor seduces an impetuous and passionate young man while masquerading as Sofia. When Renato discovers the supposed affair between his wife and Humberto, he bitterly throws her from the house. Confused and hurt, Sofia must fight to recover her life from the grasp of an enemy whom she would never expect.

Sentimientos Ajenos - telenovela

(1996) - Carlos Ponce, Yolanda Andrade


Yolanda Andrade .... Sofía de la Huerta - main heroine
Chantal Andere .... Leonor de la Huerta - sister of Sofía, villain
Carlos Ponce .... Renato Aramendia - main hero
Gabriela Arroyo .... Judith - therapist of Marcela, in love with Humberto
Olivia Bucio .... Eva Barrientos - godmother of Renato and mother of Gerardo
Arsenio Campos .... Joaquín - in love with Leonor
Mario Cimarro .... Ramiro - friend of Dario, villain
Lourdes Dechamps .... Raquel - in love with Ramiro, villain
Isaura Espinoza .... Aurora - mother of Dario
Ernesto Godoy .... Gerardo - cousin and best friend of Renato
Carmelita González .... Inés - housekeeper at Sofía's house
Susana González .... Norma - best friend of Sofía
Aarón Hernán .... Andrés Barrientos - godfather of Renato, father of Gerardo
Gloria Izaquirre .... Lucha - housekeeper at Barrientos house
Manuel Landeta .... Miguel Ángel - in love with Sofía
Ana Bertha Lepe .... Teresa - owner of guesthouse
Adalberto Martínez .... Pedro - gardener at Barrientos house
Orlando Miguel .... Darío - lover of Leonor
Marcela Matos .... Malena - girlfriend of Gerardo
Edith Márquez .... Marcela - sister of Humberto
Javier Ortiz .... Humberto - in love with Leonor
Katia del Río .... Delia - girlfriend of Ramiro
Héctor Sáez .... Fernando - father of Malena
Edi Xol .... Felipe Bonilla - lawyer
José Elías Moreno .... José María de la Huerta - father of Sofía and Leonor
Antonio Miguel .... Padre Efraín - priest who helps Sofía
Dina de Marco .... Donata - helps Sofía
Dolores Beristáin .... Graciana - sister of Donata
José Viller .... Ernesto
Gustavo Negrete
Enrike Palma
Héctor Rubio
Tomás Leal
Marisol del Olmo .... Lupita - secretary of Renato
Sergio Márquez
Fernanda Franco
Manuel Cepeda
Eduardo Lugo .... Don Jesús - guest at Doña Teresa's guesthouse
Alejandra Jurado .... Amalia - assistant of Aurora
José Luis Llamas
Susana Contreras
Rubén Gondray

Writing credits
Arturo Moya Grau (original story)
Lorena Salazar (adaptation)
Eduardo Quiroga (adaptation)
Liz Orlin (script editor)

Song: Sentimientos Ajenos
Singing: David Torrens

Song: Los Hombres No Deben Llorar
Singing: Pedro Fernández

Song: No puedo vivir
Singing: Carlos Ponce

Production manager
Marco Antonio Cano

Cinemtaography by
Fernando Chacón
Isabel Basurto (on location)

Directed by
Aurora Molina
José Acosta (on location)

Produced by
José Alberto Castro (producer)
Ernesto Hernández (associate producer)



"Sentimientos Ajenos" is a remake of:
1 version: radionovela "Dos mujeres y un hombre"
2 version: miniseries "Un angel en el fango"

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