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Si Dios Me Quita La Vida

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Si Dios Me Quita La Vida telenovela Maria Sanchez Amaro was born to a wealthy family and educated under the strict moral codes of the time. Her life is marked by three men: Alfredo, a seductive renegade whom she weds and bears a daughter, Enrico, a mature, generous and protective man with whom she effects a second marriage, and Antonio, who abruptly enters her life with the promise of true love.

After suffering the abuses and betrayals of Alfredo, Maria is left alone in the world with her daughter, when Alfredo is sent to prison for being a ruffian. Flagrantly defying the social codes of the time, she divorces Alfredo and launches a singing career to support her family. But when Alfredo gets out, he resumes tormenting Maria, sending her fleeing into the arms of Enrico, who has captivated her with his love and goodness, and who gives her the affection and security she has always sought. Enter Antonio, a young man who was taken under Enrico's wing many years ago when he was forced to flee his country accused of a crime he did not commit. Not only did Enrico give him a job but also treated him with the same affection as he treated his own son. Now back from a trip that has made him into a man wealthy in his own right, Antonio falls in love with the new wife of the man he most loves and respects in this world. She falls for him too, though both are fighting hard to resist this impossible tormented love.

Si Dios Me Quita La Vida - telenovela

(1995) - Daniela Romo, César Évora


Daniela Romo .... María
César Évora .... Antonio
Enrique Lizalde .... Enrico
Omar Fierro .... Alfredo Román
Rafael Rojas .... Francesco
Adriana Roel .... Doña Fedora
Julieta Egurrola .... Antonieta
Martha Ofelia Galindo .... Gilda
Alonso Echánove .... Tomás
Luis Felipe Tovar
José Elías Moreno
Karyme Lozano .... Teté
Blanca Guerra .... Virginia
Fernando Balzaretti .... Santiago
Wendy de los Cobos .... Dinorah
Alma Muriel .... Fedora
Gustavo Rojo .... Don Jesús
Tiaré Scanda .... Rosario
Raúl Azkenazi
Juan Carlos Barreto
Juan Carlos Colombo
Ramón Corlar
Alan Fierro
Amparo Garrido
Daniel Godoy
Roberto Miquel
Andrés Moll
Gustavo Munguía
Jesús Ochoa
Minerva Padilla
Lucía Pailles
Jorge Poza
Mario Prudomme
Armando Quiñonez
Kala Ruiz
Renée Varsi
Javier Yerandi
Martha Álvarez
Alfredo "Tarzan" Gutiérrez
Maria Dolores Oliva

Writing credits
Marissa Garrido (original story)
María Zarattini (libretto)
Vittoria Zarattini (libretto)
José Ruiz de Esparza Gracida (historical consultant)

Song: Si Dios me quita la vida
Written by: Luis Demetrio
Performed by Daniela Romo

Art Director
Juan José Urbini

Production manager
Xuitlaltzin Vazquez

Cinematography by
Juan Carlos Frutos

Directed by
Jorge Fons
Enrique Lizalde (on location)

Produced by
Pedro Damián
Juan Osorio (last episodes)



"Si Dios me quita la vida" is a remake of:
1 version: telenovela "La Leona"
2 version: telenovela "Una mujer marcada"

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Anonymous   |2008-08-01 00:10:15
I saw "Si Dios Me Quita la Vida" sometime in the mid-90s and liked it. The story of Maria and Antonio was beautiful. I always wanted them to end up together, and am so glad they did.
Kiara  - Maravillosa   |2010-05-17 02:05:55
Me fascino la novela. La historia y los detalles, Daniela Romo magistral y una super quimica entre ella y Cesar Evora. Simplemete maravillosa!
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